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  1. This is a really great resource, thank you for the time you have put into it. I see that there is a very functional Index, which is excellent. I also see that there have been several requests/ suggestions that have been entertained, and with that I'd like to put my own request forward. Specifically, I'd find it very useful to be able to look stats up by setting. With the array of possible settings outlined in the CRB, and the generic nature of the core system, it seems like any collection of adversaries could benefit from being organized for utility. For myself, I run a homebrew game not set in a fantasy universe (Well actually it's somewhat Lovecraftian with time-travel elements, so Fantasy-Horror), and so having Adversaries grouped by setting would be useful. Long term, having the document designed with setting-centric sections would facilitate updating as new source material becomes available, and, potentially, make adding any fan content easier as well. Just a thought, and regardless, again I appreciate the effort that has already gone into this very useful tool. Thank you.
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