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  1. FWIW, I think Prox mines and Bomblet Generator should go down a point each, and Connor Net should drop 3 points as it's a single charge mine. Do you forsee point changes to devices in December?
  2. What if gas clouds were re-ruled to give you a strain and deplete token, but you could still shoot and also take actions, but it represents your ships instruments getting messed up. I also want ion clouds to be added to the game, but not massive clouds otherwise you could easily be stuck for 2+ turns.
  3. I generally prefer lean lists, too many upgrades is a trap. The only "Autoinclude" for me is Crack Shot on most pilots with Talents, unless others make more sense and a few specifics such as Adv. Sens. on Guri and 4-LOM as well as secondary weapons or devices on ships designed for them like Y-wings. Naked ships provide best value Attack dice and Health and thats what will win games imho. I can see that Proton Torpedos on high initive ships are good as well as paired with passive sensors.
  4. Just reading the wookipedia article it talks about nit being able to fit a booster so my idea of boosting Scyks isn't as thematic as I'd first thought. Maybe the best thing, would be a 1-2 point points drop on various Scyks, tbh I have used them partially successfully when I fly Ion/tractor Serrisu / Cartel spacers or Jamming beam sunny bounder.
  5. Fangs don't get a free boost after completing a maneuver, so they would fly differently, and still don't have a linked Barrel roll. Fangs can't boost into a roll either so in some ways/instances this light racing Scyk configuration could be more maneuverable and keeps the ship stress free. LIght Scyks were meant to be Racers, so thematically stripping out your heavy shield generator makes more sense than removing hull plating to me (Also keeps the config cost down to 0) These would make good flanker imho and provide something that isn't an MG Tie, which is a ship that will probably prevent a light Scyk configuration ever being released.
  6. I think removing a shield is more in line with scum faction mentality, then give it the ability to perform a Boost after fully executing a maneuver. The dial doesn't need to be changed, it doesn't need a linked action printed and it's fast, but still different to A wings/Aethersprites/Tie Interceptors due to the order of its moves and weaker health (swapping two shield for a hull makes it a suckered for crits compared to an A wing) and it lacks the good blue manuveurs if an A wing, showing that it can be outflown if forced to turn around. Also I think it should remove the mod and Hardpoint slot
  7. Is it better to drop points, or put up the cost of named/higher initiative pilots. I think there are a few cases where small point drops can work, such as a ship chassis/upgrade that sees no play during a sixth month period, that's a good case for a 1-2 point drop that no one will complain about. But if there are 1 or 2 pilots being used from that chassis that are going up in price, I can see why you wouldn't price down the lower Initiative pilots, as they become comparatively better value than they were anyway. I think if a pilot see no play for 12 months regardless of the usage of any other pilots using the same ship that ship should also drop a point or two. This is a slow and iterative process, but slow progress towards valance and the viability of as many ships, thus as many ship archetypes can only be a good thing.
  8. Ensnare to cost 4 points at I1 and goes up point per initive all the way to 9 points at I6 Gravity Deflection a flat 4 points
  9. It would have to be a good support ship if it's sacrificing 1-3 attacks per round, depending in how you can equip them. But if it was even slightly viable, it would show epic ships can be multi functional
  10. Cloaked C-ROC 🤣 Now that's classic Scum. I'll just do a huge ship barrel roll/boost. I hope this is possible, not sure it's necessarily broken as it can only be done twice at most, to make the Croc a bit more maneuverable.
  11. Tournament support for epic... Fingers crossed
  12. If it's plus Attack die for bullseye what's the cost? I think it might be cannon attacks in front half.... But what's the downside going to be.
  13. I've been having fun using Han with Hotshot copilot to strip tokens, a naked Fenn and Dengar with C.C., P1, and R3 Astromech.
  14. Scum can already meet them on that front, and it will be Hyperspace legal soon. Not that it's tearing up the extended meta.
  15. They could pull scum pilots from their RPG game edge of the empire. A lot if the ships are there too and it's cannon-ish as it's got Disney branding on it. For example... Thweek
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