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  1. I just got back from an extended tournament today and saw a few Scum lists around. Didn't see every fleet or get details of many of them but the ships/pilots I saw were: Sunny Bounder + Scyk swarm (most with Ion cannons) Triple Scurrg's 5 Jakku Gunrunners with Dead Mans Switch and various bombs/mines Ketsu Onyo, Talonbane Cobra and Old Teroch
  2. Interesting videos, particularly the 1999 one. I was using the internet back then but not visiting those types of sites, so missed all the online controversies. The comment about Jar Jar being a type of Shakespearean fool whose presence provides a satirical commentary almost makes me want to re-watch The Phantom Menace so I can study the character from a fresh perspective. Almost.
  3. You don't need to have watched all of the other movies to see Endgame, you just get more from it if you have. I did see an interview with the Russo brothers that stated as far as they were concerned the bare-minimum you should see to follow most of it is: Avengers (effectively introduces the main team) Captain America: The Winter Soldier (introduces Falcon and Bucky, and explains what happens to SHIELD) Avengers: Age of Ultron (introduces Scarlet Witch, Vision and Clint's family, plus the vision Tony speaks about in Endgame) Captain America: Civil War (introduces Black Panther, Spider Man and Ant Man, plus explains what state the Avengers are in at the start of Infinity War and a brief glimpse of Wakanda) Avengers: Infinity War (introduces Dr Strange, Guardians of the Galaxy and sets the scene for Endgame)
  4. Sad to say we have lost another member of the original cast, who passed away at his home on the 30th April. 😥 https://twitter.com/TheWookieeRoars/status/1124077256240967681/photo/1?ref_src=twsrc^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1124077256240967681&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.bbc.co.uk%2Fnews%2Fentertainment-arts-48142765
  5. Saw it the other day, thought it was great and tied up everything about as well as we could have hoped for, although I feel Infinity War was probably a fraction better. Maybe need to see it again to be sure. Will be interesting to find out in time what was cut out to keep down the runtime. Three unanswered questions I have after seeing it: 1) Did Wong get his Tuna Melt? 2) Did Stark remember to invite Wong to his wedding? 3) Why is Gamora?
  6. Nute Gunray and Mace Windu are also possible commanders.
  7. Like a lot of SW fans, I haven't read many of the books or played any of the computer games. I think my favourite is the Marvel comic adaptation of Return of the Jedi which I guess probably came out soon after the films original release (I got it a few years later). Must have read that dozens of times.
  8. Well another alternative could be that purple moves on the dial that can be done by anyone, but they count as red manoeuvres unless you spend a force token, in which case they become white.
  9. Its an interesting idea for another use for the force mechanic but I feel that, at least as far as a ships dial goes, the moves it can do represent the mechanical limits of the ship and using the force won't change that, so I wouldn't expect a fast interceptor-style ship to suddenly come to a reverse or a dead stop unless it was available to all types of pilot. In that respect, I think the blue/white/red moves work fine. Now if you want to have ships or pilots that can do extra boost, slam, etc moves or turn red into white by spending a force, or a 90 degree rotate at the end instead of a 180, then I think those are definitely options to explore.
  10. JudgeDeath


    I still use him, I like the Luke/Wedge/Biggs combo too much. He isn't as easy to use or as game-defining as he used to be, but having more choice over when you use his ability means he can hang around longer and deal more damage.
  11. Nice idea Admiral Theia. Could really help make Konstantine and some of the weaker Commanders more attractive if their strategic benefits are better than some of the stronger in-game Commanders. Also, I think this would work best if it is used to benefit your own fleet (or even every Admiral in your faction) rather than having effects that directly penalise the enemy. Corellian conflict can be tough for the underdogs if one side goes on a winning run early on so having additional negative rules applied to them would be harsh. For Vader, I like the idea of having the Commander version and have the rules for Officer Vader applied to him too. You could even extend it so that as long as Vader's flagship is still active, other Imperial Admirals can use his Officer ability once per campaign round (to represent Vader skyping them for a progress report). Of course any Commanders or Officers the player chooses to discard to re-roll their attack dice will have to be permanently removed from their fleet...
  12. I'm definitely in favour of naming lists if I can think of a theme for them. Sometimes the name comes before the actual list because I've already decided on a theme I want to run with. If I don't have a name by theme, I look for interesting ways I can combine the names of the pilots. Often the in-universe names are functional rather than amusing though. Some examples from 1.0 and 2.0 are: Trench Run Crew - Luke, Wedge & Biggs Red Blue Snap - Red Ace, Blue Ace, Snap Wexley Omega Squadron - Midnight, 2 Omega Specialists, Omega Squadron Ace Black Squadron - Vader, Mauler, Valen Rudor, 2 Black Squadron Ace's Tanky Chewbo - Chewbacca and Leebo, both built to soak up as much damage as possible Bengar - Bossk and Dengar (can also be named Bongar or Dessk) Scum Suicide Bombers - 5 Jakku Gunrunners with Deadmans Switch and Seismic Charges/Proton Bombs Mandalore's Revenge - Boba Fett and 2 Skull Squadron Aces
  13. I've played the campaign twice so far, first time using Vader and second time with Sloane. I found both good but preferred Vader as it was easier to run him upgrade-light. Motti seems to be a good choice for Imperials as well. On the other side, I found the Garm and Ackbar fleets quite difficult to deal with (although that may have just been the players using them). Sato also did quite well the first time we ran the campaign.
  14. I use Kirton Games for most of my Armada needs, or ebay. Have used Board Game Extras as well in the past (mainly for X-Wing) and found them pretty reliable. https://kirtongames.co.uk/
  15. Great idea for a thread @Animewarsdude! Keep it coming. I'm not particularly familiar with anything that hasn't been in the films so there were some interesting surprises for me. A few additions of my own: Pat Roach (Foreman Proach) was also in Temple of Doom, Last Crusade and Willow. He worked with George Lucas quite a few times but oddly not on a Star Wars film. Ahhav may not have any character info, but it seems pretty likely he is inspired by Captain Ahab from Moby ****, hence the 'Vengeful Survivor' tagline on his card and space whales in his artwork. EDIT: just noticed the title of a famous book featuring a great white whale has been partially censored...
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