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  1. I'd go with what the rebel soldiers on scarif are wearing. Most of them have some type of vest on. Similar to what the rebels are wearing on Hoth (harder to see as it's white on white.)
  2. Imo most of the new stuff has been good. TFA was good. R1 was awesome. TLJ was decent, there are parts of that movie that aren't great but the main storyline (Rey/Kylo/Luke) was great. I'm glad Snoke is gone. Solo was good as well. I can't believe people didn't watch it. It's like the biggest fan service movie Disney has done. (But hey starwars is always about commenting on how bad a movie is even though you havent watched it, right?) I've read most of the new books. All of them have been decent. With a few standouts (lost stars/thrawn) The comics are great. All of those have been done well. I'd say starwars is as good as it ever was. People didn't like the prequels and now people worship them and scream for that eras content. I'm pumped we are getting new stuff people just need to stop being so **** about everything from this magical made up universe. But yes FFG put decent stuff out to.
  3. If you get the chance have read the book "Twilight Company" by Alexander Freed. Has some cool moments and ive certainly used some ideas from it for sessions. But echoing everything everyone has said here. The British commando raids against German occupied Europe make for great inspiration. Also reading up on the SAS in Europe are great as well. Small teams where inserted into Europe to support resistance movements. Having the party support a local resistance movement would be a great arc.
  4. As Dayham has already said. It really depends on the time frame. Is it pre DS1 or post? If its before then take inspiration from World War 2 french resistance. Sneaking around. Blowing stuff up. Gathering intel. If its after DS1 then you can go abit more conventional. If your party has rejoined with the main Alliance fleet you could have them sent to help a small resistance movement in a sector. Kinda like the SAS pre-Normandy. Or with the saving private ryan vibe you could have an ex senator or current senator who has some sweet information and the alliance needs to find them before the empire does. Somehow the hutts could want the information as well and all of a sudden youve got a whole bunch of different options. Have fun!
  5. Probably gonna opt for the rouge one trooper scheme. I think they'll look good on most tables regardless of terrian and even if FFG bring out the pathfinders from scarif they'll blend nicely!
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