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  1. Im bringing version one (Adv. Opt.) to a tournament next weekend and trying to get as many games as i can before. I just want to thank you for sharing this list, i absolutely love it.
  2. I've been trying to make a trip t-70 list work since 1.0, and haven't been as successful as i'd like. I play in a hyperspace league on vassal and have found great success with trip t-65 so far. Is it possible the pilot abilites on the t-65 is stronger then the t-70's?
  3. I've played about 30 matches with Han falcon equipped with Rose/Finn/heroic, and if i play extended i add Freelancer slicer. Have someone in arc and you are sooo durable and can kick back like a horse.
  4. Dancing 70's (199) Kare Kun — 53 BB Astromech 4 Afterburners 6 Integrated S-Foils 0 Hardpoint: Cannon 0 Heavy Laser Cannon 4 Ship Total: 67 Temmin Wexley — 54 Daredevil 3 BB Astromech 4 Integrated S-Foils 0 Hardpoint: Cannon 0 Heavy Laser Cannon 4 Ship Total: 65 Nien Nunb — 55 Crack Shot 1 R4 Astromech 2 Integrated S-Foils 0 Pattern Analyzer 5 Hardpoint: Cannon 0 Heavy Laser Cannon 4 Ship Total: 67 This is the list i will bring to the vassal leagues, as it is Hyperspace legal and seems to be so much fun being able to dance so much, even tough it might be hard at initiative 4/4/5.
  5. Leia Organa decreases the difficulty of MANEUVERS, not actions.
  6. Corran Horn 66 Outmaneuver 6 FCS 2 R4 Astromech 2 Ship Total: 76 Rogue Squadron Escort 56 Predator 2 Fire-Control System 2 R4 Astromech 2 Ship Total: 62 X2 3 ships with a very durable chassi, a most excellent dial with R4. Thanks FFG for fixing the E-wing.
  7. Tournament regulations. I dont think OP plan to go to a tournament with this. he simply made the most expensive ship.
  8. Title allows you to boost, even if stressed?
  9. This is my take on Han/Poe. Found the combo Finn/Rose/Heroic to be super fun and potent. I haven't tweaked it but Finn/Rose/Heroic STAYS. Poe n Han (68) Poe Dameron (4) Heavy Laser Cannon (8) BB-8 (0) Integrated S-foils 2) Black One (1) Trick Shot (6) Shield Upgrade Points 89 (76) Han Solo (9) Rose Tico (6) C-3PO (10) Finn (1) Inertial Dampeners (5) Rey's Millenium Falcon (1) Heroic Points 108 Total points: 197
  10. Jan ors with title,squad leader and tactical officer. sooo goood.
  11. Since release of Resistance, i have really tried to make Rey/Poe work. Current Version looks something like this. Rey: Rose Tico, Finn, Inertial Dampeners, Rey's Millenium Falcon, 105 pts total. Poe: Debris Gambit, BB-Astromech, Integrated S-Foils, Primed Thrusters, Black One, Proton Torpedos, 94 pts total. The main idea is to brawl with rey, come in with poe and launch a proton torpedo early and even the odds by removing a ship from as soon as possible. It's a unforgiving list and if you end up in a tight spot with Rey, she's gonna have a hard time, but anything in her front arc will have an equally hard time. Posting this to see if anyone else have tried it, or if anyone have any tips or ideas about it i would happily take it.
  12. I think 2.0 forced people to do trip t-70, so we will see alot of versions of it now.
  13. The need for bid isn't really that high, if your opponent take the initiative you get to fly last and strip all the TL and arcdodge. If you fly first you can block or blow something up in a turn with Hotshot Han Gunner combo
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