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  1. Understanding the game, knowing what cards that are played by each clan commonly, Knowing when to retreat from conflicts and so on is how you win games. Memory has a small part to play in the game, yes if you get to see your opponents hand I.e. Meek Informant, Upholding Authority etc... recalling what the opponent has is useful information. However since there are no hand limits in the game many clans play super greedy with cards and players often bid 5 on top of card draw mechanics, writing down a hand of 20 cards will take time, something that is in short supply of at major events since rounds are timed. Quite frankly most of the time when you get to see peoples hands you only need to be concerned with 2 or 3 cards in it to plan the next move carefully which is not very memory intensive at all.
  2. My instincts would say he becomes normal status, but I can see the argument that the new honor status takes over the dishonored one and he is now fully honored instead. Again, my logic tells me it would cancel each other out and he becomes normal but we may have to wait on a dev ruling for clarity.
  3. When the first cycle came out I had an Imperial Scorpion deck that was super fun to play. It had: 2 x Otomo Courtier 2 x Seppun Guardsmen 3 x Seppun Ishikawa 3 x Miya Mystic 3 x Bayushi Yojiro 3 x Miya Satoshi 3 x Imperial Storehouse 1 x Imperial Palace 1 x Miwake Kabe and for the conflict side 3 x Bayushi Kachiko 3 x Cunning Magistrate As for the good imperial deck I do not think we will have one viable (competitively) anytime soon. It also depends on what the Children of the Empire's other Imperial cards are. Akodo Toturi is an amazing start for imperial cards in the box. We need an Imperial Stronghold and other cards that proc off of the Imperial trait. Imperial attachments will also need to be a thing before we see viable decks.
  4. True but with Ancient Master around who needs rings to win the favour yeah?
  5. The audio volume was also fine for me. I know this used to be an issue with their older episodes though.
  6. Are you able to find a link to share? If that is what it is holy moly that is an awesome stronghold for them! 11 Honor and 1 str is a huge improvement in terms of stats plus the ability.
  7. Yeah, rumors and actual leaks are two different things though. There is still no confirmation that it is actually a Unicorn stronghold. Now I do think that there is a strong possibility that Unicorn are getting one but it is possible that it could be someone else's stronghold.
  8. From what I understand of the O5R tournament prizes and such this was a bigger problem in the old game where in people would play to underhand another clan in some way or another (I think Mantis got beat on a bit). Based on what this Hatamoto had said before, he got bored of Dragon and wanted to play something else, whether this is true or not who knows. In the end I agree with people should choose best for their clans, none of this sabotage nonsense.
  9. Twinstarbmc and Schmoozies are correct, I have never seen any game of L5R played the way you described as it would basically cost you the game. Now, Scorpion and Crane are really good at only buying a single dynasty character the first round, passing, and saving their fate for round 2. The shear amount of conflict characters in the conflict decks of these two clans allow them to do this. As a MtG player for 14 years I feel confident that while playing L5R I have had so much more player interaction with this game than MtG. I found lot of MtG was just watching your opponent do their things then you do yours and whoever had the better deck would win. Lets also not forget the economy in MtG (i.e mana) is pretty random, in L5R you have a fixed economy every turn which you need to carefully think about what you buy with it. Sure hoarding fate is something that can happen, but if you do not buy characters and conflict cards, you are not winning the game.
  10. Wrong person to quote? I was simply pointing out that a vast majority of art has been turned into cards so that Ishi Tono would be happy about it because it seems like a real chance to get his card made ?
  11. So then 4/5 of the art have been turned into cards then! Nobody!
  12. The trend is pretty real, a lot of the art in the fiction (most I think) has shown up as a card so far so I would not be surprised to see Miki drop.
  13. For sure, the $1000 bounty thing showed just how awful the community itself was towards the Mantis clan. I think FFG will be more aware of those types of community interactions and hopefully prevent that kind of thing from happening again. I would love to see more Mantis cards as the ones we have seen so far are just awesome! I hope they do get their Great Clan status back some day as another full playable clan would be awesome!
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