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  1. Can you point any argument or rule about it? What makes, by rules, one gain honor from Reclaiming Lost Lands and not i.e. Emerald Empire including shadowland provinces for count?
  2. Shadowland section in a rulebook sounds as follow: But does player gain Honor from Objective, like: At first I thought yes, but after re-reading Shadowland rule I wasn't so sure. In case of Card specific rule triumphs Rulebook general rule here so it's all fine. But in case of Emerald Empire and Web of Influence, it's no so clear whatever non-specific descriptor Province was intended as Any Province, even Shadowlands overriding Shadowlands gives no Honor, or as generic statement still under the rule of Shadowlands gives no Honor. Fluff-wise arguments also arise, as one would expect political and empire-centric objectives would depend on civilized regions and not some cursed, kami-forgotten wasteland. Interpretation changes tactics and value of those objectives a lot, as gaining 6 provinces across 3 territories including Shadowlands means you need only Crab territory and both Shadowlands to satisfy 10 Honor worth objective. Same goes with Web of Influence, where you can fulfill 3/7 of requirement if you keep your capital and take Shadowlands that have no strategic value (doesn't count for final score for anyone except one with Reclaiming Lost Lands objective.) I'm interested both in private opinions and rules interpretation as I'd appreciate official comment on intended ruling as I'm always interested in playing game as-designed first. Regards, Warenhari -- Edit: formatting fixes.
  3. It's fine and sounds like I go it right. Thanks for confirmation. One thing that surprised me was a fact, that when you get your *** kicked in heat of skirmish battle, getting incapacitated from wound/fatigue going pass your resilience, you need few days of rest before you are back up and running - if you get like 15 fatigue with resistance 10, you need two night of rest or a day and good aid to be able do something meaningful - you are Incapacitated until you get your fatigue lower or equal your resistance, and it heals Water x 2 per night. But if you get a sword in your belly with fast critical strike, you are down instantly (Unconscious as en effect of Crit.), but up for another fight as soon as someone revives you with quick Medicine (Fire) or just after few hours by yourself - if felt surprisingly fast - of course you have to deal with that permanent disadvantage, but it's not really in-combat crippling, and there is no difference, whatever you got hit yesterday or a year ago. I was wondering if it's By-Design or I missed some rules, or maybe some rules are missing, that should be here. BTW strange thing - Injured Body part is more crippling here-and-now, being lesser result (5-7), than Damaged Organ disadvantage being higher result (10-11) - Increased TN eats you 2 successes always. Reroll eats 'em only half of the time, as you may roll success or even explosive one again. Maybe getting hit with Maiming Blow was meant to give you both Injured Torso for now and Disadvantage for later? I know it's not as written, but maybe that was an idea?
  4. Situation. You get hit with Critical Strike from Finishing Blow in a duel, when your wounds/fatigue are still untouched. You get let's say Crit 10 - Unconscious, Bleeding and some serious disadvantage like Damage Organ. You fall down, the duel is over. But just after someone stops bleeding with simple action - few minutes - and you wake up - Medicine/Fire action or few hours - you are up and running except permanent disadvantage. There is no healing/convalescence time needed by rules? Time only heals wound/fatigue points, but as you got none, you are just good to go. Am I reading the rules right? Did I missed something? Regards Warenhari
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