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  1. I'm finding the contrast rather funny, actually - Daisetsu willingly (naively) exposing himself to the same hardships that Sotorii had forced upon him. I guess it's now a question of which prince comes out the better for the experience.
  2. Yeah, but did you commit patricide/regicide and doom an entire nation to civil war when you did? Joking aside, I'm starting to wonder if this new storyline isn't bringing Toshigoku into the story as the first big bad, rather than Jigoku. First there was that kerfuffle in the Kaito shrine, and now this...
  3. Quick question: how quickly does news travel in Rokugan? Because Mirumoto Hitomo arresting the Imperial Regent is the sort of thing that should start spreading down the grapevine like wildfire the second Hitomi ordered the exits-and-entrances to the Palace barricaded. Basically, how soon before either Heir finds out their "inheritance" is burning itself down?
  4. I missed that; source? And isn't that part of what makes a compelling villain; they're a credible threat, but not such a threat that it requires Deus Ex Machina to defeat them.
  5. ... oh. The guy who told the Crab to go pound sand when his Clan was in desperate need of allies against the Lion, and then instigated a civil war in his own Clan, is now the guy in charge of the Empire. Oh, Rokugan is doomed.
  6. I'm almost expecting King George III to show up and serenade the people who just ousted Shoju.
  7. Now I'm curious - if we assume that Sumiko and/or Toturi know about the wards, they'd need to come up with an explanation for how/why the Seppun didn't notice the Emperor got murdered in his own chambers with his own ancestral sword. And the most plausible explanation is that either the wards stopped working without the Seppun noticing - which seems unlikely - or Ishikawa's subordinates have all been subverted. And if the Seppun cannot be trusted...
  8. I joked about it earlier, but I'm really looking forward to the day somebody gets the chance to ask Daisetsu what happened the day he ran away with/got abducted by Shahai, because the revelation that the Emperor died by patricide (and that the regency was legit and everyone's unintentionally been trampling the late Emperor's wishes into the mud) is probably going to be the biggest bombshell in the story until someone pipes up that "Hey, the Wall's gone."
  9. "Sumiko-san, what did you mean by 'Bayushi Shoju murdered the Emperor'?" "Exactly that. Bayushi Shoju had the Emperor murdered as part of a Scorpion Clan Cou-" "My brother Sotorii murdered my father! He openly admitted as much in front of myself and Shahai! That's why we ran away from the Forbidden City!" "... oh no."
  10. Go ahead and rant; it'll feel good, and possibly provide some good ideas on what (not) to do.
  11. Deicide is a lot more impressive when it doesn't happen with the regularity of Spiderman webbing up a purse-snatcher. Now, I actually agree that the Second Day of Thunder is a really big part of the setting, arguably integral to the setting, but I also agree with Diogo & Gunichi that there's no need to rush into it - let the situation deteriorate a bit more; watching Rome burn while playing the fiddle is fun. Also: This. So much this. This is also why, while I want them to do the Second Day of Thunder, I also want them to take their time and savor the event and its aftermath. Otherwise, I'm afraid we'll end up in the same situation as O5R where, in the span of 77 years, we had: The Clan War. The Second Day of Thunder. The War Against Shadow. The War of Spirits. The Dragon-Phoenix War. The Second Yasuki War. The War of the Rich Frog. The War of Fire and Thunder. The Winter of Red Snows. The Third Yasuki War. The War of Dark Fire. The Destroyer War. The War of the Twins. The Mantis-Crane War. The Heretic War. The Serpent War. The Spider Clan conquering the Empire. Again, all of that happened within 77 years. And with the exception of some of the early stuff post-SDoT, there was almost no consequence from any of it. You need to take your time with big, apocalyptic events, otherwise they lose all gravitas they might have had.
  12. I think "Children of the Empire", "The Last Stone Played" and "Red Petals Scatter" all have thrown some doubt over how much of Sotorii's behaviour is him just being a high-society brat, and how much is some form of malevolent outside interference - it's entirely possible that influence is not active at the moment, hence we're seeing Sotorii as just being a spoiled rich kid.
  13. F***, I'd missed that. Ok, now I'm terribly confused.
  14. I'm not so sure; it could be that we're just seeing the top half of the Yogo mon (the Phoenix headdress) rather than the whole thing. And honestly, it looks more like the Yogo mon than it does any of the Phoenix families. Add the prominent Scorpion iconography, and I find it hard to believe that this isn't Yogo Junzo.
  15. That's a great quote; did you come up with that yourself?
  16. Well, Robert Denton III, I'd say you've created a succesful cliffhanger. Hats off.
  17. To be fair, Rokugan itself has been stuck in Medieval Stasis for nigh on a thousand years, so the rest of the world operating on the same trope, while a little silly, does make a certain degree of sense. Granted, if FFG decide to do a story where Pavarre invades, I'd be game.
  18. "If something is worth doing, then by Doji no Kami it's worth doing excellently!" Semi-related, but how are the Seppun who killed Hantei XVI viewed? I ask because I want to try and figure out if there's a point where a situation is so hopelessly bad, that what Daidoji-sama did wouldn't be seen as dishonorable?
  19. I feel like point the second is understating like there's no tomorrow. I'm not sure if it still holds true, but isn't what Daidoji-sama did one of the only recognized warcrimes in Rokugan? Yeah, this is going to get bad.
  20. Ok, so... organized ogres and goblins? Yeah, that ancient Chinese curse, "May you live in interesting times," seems to have struck the Crab with full force. I'd like some kind of Stronghold/s for building a Shadowlands deck. Like give the Crab Clan a Stronghold called "Big Stink*" that supports building a Shadowlands deck. * a Hiruma fortress that got overrun by Goblins who turned it into a city.
  21. Worf, unless there's a syndrome named after the place where ships are built. And yeah, this definitely feels like Yoshi finally proving he's not just some political appointee, although I'm a little disappointed that he couldn't recognize his nemesis (Kachiko) from her doppleganger without literally getting right up in the dopplegangers face.
  22. Loving the enthusiasm Hotaru, just one little issue - how are you going to "set this right" without one or both of you getting executed? Kachiko is guilty of covering up a regicide, attempting to tamper with the Imperial succession, and ordering the murder of the joint Emerald- and Lion Clan Champion. I'm not saying it can't be done, but you'll need to be luckier than the Seven Fortunes to pull it off.
  23. No kidding, the amount of armed conflict the setting saw during the AEG days should have been enough for the Empire to disintegrate several times over. I made a post about this previously, to wit: Even if we limit it to just the bolded parts, where the Empire is being assaulted by hostile outside forces, it's still unbelievable that the Empire didn't collapse halfway down the list. Hopefully, FFG will either stretch these conflicts out over a much larger span of time, or just do the Second Day of Thunder and then the next several in-game decades worth of story will be inter-clan conflict or dealing with decidedly mortal enemies; I think AEG were planning to have the Unicorn try to conquer the Yobanjin before they sold the IP. The biggest problem with the Kolat was always that they had their fingers in too many pies at once - they're an anti-Kami sect, AND a massive criminal Enterprise, AND they're fighting against the Lying Darkness? Just one of those would have been enough.
  24. Everyone else isn't the Isawa, thus they'd be of limited help with a problem that the Isawa don't understand? How is that not the pinnacle of arrogance? "Well, I don't understand how this works, so obviously you couldn't be of any help, because you're not a Phoenix."
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