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  1. I think Jamming Beam is ok at 0 points as it's use is so specific and edge case. Good against token stackers if the jammer has a two die primary, good against reinforced ships, edge cases for IG-88 B and gunboats. Also it does no damage so I thinking ok. But I certainly don't want to see any more non-configuration / title zero point upgrades. Intact I prefer titles to have a cost, but see why the Ghost title costs zero.
  2. Unfortunately I think I agree, I was all caught up on the engine placement and my past enthusiasm to see the the SS-54 in Xwing. But this is secretly good news, now we have two ships that scum could get in the future 😁
  3. So the main characters ship in the Mandalorian has been revealed and named the Razorcrest. It looks almost identical to a lot of art of the SS-54 Gunship, used in starwars comics, encyclopedias and multiple episodes of the Clone Wars. This ship was also owned by a bounty hunter called Sugi and her nice (if I recall correctly) Will we be getting this for the Scum faction? Juicy pics below.
  4. From design point the 'fix' should not be tied to the Punishing One title. The title could certainly be adjusted as a way to increase ship role diversity (upgrade slot swapping/attribute changes) I feel standard ship ought to gain a gunner slot, perhaps P1 title adds Sensor slot, drop price of generic to 41, and drop cost of all other ships by 4is points too. That's seems like a reasonable starting point.
  5. You can already field 6 Starwings and have room to chuck on two shield upgrades. That's 43 health behind 2 Agility, better hull to sheild ratio, more ships and better agility and smaller bases, again that is not in the meta at all.
  6. So add sensor and gunner slots, drop 6 points. I really want the fix to make non-punishing one builds, and generics viable.
  7. Also the Starwing (Nu Squadron pilot) With the OS-1 title is 14 points cheaper, with two less hull (two hull upgrades would be 10 points, I know you can't have two but the frame is costed 4 points less and can slam and fire (especially if they take targeting computer) have double missile and double Torpedo a way better dial and slamming. Considering JM5K have worse Maneuvering and no white reloads, no sensor slot and a worse hull to sheild ratio I think they are overcosted relative to the also underperforming (in extended) Alpha class Starwing.
  8. But why are people against a five Jumpmaster list. As established the dial is punishing and makes you predictable. Large ships are prone to clipping obstacles or self bumping. Its a two dice turret that's stressfull to rotate and only if your not stressed and don't bump. No-one (hopefully) wants to play with five generic Jumpmaster, it is already not competitive, if you want beef, fly 6 Y-wings with two shield and two hull upgrades, that's a whopping 50+ health and you get smaller bases so easier to keep mods, get an extra gun. But we don't see this list dominating the meta or anything like it. So can all the people worried about some penta-jumpmaster hellscape all calm down. In reality, dropping by the ship to 40 points would mean we could play a mix of four proton and ion Jumpmaster probably with R3, even that doesn't sound too scary.
  9. Alas, they can't take R4 Astromech, if they could th ey would be seeing the table a heck of a lot more. Due to their tankyness an R3 isn't the wort idea and due to their mass of Hull, especially with a possible hull upgrade, R5 isn't that stupid either. But then they seem overpriced.
  10. I have to force myself to build lists to try and make them work, I think a few points overcosted, and DALANs ability never triggers much for me, I play mostly against Empire so not many sheild to steal. Torani's ability is great but red barrel roll means it's quite hard to pull off. Their are better (Higher Initiave/more maneuverable ) P.torpedo carriers without 3 die primaries. The Scurrg is also close.ein price and stats but with arguably better 3T.rolls than the 4k.turn 4-LOM is a boss, but the Cartel Marauder is better than the Gand Findsman and Torani is better than Zuckuss IMHO. A few people have hit the nail on the head, it's a beefy brawler, treat as such. Painbot (R5-P8) is a good upgrade. I think hull upgrade is ok on Torani.
  11. Sorry I meant two I7 locks As Airen can grant Dutch a lock during the I5 engagement phase and Dutch can pass another ship that lock too. Thus, two locks can be obtained after all I6 pilots have finished moving.
  12. Ahh you mean in Hyperspace. Well, no but this list is for extended, where funny card combinations can happen.
  13. YASB would beg to differ. Binayre Pirate (24) Ion Missiles (4) Deadman's Switch (2) Electronic Baffle (2) Ship total: 32 Half Points: 16 Threshold: 2 Binayre Pirate (24) Deadman's Switch (2) Electronic Baffle (2) Ship total: 28 Half Points: 14 Threshold: 2 Binayre Pirate (24) Deadman's Switch (2) Electronic Baffle (2) Ship total: 28 Half Points: 14 Threshold: 2 Binayre Pirate (24) Deadman's Switch (2) Electronic Baffle (2) Ship total: 28 Half Points: 14 Threshold: 2 Binayre Pirate (24) Deadman's Switch (2) Electronic Baffle (2) Ship total: 28 Half Points: 14 Threshold: 2 Binayre Pirate (24) Deadman's Switch (2) Electronic Baffle (2) Ship total: 28 Half Points: 14 Threshold: 2 Binayre Pirate (24) Deadman's Switch (2) Electronic Baffle (2) Ship total: 28 Half Points: 14 Threshold: 2 Total: 200 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0: https://raithos.github.io/?f=Scum and Villainy&d=v6!s=200!159:101,93,106:;159:,93,106:;159:,93,106:;159:,93,106:;159:,93,106:;159:,93,106:;159:,93,106:&sn=Unsaved Squadron&obs=
  14. Maybe over correcting. 6/7/8/9/10/11 That's an extra 10 points with only 4 copies or 15 points with 5 copies. That's huge in terms of list building, probably too much tbh. 6/6/7/8/9/10 might be fairer
  15. Bonza! I will now run a suicide Z-Swarm with deadmans switches and electronic baffle. Lock your own ships turn one, and if needs be, remove a red lock token to detonate a 1 hull Z at range one of an enemy So stupid but will be a laugh 😁
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