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  1. So theres a ruling regarding blackmail. Can we take it for granted that you can charge him in but he goes home bowed straight away? It might seem unimportant but theoretically I could charge him into play defending the first conflict, win the ring of water in the second conflict to ready him and then either defend my opponents second conflict or play cloud the mind on him to attack with him in my second conflict If Shiba Peacemaker somehow ends up participating as an attacker (e.g. Blackmailed), he immediately goes home bowed. Developer ruling
  2. Thanks for that, I should really use fiveringsdb more! I think I was the first player and has to pass on my second conflict because my character had been bowed, but the bowing should not have happened according to that developer ruling. Considering I was confident that I would take his stronghold that turn (before that turn of events), I was robbed, robbed I tells ya!
  3. "Immune to opponents' ring effects.While this character is attacking, the contested ring gains the element. If this character wins the conflict as an attacker, instead of choosing an element to resolve, resolve each of that ring's effects" Q: Is there a certain order for the ring effects or can the attacking Phoenix player choose the order in which they apply. The reason why I ask is that in a game last night, i had one remaining unbowed character with fate on it. My opponent used the void ring to remove the fate and then bow my character with the water ring. What makes me unsure is that Jigoku auto resolved them as fire first, then void but when my opponent told me that it was his choice, I manually bowed my character...allowing him to take my stronghold that turn with...a single keeper initiate...oh the shame!
  4. Then they should really just get their shizzit together and NOT host major events on the same days. Simples really...
  5. That would certainly ramp up the honour victory game!
  6. But doesn't the honour status token already do that? It is already a part of the game, just not explicitly printed as a keyword/trait.
  7. What's featured in a deluxe box? Also, any idea on price?
  8. Just the decks sleeved. Once they are stored neatly in a box and deck building is done with clean hands, I think that's enough. Sleeving them all seems a bit unnecessary to me.
  9. I am of the opinion that it is quite different altogether. Like what Kraken said, in MTG the cards that you get in your opening hand and the turns to come determine the game. With L5R, you can have a bad start and get crap cards and still be in a position to contend for the overall game next turn. There is also more to keep track, it can feel like a good mental workout at times! I drafted MTG for the first time in a few months yesterday and to be honest, it reminded me why I am enjoying playing the new LCG more. L5R is a different kettle of fish, both in the game and the people who play it. I can't explain it but L5R players are and have always been really friendly.
  10. I'm thankful that playing the new game has given me the oppurtunity to reconnect with old friends i'd not seen in ten years and make some new ones too.
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