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  1. I finally got a chance to test my version of the Trench Run using the new X-Wing second edition ruleset that I have been working on. You can read the BETA ruleset on Google drive: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1h8gxBQd9bikn3JH0iIgpLJa5lPmgBv_59Tk_3bh3k08/edit?usp=sharing While the ruleset isn't finished yet, now that it's been play tested once I thought I would share the working copy to get more feedback on it. The plan is to release a whole HOTAC style scenario book along with the new mat design, updated rule set and make the Trench Run a complete package that would be easy for any game group to pick up and play. After the first play test here were some thoughts: The Imperials were very strong and easily defeated the Rebels in this play test. We played without the Tie Fighters Elite pilot talents, and the strength of the swarm was too strong. The turrets were overpowered. Being able to rotate, and focus made them very deadly. Also there were too many turrets, going to remove one from the map design in the future. Forgot to add wording about entering or leaving the trench when above or below a ship and how overlaps work. Having a list printed out with cards and stats for everything made life so much easier being the game master and running everyone through the game. Need to add that to the scenario kit. The current deflection tower bonus is way to strong making it very hard to knock out the structures. I need to change the wording on the crit bonuses on structures I have in the current ruleset, some were unclear. Phil has a great idea on changing the Trench turrets which I want to play test next time. Basically, if no Imperials are in the Trench, the Turbos can fire at all Rebel ships, and roll green dice based on their movement speed that round. No firing arcs to check would help streamline this part. Going to investigate this further. One big compliant was with a 3 x 6 mat, the Trench is too long. It takes 5 rounds to get into firing range of the exhaust port. It wasn't very fun trying to get to the end. We came up with a good idea that I would like to try next time on how to shorten the length. By lengthening the Trench entrance zone once a deflection tower goes down. It would allow the Rebels to come in at a shorter distance, and give more reason to attack the structures. There's still some work to do to streamline the scenario and make it quicker to play. We tried to do it in a evening, but it became clear it just wasn't enough time. Second edition seems to take longer than first, and I think this would make a great evening scenario for play groups with some streamlining. Here are some photos of our recent play test. Round 2: Round 3: Round 4:
  2. Just finished up the new mat design for the 2.0 scenario: *Note this is a low res image. I'll release the high resolution image for printing along side with the new 2.0 scenario when it's all finished!
  3. The plan is to release it as a new mat design people can download and print out on vinyl and use it for the new Trench Run variant for 2.0 that I have been working on. 3d printing wouldn't work as this is actually fairly low poly and there's a lot of detail in the textures, and you could use virtually. That would actually be really cool as a mod for table top simulator but TTS doesn't use Unreal so would be too much work to port it over. Mainly just a project to learn Unreal engine for me, as I work with Unity daily.
  4. Made lots of progress with my construction kit in Unreal and building up the map. This is rendered in Unreal engine in real-time. Still more work to do but its coming along.
  5. So seeing the pics of GenCon and the amazing events, got me motivated to finally finish one part of the update I have been working on. Part of the goal of this for me is to learn more efficient ways of working on my video game development and how to incorporate new systems. One of those is learning to use Substance Painter for texturing. So I modeled and textured a new Turbo Laser tower. Sits at 15 000 polygons, and 2 x 4k texture sheets. Going to use it in the new mat design. If I can I want to turn it into a papercraft model you can cut out and use with the mat.
  6. Awesome work in here MacrossVF1! I did a quick look through the thread, but couldn't find this info. Can you tell me what color paints you used in your Admiral Zaarin repaints?
  7. Progress is being made on the layout in 3D. After playing around with corners it doesn't really fit with the trench run, thematically, and for this scenario complicates gameplay which I'm trying to simplify. Although maybe for a Beggar's canyon run or something in the future... However I wanted to ask @Biff what's the reasoning behind having the Trench turrets at Range 1-2 instead of 2-3? Could we simplify the rules and have all turrets at 2-3? Seems more thematic as well. Turrets placed with attack range 1-2 Turrets placed with range 2-3:
  8. Finished up the all the pieces for the construction kit.
  9. But the current drift maneuver doesn't move enough to the side to get out of a bull eyes arc. Also the x-wings can boost naively now so that would help with getting to the end of the trench. Just trying to think of ways to simplify the current instructions and try to eliminate special rules to make it easier to get people setup and playing. But it might really have to wait until we know more about 2.0. Also on the Trench design, I've been toying with the idea of making the Trench not straight. To add in some more flying challenges to it. Maybe something like this: The top 3' x 3' remains straight in the map design so that part could be used for quick demo versions of the Trench game and as a nice mat. The bottom part adds some twists and turns (Kinda like in Mario Kart X-Wing). With the new boost on X-wings it allows to fly in the trench a little faster and make some more interesting turns. Maybe for the Imperials the trench entry line get's moved up to compensate. (Like in the movie the Rebels are in the Trench first and longer then the Imperials. Although not keeping in line with the movie, Star Wars Battlefront had the trench with turns, tunnels, and obstacles and made it pretty exciting to fly in. Way more challenging then just flying in a straight line. See here:
  10. Ok forums won't let me upload more so I'll switch to Imgur. Here is v1 of the mat that I designed. After placing Biff's trench overlay on top of the mat it's clear that the trench was not wide enough. In this picture with the overlay I made the trench a little bit wider. It can fit 3 small bases across with space for a maneuver template on each side. This would allow a ship to barrel roll in the Trench. My thoughts with 2.0 coming, I would take out the section about the Drift maneuver and allow ships to do a barrel roll but using the short end (like large ships do in 1.0). It uses the barrel roll action, but would be called a drift and allow rebel ships to get out of the bullseye arc on the new Tie Fighters. The firing line on the exhaust port is at range 3, and the trench entry line is at range 3 from the board edge on the bottom.
  11. And here is Biff's. I like it but it doesn't fit the standard 6 x 3 layout most people have built tables for and doesn't allow the map to be cut in half for use when not playing the scenario.
  12. Ok so work on the map assets is coming along great and now it's time to start redesigning the map layout. I am going to post the next 3 replies with attached images and talk about what I am thinking Here is Daves map from v3 to start:
  13. I was hoping to have more time to work on updating the scenario with some graphic design work, and updating the mat. But I had a second kid and released my game End Space and haven't had the time. But with 2.0 which I'm really excited about this just needs to be updated with the new rules and a new mat design. For the mat it's also a chance for me to start implement some 3D stuff I want to add into my next game at some point, like Physically Based Rendering and so on. So for the mat design and rendering going to try and build it using realtime lighting and assets. Here is the Turbolaser wip. The plan is to have this available in the scenario as a papercraft that you can print out and build along with all the cards needed. Will keep posting progress here on the graphic side of things. Figure I won't start touching the scenario until I have the mat redesigned and know more about 2.0
  14. Yeah you have to download the .pdf. It's a huge file and the quality then lies on the printer. Mine came out great. Sorry to hear your's didn't work out. I plan on updating the mat to match better the Death Star scenario, after printing it I realized I made the trench a little too narrow, and the scale doesn't match X-wing scale perfectly. Also I find it a little dark and it makes hard to find tokens.
  15. That would be great, I'll PM you my email.
  16. @heychadwick If you follow the link I posted you can already download it in 6x3. However the dimensions don't match. The trench is too narrow when printer. I am going to re make it once I have settled on a better layout for the scenario and incorporate game play elements in to the design of the mat. Would love to get some feedback on v3, seems like a lot of work went into trying to update it but no one posted on how it actually is, and if it's any better. After reading all the available scenarios I am leaning towards @Biff since his seems the most accurate to the films and streamlined.
  17. First thanks @Biff and @DagobahDave for the scenarios! Earlier this year I created a Death Star mat for people to print out that you can see here: http://endspacevr.com/x-wing-game-mats/ More pictures of it here: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/E8dEn I wanted to revise the design to make it easier to incorporate in to the scenario: Improved game mat size. I find 48"x 50" too wide for many peoples tables and still have room for cards and things. But 36" x 72" is too long and too narrow. Fixed locations for the turrets and power nodes so the mat reflects their placements. With the destroyed versions shown on the mat, and provide paper craft towers and power nodes to place on top. Trench turret overlays included on the mat with faint lines to show the firing arcs Trench entry zone and Exhaust port firing line incorporated in the design of the mat, with the service bridges that I currently have. Improved lighting on the map to show the light side (Rebel zone) and the dark side (Imperial zone) areas. Other things I want to include are pilot cards for the cannons, power nodes, and exhaust port, better tokens, and more graphic design. After reading v0.9 from Biff and v3 from Dave I like Biff's design better over all but would incorporate things from Dave's V3. I feel Biff's older design is simpler and faster to play. I feel the energy system while kinda cool adds just another layer of complication and makes the game longer to play. I feel the whole scenario could be stream lined with some better layout in the documents, graphic design added to all the documents and cards / tokens. Bring it up to the standards of something like HOTAC.
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