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  1. Umm... It’s a slow *** boat... 🙄. 🙃😬🙃
  2. There’s been a sighting of the boat with our books!!!!
  3. Endearingly Weird (and Humorous) Adventure Ideas

    Less silly and weird than fun but I’ve always thought a one off Goonies would be fun. Genesys is definitely the system to pull it off.
  4. Genesys Talents Expanded

    I think @Swordbreaker was referring to the talents in the spec trees not the powers themselves.
  5. The Dice Pool Podcast - SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT

    Are there rules in Genesys that fall into the bucket of “If we could do Star Wars over again, this is how we should have done it”? For example; Talent pyramid vs Career Specs, Force Power trees vs. Genesys magic, etc. Or was it more the natural adaptation of setting specific vs generic?
  6. Why not Pilot, Hot Shot, or Driver from Ace? Is it their first spec? If not they have no force die and gain no benefit from force talents. Otherwise I would probably just say they don’t realize they’re force sensitive and can’t take force powers without training.
  7. Escaping the "Belly of the Beast"

    And thus began the Pixie Stick epidemic of 2018.... Your characters are hired by the Oopa Loompa sugar lord Tito to track down a new player in the Pixie Stick trade. There’s a new Blue Pixie Stick on the streets. They say it’s almost pure sugar! No one knows who this new player is. Only a name... Heisenberg.
  8. Escaping the "Belly of the Beast"

    Well since we’re diving heads first down the rabbit hole... How about a kraken made of licorice? Dire Gummy Bears? Battle hardened Christmas elves wielding candy cane swords and sling shots with jawbreaker ammo (obviously we need a special crit results table)? A wizard that casts Fireball, but no, not the flaming kind! No, this spell rains down cinnamon candy!
  9. Escaping the "Belly of the Beast"

    You could have a mounted regiment riding animal crackers 🙃
  10. Escaping the "Belly of the Beast"

    You could have gummy kobolds throwing cola/ Mentos grenades and firing slushy “brain freeze” guns while shouting their battle cry, “Weez the Juice”!!! ...and stuff
  11. Maps to spark and run adventures

    Back when I ran a 3.5/ 4th ed D&D game I made 3d dungeon tiles out of Hirst Arts Molds. Take a look at the gallery and message boards. Some pretty amazing stuff. He started off making Descent boards which is what made me think of it.
  12. Shadowrun Conversion Thoughts

    So I went back to double check I wasn’t misremembering but the brawn cap was dropped in Genesys for the Strain cost. Not that you couldn’t use it anyway but just clarifying
  13. Shadowrun Conversion Thoughts

    Let’s not forget Bioware which came with a lower essence cost but more expensive.
  14. Escaping the "Belly of the Beast"

    Eat your way out?
  15. Shadowrun Conversion Thoughts

    I agree 100%. Cybernetics reduce strain which is a casters power source. You could also use a variation of corruption/ sanity rules to model the loss of humanity. I think with Terrinoth’s imminent release and Android the likely next setting we will have all we need to convert Shadowrun with a minimum of effort.