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  1. Guy456789

    New player rebel build

    Thanks for the feedback, I reckoned the squadrons were going to be the biggest drama. Shara is in the corellian conflict box isn' she? Because unfortunately I don' have it. Are objectives decent enough?
  2. So I've just started, played a few games but would like advice on the list I'm thinking of using. MC80 assault cruiser - engine techs, XI7 turbolasers, ackbar, defiance, antilles - 178 pts MC30 torpedo frigate - ordnance experts - 67 pts Assualt frigate mk2 b - enhanced armaments - 82 pts Gr 75 medium transports - comms net - 20 pts Han solo - 26 pts Dash render - 24 pts Total = 397 Objectives Advanced gunnery Hyperspace assault Solar corona What do you guys think? I was thinking of taking wedge , Dutch and a few x wings. Instead of han, dash and a few less upgrades.