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  1. thank you Molly

    it might be worth FFG looking at adding things like these automatically when you add a game etc. to the shopping basket, and then if you don't want them you simply delete them.

    it stops people forgetting them, or, add them into the game from the outset and charge a few dollars etc., so they are in the box when you get it in every game you sell



  2. this game is fantastic. did play testing and thoroughly enjoyed every game we played, and i din't win once :D

    easily 9 out of 10 for this game, board and components look top drawer, and it's very easy to play

    highly recommended and i'm buying a copy asap


  3. did the playtesting on this and have to say it's a solid 9 out of 10 game, and all our play test group said they would be prepared to buy a copy 

    can't recommend this highly enough as a fun game that gives you a chance to banter with your friends, back stab them, forge alliances and generally run amok

    ordering myself  copy



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