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  1. Hi Parravon and Emeraldbeacon I agree with you both. I'm quite a novice player so I didn't know about all these other things you mention. But it seems essential that there should be an updated Rules reference guide. I can understand that FFG cant update it every time there is something new. But perhaps a few times a year.
  2. Hi Thanks anyway. But a bit strange I think, considering that there is additional info like the missions which cant be found in the main rule book.
  3. Hi Is it possible to get the rules from expansion ships as PDF? One of the rules (with mission) that I got from a ship expansion seems to be lost. I have seen that I can download the full rules for the core set but I cant find any for the individual ship expansions. Thanks for any help
  4. Hi Gberezowsky! Thanks for the suggestion. That's was a very good idea!
  5. Thanks again for you help. To Amanal: Yes that sounds like a very simple start. To Abyss: My son is 9½, but English is not our native language. He has just begun learning English in school (3rd grade) so unfortunately its quite far from understanding the text on the cards :-). But even so he can learn and remember the effect of certain cards in X-wing by looking at the illustrations on the cards. So I think I could include some additional cards to the characters. Thanks a lot again for all your suggestions.
  6. Hi Thanks for the suggestions. As I will just play with my son in a quite friendly way, elite characters is not that necessary. Even though my son would probably want it when he finds out what it means :-) I mainly need a set up of two decks with easy to understand cards. The 20 card sound like a easy start. Instead of buying the 2 player game it would perhaps be a better idea to buy 2 copies of a 1 player starter deck to get similar cards? Is it possible to play against each other with two "light side" characters? Or is the game build on that one is light and the other dark side?
  7. Thank you all for the suggestions. To MaxPower: If I understand correct you suggest that I need 2 copies of a 2 player game. But why?
  8. Hi I wondering if someone have any suggestions of how to play Star Wars - Destiny with more simplified rules for beginners? I'm considering buying the 2 player set to play with my son. But my son is quite young and when I have watched some introduction videos for the game, the rules seems a bit difficult for him. However when I started to play X-Wing Miniature with my son it was easy to remove a rules like action phase, shooting distance, upgrades, etc to just learn the basic of the game. And today, after several "battles" we are playing with more advanced rules. Is it possible to do something similar with SW - Destiny? Many thanks for any help or suggestions.
  9. Ok, now I think I got everything clear :-) Thanks again! You all have been very helpful. Cheers
  10. Hi Thank you all for you help and clearing this up. If I have understood things correct I can take and use these actions more than once in a full game and can do this in every new game round. But I have a follow up question to this. Doesn't this make everyone taking one action for every ship all the time in every round? For example I would put an Focus or Evade token on my ships in every game round just in case some ship has the ability to shot at me. Thanks again.
  11. Hi I'm a little unsure about how many times you can use the actions focus, evade and target during a whole game. When I read rules and watch guides on the Internet I sometimes get the impression that you can only use one focus, evade or target action during a whole game. Which means you have to save it for a good time. On the other hand this sound little strange (unrealistic) that a pilot can only focus or evade one single time. But I have also read that you can use them multiple times during a game but to me that also sound like you would use them on every round on all the ships you can as they are sort of "unlimited". Thanks a lot in advance for any help clearing this up for me. Cheers
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