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  1. I so **** wanted a new look Beiona. Can she also be released in the new cycle pls with her new "gaunt" sexy look..thank you.
  2. "He was conducting an unremarkable affair with the owner’s nephew, a young man with a sweet disposition and passable beauty" Hmm must also be a fan of Hotaru's love story. 😁
  3. Enough failures! My Lord Yogo Junzo will soon right the wrong of this broken world.
  4. Taint often had been used as an excuse when the real source is human greed.
  5. Currently feeling the coldness of Christmas winter... 😭 I hope there was a novel that starred my 2 favorite action figures to make the holidays spicy... "Hotaru felt the cold breeze entering the room as she beckoned with her bare arms outside the blanket to Kachiko who slid the shoji door behind her silently...."
  6. aha! So thats where it is thanks! Didnt really read everything there...skipped right through to the pictures of the prizes lol they should really add it to the Fiction area soon too lol
  7. yeah was trying to look for it though normally they would announce it on the right side either on the L5R or L5R roleplaying pages as well. And I still dont see this on the Fiction areas.
  8. quick question, where exactly in FFG website is this article located?
  9. I actually hope its gonna be a mix. Like this season roles are freed, then next half of the yr after the next big tourney Roles are implemented again. I think this gives variety on what we do on tourneys for the whole year.
  10. Hopefully this trend continues, one story minimum a week would be good so we always have something to look forward to.
  11. I hope they don't do something like this in the future .e.g for the Battle with Shadowlands where a Shadowlands boss player will have OP cards versus normal multiplayer decks. Much as it may sound fun they should release it separately as stand alone "raid" product like what Cryptozoic did during the WoW TCG days. I feel the Clan War expansion should have been split from the start between single player cards and multiplayer cards although I would guess that is part of the marketing. Few might buy Multiplayer stand alone cards and this is a good opportunity to test the waters for multiplayer games.
  12. There might be yet another cocoon somewhere nearby. Again ...tears for Tazu. TT
  13. Either way all connects to my daimyo, Yogo Junzo - an esteemed shugenja, a loyal Scorpion, a fated Yogo, a follower of our Dark Lord.
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