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  1. I got 3. Played a game with 3 of the 2 man sniper teams. And they doled out a ton of wounds. 1-2 wounds per turn per team. Not to mention suppression. It was really satisfying whittling down enemy squads before the rest of my army swooped in to finish everyone off.
  2. Thank you! That makes sense and seems fair.
  3. I have a question about how this works. I wanted to see if I understand it correctly before using Han. So if Han is attacked with a weapon with Pierce 3 like Vader's lightsaber and rolls 3 blocks, Vader's Pierce 3 changes those to blanks. After that can Han reroll those 3 blanks? Or would he do that before the Pierce effect? I guess the question is, when in the order of actions does Uncanny Luck happen?
  4. I've been doing something similar (2 fleet, 4 rebel instead of 3 and 3) and I've been able to wipe off nearly all of the opposing team's infantry by turn 4 which ends up making it really hard for the other player to score any points by the end of the game.
  5. Stationary guns will probably be great for Breakthrough. Make it hard for your opponent to get through to your zone.
  6. I ended up preordering 3 from my FLGS since I had a bunch of store credit. I think they'll cheap and fun units to experiment with.
  7. Omnustechni

    Scariff mk2

    That turned out awesome. Nice work!
  8. Luke, 4-6 Rebel Troopers, and 3 ATRTs. That's all you really need. T47 never seems to do as well as the 2 ATRTs you can run for the same number of points.
  9. Those are some excellent ideas. Thanks for sharing.
  10. My buddy rolled 3 surges against my T47 and destroyed it. It was staggeringly soul crushing.
  11. I think the imperial players were allowed to have just 2 troops. But they just ran Vader with 3 squads with minimal upgrades.
  12. So I did play with this list and won both games I used it. It was very effective. Kicking people with the ATRTs is incredibly satisfying. If they go in on the same unit together, they shred them. I used one and Luke to knock out Vader in 2 rounds. The other smashed some troopers. In the other game they scared the other player away from the objectives so much I was able to score tons of points. I liked the list a lot.
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