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  1. Soontir Fel - Stealth Device, Push the Limit, Auto Thrusters, Red Guard Tie Carnor Jax Kir Kanos I <3 my Interceptors very much lol
  2. Heya Guys and Gals, Per the FAQs, models that came in alternate colors like Carnor Jax, Kir Kanos, Countess Ryad etc. Will not be re-released. Alt Painted Minis bad? The FAQs also said that 3 Interceptors will be in the conversion kit. Does this mean that the above pilots did not survive the conversion? No Imperial Guard interceptors? Because we can assume Soontir Fel will be one of the conversions...leaving 2 others only... Unless of course the future interceptor re-release has a few pilots.
  3. Bayushi Kachiko convinced the Emperor to post pone the release date....for the GOOD of the Empire
  4. When you're a Scorpion...all your tokens PINCH
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