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  1. ESP77

    Teleportation Magic

    Playing RAW I would probably put it as Conjuring. I.E. you conjure yourself or others to a different location. I would set difficulties based on distance, line of sight, familiarity, number of people, etc
  2. As promised ladies and gentlemen. The update includes RoT, Fully Operational, and Dawn of Rebellion. The link to the updated document:
  3. ESP77

    RoT PbP here?

    I’ll bite. Never done pbp but I’m game.
  4. ESP77

    Genesys Talents Expanded

    So I have been playing with the Primalist as a monk archetype. So in the vain of Chill of Nordros and the other similar talents. Monastic Training When casting an attack spell your character can add the Close Combat effect without increasing the difficulty. You can never add the Range effect. (Effectively limiting you to within short range) Tier 2 Ranked No Incidental
  5. ESP77

    Spell Names

    So @Richardbuxton‘s examples have me inspired. I’ve been playing around with the Primalist as a monk. Not casting spells so much as focusing chi. Unfettered Warrior You focus your chi inwards and assumes a relaxed fighting stance. Your bones are hard as steel. Countless hours of training have left you with a preternatural awareness and reaction speed. You dance through the broken ground of the battlefield, unslowed, while the grasping hands of your opponents cannot hold you. Augment + Haste + Swift + Primal Fury Mountain Strike Wood, stone, and steel are no match for you. Your blows can crush weapons and armor as easily as flesh and bone. Attack + Close Combat + Destructive Death Touch Your blows send destructive reverberations through your opponents causing massive internal damage. Attack + Close Combat + Deadly + Empowered (Edit: name change) Surge Fist (Hadouken!) You are able to extend your chi outward from your body to strike your opponents at a distance, catching them off balance. Attack + Impact
  6. ESP77

    I Made "Spellbooks" for Magic

    Very nice. Love the known spells block. Look forward to getting the rest.
  7. ESP77

    Spell Names

    It just occurred to me that Augment with swift and haste could be described narratively as flight. Combine with primal fury and you tranform into a great eagle to defeat your enemies.
  8. ESP77

    Spell Names

    Ice Serpent: Attack with ice and poisonous. A venomous ice serpent that wraps itself around you holding you in place and injecting you with it’s poison that freezes your insides! ok not the most creative name but I am liking the imagery.
  9. ESP77

    Spell Names

    Burn and blast could also be used to describe an Acid Bubble bursting on your enemies. So much is in how you choose to describe it.
  10. Page 153 RoT. Greyhaven Wizard. Burn and Blast. No Knockdown. My own desire to see “spell lists” has little to do with preservation or the re-creation of vancian magic. I love the open free form style. I would just like to see official examples of how to achieve a given result within the system. RoT has many examples but 90% of them are attack spells. The crb says you can use Augment to fly or turn invisible. Awesome! Can you show me an official example? The list of add-ons for Augment sure doesn’t give me a hint. Can I make it up? Sure can! But it’d still be nice to see ffg’s take on it.
  11. ESP77

    Lets make some Heroic Abilities

    Basic as action, Improved as a maneuver?
  12. ESP77

    Lets make some Heroic Abilities

    Teleport Your character gains the ability to teleport. Basic: When activated your character can instantly appear in any place within medium range that they can see. All belongings that are on your person are transported with you. Improved: While active, you can now appear anywhere within extreme range that you have seen before even if it is not currently visible. You can also transport other creatures or objects whose total silhouette do not exceed 2. Supreme: When you are the target of an attack that generates 2 Threat or a Despair you can instantly teleport to anywhere within range as an out of turn incidental. In addition you may now teleport creatures or objects whose total silhouette do not exceed 4.
  13. ESP77

    Lets make some Heroic Abilities

    Like it. Made the changes.
  14. ESP77

    Lets make some Heroic Abilities

    This is just spitballing but here goes. Telekinesis Whether through technological, magical, or supernatural means you can manipulate objects with your mind. Basic: While this ability is active your character gains the ability to spend an action to be able to manipulate a silhouette 0 object at up to short range with nothing but a thought. You can move said object anywhere within range at about a walking pace. Improved: Even when you have not activated this ability you can move objects no larger than a book. While your ability is active you may manipulate objects up to silhouette 2 and out to medium range. Your may hurl a silhouette 0 object with enough force to hurt someone. Supreme: When active your ability gives you fine control of silhouette 0 objects, allowing you to manipulate them as if you were using your hands. You hurl silhouette 1 objects with force. You can now lift silhouette 3 objects out to long range. You can spend 2 strain to increase the silhouette or the range by one.
  15. ESP77

    ISO D&D Vancian magic spell list

    Hence why I gave it up. I would like to get a spell book of common spells just to give players a place to start.