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  1. As the title says, I've been GMing my own game for a year now. But never found a game where I can just be a player. I was hoping someone can point me to a local FaD group that I can join. I live in Bremerton, WA, hoping there is something within 30 miles that runs on Thursday (my only available day). I'm sure if I looked in Seattle I could find something. But that would require me to spend $30 for the ferry or drive a 70 mile round trip to go around. But if I can make it work then I'll accept it.
  2. eyesonlyhacker

    Need help on making a logic puzzle

    Dude you are the best. That little suggestion was enough to flood my head with ideas. I feel stupid as it should have just harken back to the greatest murder-mystery logic puzzle, Clue. Basically the premise of this adventure is they get hired to beta test a new simulation game. It was suppose to be simple, navigate the maze and confront the monster at the center. But the AI running it has some serious coding problems and starts melding simulations together. Which will lead the group into said murder-mystery, requiring to solve it before the doors will be open leading to.....a pirate ship on the high seas. They have to fight of rivals while heading to an island. There they will find a cave that the game Creator believes will lead to the monster room. But will lead to a circus ring where they have to fight the monster to the amusement of the onlookers. All this while not being able to simply leave the simulation due to a glitch that will kill them if tried ala ASO. It's quit a different adventure then the one they are used to playing. But I thought it would be a fun experience, and give me a chance not to think to hard about running it.
  3. eyesonlyhacker

    Need help on making a logic puzzle

    So I'm working on this fun little one-shot adventure for my group. The group has to beta test this new vr immersion game that is supposed to put them into a menatuar's lybrinth type setting. But it goes horribly wrong and they become stuck in the game and thrown into different settings. The one I am having an issue with is the second in which they find themselves in a 1950's style bar in the midst of a murder investigation. They are required to solve the case before they can progress in the simulation. To follow the theme of the adventure I wanted it to be a logic puzzle, and have them feel as if they are still in the maze somehow. But I'm running into a brick wall in how to do this logic puzzle. I'd hope some of you can give me a fresh prospective on it.
  4. I'm currently working on an Old Republic campaign for my group with several of my old pbp characters as central villains. The problem I am having is trying to figure out how to make sith NPCs to be used. Obviously they are different then some of the dark side user npcs I have found. But I am just hitting a wall on the best way to make a balanced sith npc. I'm just looking for an example of one. I know from there I would have a better direction, so if anyone has one to show I would greatly appreciate it.
  5. Hi I'm fairly new to the game even though that I've been working on collecting the cards for the last year. My main problem is trying to find other local players. I know there's some kind of group in Lynnwood Washington. However that's just a bit too far for me to go regularly. I'm hoping there's some players on this forum at know of a group either in Kitsap County or in Seattle.