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  1. Yeah I was looking at getting Mels V2 SSD, the price has now ballooned.
  2. Would it be possible to get an adapter to the X-Wing large peg? I have a station already setup to take mels Xq series platform.
  3. I know i really shouldn't comment, but i own 4 VSDs and I really like using them as pocket battleships. A role I feel they fill well.
  4. Ive got to fix up some of the paint a bit, but yeah i will.
  5. Do they have speakers that play Rule Britania as they fly into battle?
  6. What upgrades were you using? I've run rather sucessful dual vsd lists in the past. Also the Harrowers look really nice. Edit: you should get the fury interceptors to replace the lambda's.
  7. When I use Nuln oil i quite often drybrush over the top with the hull colour and then touchup some of the details.
  8. Yeeeaah. Well considereing the FO is spending more resources to effectively (on screen) build the same garbage fighters as the empire. I'm beginning to wonder. EDIT: Also in terms of marketing, any form of Pod with solar panel wings is iconically star wars by now isn't it?
  9. So why exactly do the First order build their 'new and improved ' ties and not the Imperial erra ones? For starters the FO Ties are supposed to be shielded, but in the 2 new films, that doesn't seem to count for squat. Why not build off of the Tie/In, Tie/x1, or the Tie/D?
  10. I really like the mc30c. Although how did you do the Rebel emblem? Did you use a stencil?
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