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  1. It's possible that the participation prize might be something "usable." I don't think they specified what it was. I can also see the quick-reference stuff coming in handy, if that's your kind of thing.
  2. Yes, there was a mistake, but in their defense it's easy to overlook something small. A lot of times people assume something they say comes across clear when it may not be to others. It happens. It also doesn't help that these are gamers we're talking about- they'll try to come up with weird questions, ignore rules, look for loopholes, etc. (some of which is why we're even having this discussion to begin with) to try and game the system or twist things around to suit themselves. Even if they went full legal-ese on these documents, there might still be something that slipped through- and even if there wasn't it'd make everything longer and more complicated (and probably more expensive as a result).
  3. You thinking I care what you think is just so cute. Seriously, the rules state that the cards take precedent, and both the Rules Reference Guide AND the card can be errata'd. The RRG is going to change over time, especially as they add new things to the game or realize that they forgot something or messed something up. Expect the RRG to change over time and be adjusted as needed. To know what a card does, just look at the card. If there's questions, go to the RRG. Always check the errata to see if either has changed.
  4. Thanks guys, I appreciate that. It's always nice to know I'm not going crazy and imagining things.
  5. I know that feeling lol I probably won't win anything for the painting stuff but I've been watching a lot of videos to find ideas and figure out how to paint my minis. You can learn a lot from the people that do it- I had a DM once that would explain all kinds of stuff about his painting to us (though at the time, I didn't understand most of it because I wasn't into that part of the hobby myself).
  6. I could've sworn I saw in one of their articles alt-art cards with Aurabesh lettering as prizes from... something. I couldn't tell you what. It doesn't sound like it's in the release day stuff though, unless it's the participation prize
  7. Actually I think the fact that it's used implies that the armor keyword would have to be applied afterwards- which only happens if the unit has armor. That said, you can't have it both ways. You've been treating the glossary entry as complete and absolute- if it's in there, it's the rule, and if it's not, it's not. If it's just examples for clearing up questions, as I've suggested before, then it doesn't contradict the card that states you only apply it when attacking a unit with the Armor keyword.
  8. I think the Rally the Troops article ( https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/2/26/swl-rally-the-troops/ )talked a bit about prize support. It was things like certificates and art prints. I'll dig through and get the exact quotes. EDIT: Build & Play: Each participant gets a quick-reference rules sheet. Challenge Duels: Each participant receives a participation prize, and the most successful player will win a commemorative art print. Painting Contest: Multiple winners (best Commander, Corps, Support, and Heavy) will get commemorative certificates.
  9. I feel I should also point out that the RRG specifically states that the reminder text is for how and WHEN to apply a keyword, and that the glossary is for if you still have questions. The glossary is NOT meant to be comprehensive and exhaustive, but to clear up questions and complex rules interactions. Impact X has the bit for how to apply keywords to attack pools as an example. The card itself makes it clear when to use Impact so there's no need for them to expand on it in the RRG.
  10. I'm fairly certain the intent is for Impact to only apply to units with the Armor keyword. The Learn To Play, which is NOT contradicted by the Rules Reference Guide, states that Impact is applied when the opposing unit has Armor. Likewise, the card itself specifies this timing and is not contradicted by the RRG either. Even if it is "Reminder Text" it is not stating a rule that is inconsistent with either documents. Several people have also noted that the keyword (currently) only matters when applied to armor anyway. The "Armor" notation has been consistent on all cards with Impact (that I've seen anyway). Even the RRG makes a note of Listing Impact and Armor together in the glossary. Even if we're assuming that the RRG glossary is the "end all, be all" for the rule, the glossary references applying the armor keyword in conjunction with impact.
  11. I'm curious why "Generic" has to mean "Cheap." A lot of what I'm reading makes it sound like people want generic commanders because some of the major names in some scenarios might not make narrative sense. I don't see why there couldn't be an unnamed commander that costs 100+ points that represented your typical high-ranking Rebel/Imperial. With some of the "generic" commanders like Veers, you could probably just give him a different paintjob and be done with it- he's not as distinctive as Luke, Leia, or Vader.
  12. Assuming no change in the rules, it is dropped. "The tokenw ill remain in base contact with the unit leader as it moves around the battlefield, unless the unit leader becomes panicked or is defeated" ("Objective Tokens, "Rules Reference, page 35). It goes on to outline the process. Before the unit leader is panicked or defeated, the objective token is flipped to the unclaimed side, and then placed back into base contact with the unit leader and remains where it is placed. The unit leader is then removed (defeated) or moves (panicked).
  13. It can be used to "Pull." The card itself does not specify a direction. The target just has to be within Range 1, and you perform a Movement 1 move with it. Think of it as being able to push it from any direction- it is all in the mind, after all.
  14. I'm planning on painting my squads so some will match and some won't (e.g. a few squads with brown/green outfit for Rebels, a few squads that are gray/blue). My plain for identifying which mini goes with which unit is to paint the sides of the base. That way I/my opponent can tell that all the troopers with the same color are part of a unit, in case they get all mashed up in play or something.
  15. I started working on one for each. I'm just picking up a Core Set and one of each expansion this month, and then rounding it out early April, so the list will be subject to change in a few weeks. I'm mostly trying to get in the hang of designing units to do specific things, if that makes sense (e.g. trooper unit for attacking other trooper versus a trooper unit for attacking vehicles), as well as make sure I get a little of everything into the lists to find out what I like and what I don't. Rebels: 797 Luke Skywalker- 160 (180) Force Reflexes- 15 Jedi Mind Trick- 5 Rebel Troopers- 40 (77) MPL-57 Ion Trooper- 32 Impact Grenades- 5 Rebel Troopers- 40 (80) Z-6 Trooper- 22 Rebel Trooper- 10 Grappling Hooks- 3 Concussion Grenades- 5 Rebel Troopers- 40 (80) Z-6 Trooper- 22 Rebel Trooper- 10 Grappling Hooks- 3 Concussion Grenades- 5 AT-RT- 55 (90) AT-RT Laser Cannon- 35 AT-RT- 55 (80) AT-RT Flamethrower T-47 Airspeeder- 175 (210) Wedge Antilles- 5 Ax-108 Ground Buzzer- 20 Long-Range Comlink- 10 Imperial List: 798 Darth Vader- 200 (215) Saber Throw- 10 Force Choke- 5 Stormtroopers- 44 (68) DLT-19 Stormtrooper Stormtroopers- 44 (60) Stormtrooper- 10 Concussion Grenades- 5 Stormtroopers- 44 (60) Stormtrooper- 10 Concussion Grenades- 5 74-Z Speeder Bike- 90 74-7 Speeder Bike- 90 AT-ST- 195 (215) AT-ST Mortar Launcher- 10 Long-Range Comlink- 10
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