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  1. In the career section I talk about how you can edit the existing careers to emulate specific types of people you find on Azeroth. A Deathknight is basically a Warrior, but you trade out Leadership and Brawl for Arcane & Knowledge (Forbidden). You would also need the Dark Insight talent to turn that Arcane into necromancy, and if you really wanted, you could talk with your GM about having an edited variant of the Cursed Runeblade (pg 68), since those are the iconic weapons of a Deathknight (or just a sword with Orb of Frost, Orb of Shadow, or Orb of Venom). A Demon Hunter would be similar to Rogue, but you would switch out the Charm, Cool, Streetwise, and Skulduggery with Fel, Knowledge (Forbidden), Perception, and Vigilance, and of course you would be wielding two warglaives.
  2. I just posted a massively updated version of my Unseen World setting:
  3. Hello again everyone! It's been a while since I've been active on here, so some of you might not know me, but I created the Adventures in Azeroth (Warcraft) and Adventures in Middle-Earth (Lord of the Rings) settings for Genesys, and way back when Genesys was brand spanking new I made a little series of settings under the title of "The OmniSphere." One of those worlds was the Unseen World, an urban fantasy setting. Well, after a long absence, I'm back with The Unseen World 2.0, a revamped urban fantasy sourcebook set in a fully realized urban fantasy world, complete with unique supernatural factions (utilizing the Favor system from Shadow of the Beanstalk), a new Wealth optional rule, an Agency system, and an in-depth look at Las Vegas, the City of Sin, and the various supernatural factions, threats, and individuals that can be found within the city. This book has everything you could want for playing an urban fantasy Genesys campaign, complete with a ready to go city to fight and/or be monsters in. https://drive.google.com/file/d/18XtQhCQ633oU6s-SLmxKTsKksPzPmpzq/view?usp=sharing I'd welcome any feedback you have for the pdf, and I hope some of you enjoy running your own campaigns in the setting! The Unseen World is also the setting of the first season of an upcoming podcast, The Genesys Archives, coming in August/September 2020.
  4. I've thought about it, but Thorium and Elementium and Mithril and a bunch of other metals are basically the same from a mechanical standpoint. Not much I could do to differentiate them. They are all just nigh-indestructible.
  5. Shadow Hunters and Witch Doctors are in an interesting position. You could play them like a shadow priest, which would be the Light skill and the Dark Insight talent, or you could play them as a shaman (which, since you mention lightning bolts, seems like the route you are leaning towards). In the shaman case, you can just choose the Elemental skill, which is already Cunning-based.
  6. I might be expanding materials and craftsmanship lists if Shadowlands and other future expansions introduce interesting or unique materials for making weapons.
  7. Has anyone tried to figure out what the interior layout of the Crucible is (the Jedi training ship from Clone Wars)? I've recently started a new campaign and I plan on the PCs to get the Crucible as their ship later on, but I'm having a bit of difficulty with the interior layout. Best I can figure, there are at least two levels: The main level where the docking hatches and escape pods are, and the narrow, upper level where the cockpit is. But is there a third, lower level where the cargo hold is, or is the cargo hold on the main level? Does that entry ramp go into the cargo hold, or into the hallways? The episode of Clone Wars where they wander around the ship hasn't been super helpful because it mostly just shows a lot of running around hallways, without much frame of reference.
  8. I’ve recently been working on updating and revamping my old OmniSphere settings, and I was just finishing up with the urban fantasy one when I found out about the Genesys Foundry. I’ve looked at the Foundry site, but it doesn’t seem to say much about what stuff is allowed. Can I put something I’ve made on GM Binder into the Foundry, or does it need to be some other type of document? How exactly does this work?
  9. Version 1.4 is now up and the appendix is finished. This should be it for this pdf, at least until WoW releases another expansion.
  10. Is this going to be updated with the new talents from Shadows of the Beanstalk?
  11. I am well aware of how Genesys works. I’ve made more setting books for Genesys by this point than FFG have, and I’ve been running campaigns in those settings since Genesys first came out. However, keeping track of your metal reserves IS an important part of the Mistborn universe. I’m also well aware of how long combat encounters typically take, and if you pay attention to the charges, the only metals that have 1 vial lasting longer than that are non-combat oriented metals like Copper. This is by no means the final product, as I am still working out exactly how to make Allomancy and Feruchemy work, but this is the best answer I have right now. In this case, the amount of detail the author put into the magic system makes it harder to convert into Genesys.
  12. Version 1.3 is now up, and it includes an appendix, adding a ton of additional races, as well as rules for Azerite.
  13. I’m currently working on an Appendix, which will add new races & rules specific to things introduced to the lore during the course of World of Warcraft and its various expansions.
  14. One slight critique I have is that Tracer’s Blink seems like it should allow her a third Move maneuver. After all, she can blink 3 times in a row. In both lore and gameplay she is typically supposed to be incredibly mobile, moreso than usually possible.
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