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  1. Try game haven https://thegamehavenonline.com/
  2. Or you just play Rebel traitor and don’t have to worry about your opponent playing around anything
  3. Everything he/she said but the best hero blue event is guard
  4. Hopefully rend gets a reprint
  5. Having dice showing a value of 10 or more is a play restriction. The cards text is remove all of your dice and deal 10 damage to a character. You have to remove all of your dice. Not some not the ones that equal a value of 10 its all dice for 10 damage.
  6. It just needs to be banned. Reducing it to spot a neutral character actually increase its power level in most matches. Most decks don’t have neutral characters and when your opponent doesn’t have a neutral character the battlefield is completely one sided.
  7. Reprints and themed game nights (block constructed/ only using characters from the original three sets or something like that) at your local game store or kitchen table fix most of the problems I’ve read. I would like the game move to 40 card decks to force players to use more cards and keep mill in check. Other than that game is great.
  8. That is correct they are separate abilities.
  9. That’s what I figured most of the confusion was around less value because it said equal value. And when you block a die with less value you don’t block equal amount. Thank you really wish ffg would just realease the holocron and faq updates
  10. Has there been any rulings with Kit fisto ability? Do you have to remove a die of equal value or can you remove a die of more/ less value to block that amount?
  11. I dream of a TCG to have a standard that doesn’t have a rotation but an aggressive ban and restrictions list. Everyone knows the problem/ overplayed cards because we all play them just ban those cards (or adjust point cost) and allow people to keep using their old favorites. I’m still going to buy new product and build new decks.
  12. “Showing” is clearly defined on page 21 of the rules reference guide Luke’s ability lets the die be resolved as if it was melee damage it does not say that it changes the die to be “showing” melee damage. Again if Luke’s die is showing melee damage then it would also be able to be removed by cards the say remove a die showing damage and those cards don’t work. why would this work?
  13. Also “showing” and “playing a card” are both clearly defined terms in the rules reference guide. You don’t resolve the dice to you meet all requirements for the card you have to be showing a blue character dice with melee before the card effect is resolved.
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