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  1. I never noticed that the blister packs have quotes on the back lol. I noticed it when I opened Thrawn, then heard the quote while Rebels was on the background just a few minutes later!
  2. Idea for a hero for some box set. (forgot to indicate that it is a unique figure oof) CC: Blackmail (2 points) Look at your opponents hand. Choose a card from their hand, then choose a hostile figure. Your opponent must discard that card or the chosen figure suffers strain equal to the cost of that card.
  3. If you want to get an expansion, Jabba's Realm is the way to go. Fun story, fun figures, fun cards (The Nemesis deck for the Imperial campaign player is amazing.). If you eventually fall into the wide world of competitive skirmish, that expansion really lets you start kicking some butt. Also, who in the world doesn't want to crush some guys with a Rancor?
  4. Artillery is way too OP. With assault, blast, and the second half of the Artilley ruling, it is wrecking the entire table.
  5. Why does he have a separate figure cost even though he is one figure? Unique figures can't be redeployed from what I remember.
  6. The B1s should have more accuracy. When they are adjacent to another droid, they still are only hitting one space away minimum, and the surges dont help too much. For the elites, they are a bit better because of their green die. Also, when in the round does the Reparation Protocol happen? That has the possibility of keeping an IG alive if you field him. Maybe the B2s should get a small movement point bonus at the start of their activation so they can pull off assault more. Otherwise I feel these are well balanced.
  7. With the creature cards as well as Thrawn's command card, I have a sneaking suspicion that the Blaise list and the Bantha list will be coming back with some new twists. (Thrawn would be able to look at the opponent's command deck with his command card, and Blaise would look at the opponent's hand.) (Bantha is a creature.) Also, with riot troopers already out, and death troopers and zeb along the way, I wonder if there will be more guardian cards at our disposal?
  8. You're right. It doesn't say "equal to number of surge results."
  9. They are probably for making the new side missions fresh with new rewards and story. Anyway, I did the math and if Tress Hacnua in skirmish rolls the most surges she can, uses her command card, uses a surge from focus, a surge from hide, a surge token, blitz, and hera's surge, she can do up to cleave 12. I'm now scared to see her in tournament.
  10. Thrawn's card is rad. I wonder if anyone is going to bring the Blaise list back with a fresh hint of Thrawn.
  11. I'm surprised I am one of the only ones who expected a small box. Looking forward to a Loth-Cat Nexu list lol!
  12. Well thanks to @NagyLaci I now know Imgbb exists, I can now post my cards. https://ibb.co/eDo8wn Well now that I know this works, I'll explain this unit. It is likely rolling 3-4 damage against a standard black or white die. However, with access to Brawler cards, it has the possibility of doing even more damage. I believe it to be a bit underpowered for 7 points, though. I also should have added cleave in there too somewhere.
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