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  1. Reinstalled the app, all good now
  2. IOS version, I cant save any lists, It lets me think I saved them then when I go back to saved squads nada.
  3. So went top 8 at PAX south system open and won a local tourney with this list: Captain Nym TLT Sabine Bomblet Gen Trick Shot Crimson Specialist Deflective plating Trajectory Simulator Thermal dets Ord Silos T-70 Rookie Integrated Astro Flight assist Astro Later version which I think is better: swap trick shot for VI on Nym and swap the T-70 for Tarn Mison, IA and flight assist. The list is about board control, the T-70/X-wing is either a blocker or if ignored can be a decent damage dealer, the Bomber dies early and often but blocks and with either a 0 move or bump can get 1-2 rounds of bomb work in. The big problem is lower mov as you usually lose the bomber.
  4. I am assuming you have The Force Awakens core set, if so you can build this with what you have: PS 8 Poe BB8 Integrated Astomech Black One Veteran Instincts total 35 Jess Pava M9G8 Integrated Astromech total 28 Ten Numb Fire Control system Proton Torpedoes total 37 Total 100 Its not ideal but should perform decently in a friendly environment.
  5. I like Fenn with a lower PS ship, I enjoy moving early then coordinating an action later. This could be a good list for a bomber (or U wing with sabine), use it to block then drop an action bomb. Uwing, sabine, cluster mines and extra munitions comes in at 31, give you a few points for fun on the uwing. Or a bomber and silos with cluster, for 31. Block at PS 1/2 and coordinate a bomb when it works at PS 11?
  6. What have you played with the most? That should be your starting points, know the dial and how it maneuvers is your first step. Looks like you have mostly rebel ships, plenty of options there. The falcon and something(s) else is a good start. Maybe Rey and Poe or Tein Numb? I personally prefer three ship lists for the versatility but YMMV. Give the ships you fly the most and we can work from there.
  7. Norra works if you use regen norra: Norra (38) Alliance overhaul - 0 Push the Limit - 3 R2D2 - 4 Vectored Thrusters or Tail gunner - 2
  8. I like the fat han but maybe norra instead of the vcx, get the regen option to keep her around.
  9. I ran the list in a few variations tonight and I ended up wanting to field: Jess Pava (25) w/ M9-G8 (3), Integrated Astromech (0) Norra Wexley (29) w/ Push the Limit (3), Tail Gunner (2), R2-D2 (4), Vectored Thrusters (2), Alliance Overhaul (0) I am struggling on how to field Cassian, I am just not getting the use out of him. I like the idea of Lowhhrick and might pick him up. I really want to make the U wing work but am thinking Bohdi with sensor jammer, recon specialist and title might work if I don't pick up the gunship. Thanks for the advice.
  10. So working on a list for a local tourney, I have a limited collection but this is what I came up with so far: Norra Wexley PtL R2-D2 Alliance Overhaul Cassian Andor Sensor Jammer Bohdi Rook Pivot Wing Snap Wexley R2-F2 Integrated Astromech Concept run snap as interference helping to protect Norra, figure they will ignore Cassian until Norra is dead, thinking of dropping Snap for Jess and throwing Baze on Cassian to help his ability to hit. I could also sub out the T-70 for a Bwing, but kinda like the defense dice of the T70. Still pretty new to this game, but what are your thoughts?
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