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  1. Maybe the youngest, and thus least experienced and -powerful of the Masters might be understandable as a 4-cost?
  2. Mangod

    I'm sorry

    Well, Ishi Tonu will certainly approve.
  3. Mangod

    Restricted List Updated

    Well, to be fair, the censorship on the forum is a little draconian. I mean, the phrase "The road to **** is paved with good intentions" gets censored as well, despite being a fairly common figure of speech that would only offend the most rabid of puritans. Still, the context of Necrogoat's post makes it perfectly clear what he wanted to say, and getting censored there is arguably deserved.
  4. Mangod

    Daidoji Nerishma

    Pretty sure that's one of those the Steel Chrysanthemum is responsible for, along with the Fortunes of Dung and -Torture.
  5. Mangod

    L5R Miniatures game

    Kaito Kosori and Shosuro Sadako are on for Minicrate.
  6. All 0 of them? I dunno, it seems like a weird thing to make a card that interacts with a trait that doesn't exist (yet) in any numbers.
  7. So it's the Rokugan version of this scene.
  8. I mean, even if we assume that the old setting will carry over in regards to the two brothers and their eventual fates, a metric by which neither brother could be considered "good" in a moral sense, it still leaves us with the "good" (competent) heir vs the "bad" (incompetent) one. I'd rather take competent evil over incompetent; at least the competent one might have a reason for torturing me to death other than "4 de lolz".
  9. Mangod

    Unicorn Clan Pack

    I never even thought about it, but now that you mention it, he kind of does.
  10. Mangod

    Unicorn Clan Pack

    Don't forget Shinjo Trailblazer.
  11. The same could be said for the Togashi one. The only one that doesn't look a bit silly is the Agasha one. Togashi. Mirumoto. Agasha.
  12. Well, unless established, we're to assume the old lore still holds true, and in the old lore, the Moto Death Priests weren't a thing until circa 1159, when the Lords of Death tried to claim the dead Khans soul.
  13. With the exception of the Spider Clan in O5R, and maybe the early Crab- and Scorpion Clans, I don't think L5R ever had a clear House Badguys. I do wonder how much the videos premise is affected by the presence of magic; divine mandate must be a lot easier to rule by when the Gods are very definitively and provably real.
  14. No, just a bunch of very snappily dressed ronin. If that's Doji Kuwanan, then I'm honestly surprised how long his hair is; I've only ever seen him with it either cropped short or shaved entirely.
  15. "To the Imperial historians of this era, the events of White Stag were a deep embarrassment. A fledgling alliance had already developed between the Ikoma, Shosuro, and Otomo to cleanse and protect the Imperial histories and avoid any aspersion falling upon the throne, and this era strengthened that alliance into an iron unity. Nearly the entirety of Hantei Yugozohime’s reign would be expunged from the records, as would most information about the Gozoku. Within a century, Rokugan would remember her as an incredibly strong Empress who reigned over a time of comparative peace, and whose death was a shocking tragedy that could never have been predicted." - O5R RPG, Imperial Histories, page 79.