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  1. If you ask me based on the votes, they should also make a card of the lowest result. It just means that clan don't have enough players to vote for it coz for some reason current players dont prefer playing it probably coz hard to win in the current meta. So maybe a new card for it will make it more playable in the future. *cough* LION *cough*
  2. Im probably one of them with the main reason being is that FFG seems to be moving the new L5R stories to be more mature and no longer the simplistic good vs evil kids used to enjoy. It is no longer like "Haha I am evil so I will use you woman!" but hoping rather due to circumstances and real emotions will the characters grow and their motivation shift and change as events unfold around them.
  3. btw what happens when both reveal equal value? Both bow?
  4. That's why its more convenient if daimyo placed their requests in an official Adventurer's Guild instead. ?
  5. Little off topic: One advantage of being Ronin is you can choose to follow only orders of killing goblins.
  6. The issue with Heavy Ballista is that how can it even fire from one province to the next? It should have been Magical Nuke Ballista if it was meant to fire a target anywhere in the Rokugan world. -_-'
  7. Hmm now that DG mentions about it, does feel like our current EC is not gonna be happy whoever succeeds anyway and I wonder how permanent is the EC job in the current lore. Seems a lot of stories have yet to further unfold before Toturi starts considering his own “army” most likely against a ruler being led by the “Chancellor”. ”The balance of the Force is shifting..” ?
  8. well the sooner the black scrolls start rolling, the better. ?
  9. Support of Daisetsu - Gain 1 Fate every round, +3 Influence Reaction: Take 1 honor from opponent when you break an enemy province. Support of Sotorii - Gain 1 Honor every round, + 3 Influence Reaction: Draw 1 card after a successful province break with 5 or more Mil or Pol skill. ?
  10. Kyojin Skeletal Archer Skeletal Warrior Kyoso no Oni Yogo Junzo in a gown.
  11. court games is the only way for non pol focused clans like crab, uni and lion (sorta) to have a decent conflict card for pol conflicts. same way as banzai is for scorps and cranes.
  12. Think Crane don’t know it but it was actually their Unicorn friend that caused that huge tsunami. Kudaka wanted a good shower so she requested from the water Kami who oblidged..grudgingly. And when he was about to rest, guess what, some Otaku used meishodo magic and forced the Kami to fill up her swimming pool. Can only imagine what the pissed off water Kami did after that. EDIT: think might have been the air kami. Even more work for him to push all those clouds and create waves.
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