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  1. So, there's 22 cards in For the Empire. So what do you think the final 1-off will be, besides Toshi Ranbo and Sotorii?
  2. Well, regardless of what happened, I think we can all agree. The important thing is that I was right.
  3. Anybody see what the # on Vassal Fields is? I wanna know if I was right when I claimed that Illustrious Forge was #2.
  4. Mangod

    Children of Tradition

    Well, @DGLaderoute, you've done it now. You've actually made me feel sympathy for Sotorii. Damnit, I'm actuallt teary-eyed; won't somebody please just give the kid a hug?! Now I'm torn between the two Heirs - well done. If this was the plan to get people on-board with Sotorii, you've definitively succeeded.
  5. Mangod

    Children of Bushidō

    So literally what DC Comics did with Monarch, then? Yeah, I really hope that never happens; there's a world of difference between a plot twist and pulling something out of your donkey, and I like the current story too much for that to not be a complete enthusiasm killer.
  6. Mangod

    Children of Bushidō

    I believe the Wrestling term is X-Pac Heat: you're not jeering the Heel character, you just want the actor playing the Heel to get a job checking out groceries at the mall and never darken the Wresling ring with their presence again. So far, I can say that at least I haven't found a character that I want excised from the story.
  7. Mangod

    Children of Bushidō

    I mean, let's be honest, hearing about a bunch of Mongolian samurai on horseback laying siege to the FFG HQ on the evening news would be amazing.
  8. Mangod

    Children of Bushidō

    While an interesting theory, it falls apart at the first hurdle for me; why pretend to be a vicious idiot? Hantei XVI was also a vicious, paranoid, fratricidal monster, but he didn't openly parade that around until his sanity began to crack in his mid-twenties. Until then, he managed to portray himself as compassionate, clever, honorable and intelligent. All we've seen of Sotorii thus far is someone who's only alienating the movers and shakers of the Empire, without binding anyone to him, and I don't see for what purpose.
  9. Mangod

    Children of Bushidō

    I don't know, judging by the text; it sounds like it was Daisetsu and Sotorii who fought, with Dairu as the witness, not as an active participant. On the other hand, calling for a duel over your younger brother telling you to buzz off certainly doesn't make it sound like Sotorii respects the seriousness of the situation, either. I'm reminded of this story where an RPG group had a falling out over the Kakita of the group challening someone to a duel to the death over them not refusing a gift of tea twice before accepting, as is custom.
  10. Mangod

    Children of Bushidō

    I dunno, so far Sotorii has shown a shocking lack of Compassion, Courtesy and Sincerity, and I doubt he's any different when off-screen. I will admit I misspoke, though; there is one group of people I can see "support" him; people who think they can manipulate him for their own benefit. Of course, those would be villains by default as well, so we'd still end up with a simple "Evil Older Brother VS Good Younger Brother"-conflict.
  11. Mangod

    Children of Bushidō

    Well, that clinches it; Sotorii is a donkey's rear. Honestly, unless Shaisetsu start dabbling in romantic Maho, I can't see a single scenario where people wouldn't support Daisetsu over his brother as heir. So, what do you think Part 2 of the story will be? Something that's affected by a story choice later on, or just a predetermined "Daisetsu takes Dairu's place, wins the duel, and the reason Sotorii can't wield the sword from Imperial Gifts is because Daisetsu hacked him in the wrist"?
  12. Well, the Mantis partially derive their claim to legitimacy from being descendants of Hida; more specifically, their clan was founded by Kaimetsu-Uo, the son of Osano-Wo the Fortune of Fire and Thunder, and grandson of the Kami Hida and the Dragon of Thunder. Arguably, the Dragon of Thunder would render the Crab- and Mantis Clans MORE divine than the other Great Clans, since the Mantis are descended from two Gods, while the others are descended from just one.
  13. More specifically, they go: Ancestral Lands (#15), Elemental Fury (#16), Entrenched Position (#17), Fertile Fields (#18), Manicured Garden (#19), Meditations on the Tao (#20), Night Raid (#21), Prilgrimage (#22), Rally to the Cause (#23) and Shameful Display (#24). Earth, Water, Earth, Air, Air, Fire, Fire, Void, Water, Void.
  14. Are you sure Illustrious Forge is #3 and not #2? Maybe my sight's going, but it looks like a 2 to me.
  15. The terrible burden of the male Crane - the "Dude looks like a lady"-jokes never. Stop. Coming.