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  1. Tangential question: let's assume that Kuwanan loses this Crane Civil War - the losers would most likely be expected to commit seppuku, right? But can Kakita Yoshi do that? The curse he was born under forbids him from touching a blade, so how does he commit seppuku?
  2. It's pretty much been confirmed who's responsible already. In the insert fiction for The Ebb and Flow, Shosuro Sadako infiltrates the Crane Guesthouses, to plant a scroll there at the behest of Shosuro Hametsu.
  3. Since the last pack in the Inheritance Cycle is labeled L5C24, and the Crab- and Lion Clan Packs are L5C26 and -27, that should mean that the Dragon Clan Pack is L5C25, right?
  4. That moment when your awkward teen romance gets interrupted by a political assassination.
  5. Wait a second... What are the odds she accidently went Maho here? Kansen are drawn to blood, aren't they?
  6. Well, if he does find out the Emperor was murdered, the next obvious question is "by who?" And that is going to raise further questions that Kachiko, Satoshi, Sotorii and anyone else in on this little conspiracy don't want getting raised. But the Emperor dying of natural causes literally the same night that the Emerald Champion is assassinated in his own chambers? That is probably too convenient for Ishikawa not to suspect foul play, regardless of what he's told by his peers.
  7. New fiction is up: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/7/24/falling-stars/ Aramoro makes his move against Toturi, as Kaede rushes to save her husbands life.
  8. I am sooo looking forward to the next cycle of fictions now. Because when this stuff hits the fan? Oh, it's gonna be beautiful... Crane going to war with itself, Kachiko screwing up Shoju's plans, Aramoro trying to assassinate Toturi, and now this. It's going to be an incredible trainwreck.
  9. Bayushi Shoju is just so done with all this silliness. Possible False Kuwanan in the future? Don't let Kachiko near anything egg-shaped!
  10. I can tell you for a fact that the English version is available in Sweden, though I don't know how much that'll help.
  11. The Crane are skirmishing with the Lion in the field, and getting whopped so badly they've been forced to hire Ronin to shore up their forces. Meanwhile, their position as the Masters of the Court is being usurped... by the Scorpion. And into this situation comes the Crab, who're requesting more jade and troops for their Wall. Now, Kachiko tells the Emperor there's no jade to be had, so Yoshi has to go and deliver the sad news to the Yasuki Daimyo. And rather than try and pin the blame for the lack of jade on the Scorpion, potentially weaking the Crane's strongest courtly rivals, or at least make sure the Crane don't make more overt enemies than they already have, he instead decides to insult the man, because Riesens. So Kakita Yoshi has actually managed to make his Clans situation worse, because they now have to deal with Crab-funded Mantis privateers stealing whatever jade the Crane have on top of everything else. In no way is this a bad proposition for the Scorpion: in fact, this could only have worked out better for Kachiko if Yoshi had told Taka that the Scorpion wanted the Emperor to give them the Jade, but that Yoshi talked him out of it. True... but troops that are expected to fight on the Carpenter Wall and yet remain completely autonomous from the Crab sounds like an invitation to disaster. Especially since the other Clan's have a history of not taking the threat from the Shadowlands seriously unless there's been a catastrophic invasion within the last few generations. Heck, the Emperor getting fed up with the Crane, Scorpion and Phoenix for not taking this stuff seriously is what created the Gozoku. You must be new here: people have been giving Altansarnai crap over that decision ever since Curved Blades came out. It's even made its way into Canon, most recently in Across the Burning Sands.
  12. Honestly, I would be willing to give Yoshi way more slack if he'd been shown making even a token attempt to pass the blame bucket to the Scorpion Clan for the lack of jade shipments - it'd even technically be true, since Kachiko is the one who told the Emperor they don't have any jade to ship (which is also true, but besides the point).
  13. So Yajinden is a girl now? I can't see why they'd use the O5R art for a female Shugenja otherwise. Edit:
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