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  1. FFG has made a transition for their the dungeon-crawl, adventure games like Mansions of Madness 1st ed., Descent 1st where the game operates normally (meaning with no app support), to Imperial Assault and Descent 2nd where the game was stand-alone, but later gained app support for automation, to finally Mansions of Madness 2nd and Lord of the Rings, Journeys in Middle Earth which are completely app-dependent. Personally, I prefer the games in the middle of this transition as they will always be playable regards of apps and computers but also still benefit from the added functionality of the apps. Is it FFG's intention to continue in the progression in making games which are completely app dependent exclusively for the adventure style games?
  2. Is there a possibility of an Imperial Assault-like game using either the Clone Wars, or the current movies? Which could be like Imperial Assault 2.0.
  3. Do you all think they will repurpose all of the old skirmish maps which were printed on neoprene to become "Raid" maps?
  4. My Brother and I are looking to join an online game. Please send me a message if you have room and we can discuss arrangements.
  5. I have copies of all of the previous Arkham nights promos. I will try to upload soon. So a side question were the Old One and the two promo characters exclusive or will they be in the upcoming expansion?
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