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  1. So if I’m playing with boba and palpatine, I replace palps 3 command cards with bobas? Using bobas 3 along with ambush, push, standing orders, and assault?
  2. Couple of softy questions from a noob. I understand that an operative gives order to themselves, but I don’t understand how they do it or when they do it in relation to when a commander gives his orders during the turn. When would the pips come into play on the operative cards? Perhaps some generic explanation on how to use one of bobas or chewies cards during a turn would help. Thanks!
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    Thanks for the assist!
  4. RaRarlo


    Non related to my first question - can you preform a ranged attack first, then move for your second action? Or does one always have to attack last?
  5. RaRarlo


    In regards to panic, specifically with Stormtroopers - their courage value is 1, meaning they become panicked after a single ranged attack? Does the entire unit move or does a single unit (or # of units exceeding courage value) move to the edge of the table? Thanks!
  6. Just received my missing parts. All in all it took about 7 days (5 business) from the time I submitted my request to receiving them today. Pleased with how FFG is handling things.
  7. Anyone have a cheat sheet for the terms on the cards? ie. Precise x, Pierce x, Arsenal x, Cover x etc. Crosses fingers*
  8. RaRarlo

    Activating units

    Each turn, how many units activate? Do you only activate the number of units corresponding with your command card played, or do ALL units activate regardless of command card? For example, if I choose Push for 2 units, do I only activate 2 units, leaving the other units untouched? If my opponent selected 3 units to activate, would they go twice in a row If I began the turn? Thanks!
  9. I apologize if I missed this question glossing over this thread, but when can you issue a standby token? I only saw a brief description of what a standby token allows, not when/how to use it. Thanks.
  10. Missing the single handlebar to the AT-RT. Was sent duplicate speeder bike troopers, both in the forward position - no rear facing trooper, arms, or handlebars for the second speeder bike. Sent an email via the missing parts support center, hoping it gets taken care of quickly. I had no issue with receiving my missing Warmachine parts when I had a similar issue.
  11. Thinner paints don't need to be watered down as much fwiw.
  12. "I was actually scheduled to do Ahsoka Tano" - suuuuuper excited about this! (sorry you've been unwell.)
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