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  1. #&@€&?&... I made dumb mistake at almost begging. I took card 034 insted of 134 :/ So I had only half of scenario narrative. So watch your numbers! Anyway, game is absolutely brilliant.
  2. I'm a little confused, but I'm almost sure it's missprint. If you finish "1" from card 034 "Choking fog", you get "Stage 035, 037, and 141". And card "035" mentions Far Harbor and in option "1" instructs you to do quest action in "The Nucleus". But... in Commonwealth scenario is no Far Harbor and Nucleus. They stay in box. Unless... I missed some part of scenario, and there is later connection to Nucleus or Far Harbor, not yet on the map from the begging (both are in box). If this option is valid, just write "it's ok, patience"!
  3. OR... future expansion?
  4. Can anyone tell if europe can expect TI4 in similar date as US? I still hope delay is caused by matching world's release date with US.
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