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  1. Hi there! I am making my gaming board and experiencing some difficulty, and am asking for advice from anyone making a board out there. I am making my board in 3 parts, and I am making them by using Elmer's glue mixed with water, to stick sand onto a wooden board. My first board went great, and was very good looking in the end; everything stuck on and stayed on. My second board however, is not going so well. I put down my glue, and then the sand and waited 24 hours for it to dry. When I bumped the extra sand off, there was little patches where no sand stuck at all. Furthermore, with my first board after I got the extra sand off; that was that, the rest of the sand stayed. With this board the sand just keeps coming off, no matter how much spray adhesive, or spray glue I put on it. PLEASE HELP! Thx.
  2. I think it is just the paint job, hopefully I am right.
  3. I know that FFG is a very busy company, (especially in the star wars department) but please guys, can we get a little bit of info on the core rules, or maybe the rebel expansions that were recently spoiled. I know I sound very impatient and stupid, but I feel like this should be a big deal, a star wars war game! Thats awesome. I am just so amazed at all of the content for this game so far that I am already hungry for more. Does anyone else feel like the hype train is slowing down a bit? Hopefully it starts back up again when we get more info.
  4. This is amazing! What planet is it based off of if any?
  5. There is actually a liquid material that you can place on anything, and after drying for 24 hours it appears to be water. Check this video out for more: Star Wars Imperial Assault Painting Guide Ep.35: The Rancor. Also, I would add a bridge just because it looks awesome,
  6. Also the MLC-3 light tank
  7. This could work, but I feel like it is a desert vehicle, and is also not very intimidating.
  8. This is an awesome idea, wookies and ithorians could be very good close combat fighters, but you can also use different races for different jobs, such as when in IA they used duros for the rebel saboteurs. Fingers crossed we get an alien in the rebel fleet troopers expansion
  9. I wouldn't go as far as to say April; but if you are right, then **** ME WHAT THE LITERAL **** FFG
  10. This is interesting, also what land speeders? could you send a pic.
  11. They are not, the ones in IA are AT-DPs, although they are basically the same thing, so I wouldn't be super surprised if they were added!
  12. would the HH-12 trooper be any good against infantry?
  13. You might be a bit confused by the title of the article, but my thoughts on rogue one expansions is that they are VERY likely. We already heard that 3 of the planets featured are scarif, endor and hoth; but further more, if you look closely at the art on the HH-12 stormtrooper card he appears to be on Scarif. What do you guys think about Scarif and rogue one content. Is it confirmed? Am I just crazy?
  14. Yeah this is not exciting news at all. Now we know that we will also be getting a rebel troopers preview article, and the space between the at-st and air speeder was 3 days, so we could be getting the rebel equivalent to this article as late as Thursday; although these are relatively simple articles so it could be earlier than that. All I know is that WE WANT TO SEE THE NEW REBEL EXPANSION.
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