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  1. I guess coming from D&D 5e, where you only have to make a couple simple unrelated choices, there is plenty more here to choose from that also depends on your previous choices, like the cost of experience you spend being related to the altitudes you got and talents having different types of prerequisites. I think it would be simpler for newer players to have a singular step by step system that doesn't really require you to backtrack.
  2. Hey everyone, I'm not too good at intros and new to this forum so I'll get straight to the point. Long story short my friend was starting a Dark Heresy Campaign, so after quickly looking at the rule book I realized the character creation process is quite lengthy and fairly complicated. That's why I went looking for a character generator, but it seems like the only one I managed to find for 2E was unfinished and apparently hasn't been touched in a while. So I decided to write my own character generator, so that the new players in my friend's campaign could have something easy to use. But then other stuff happened and I stopped any progress for about two months so they already made all their characters. Luckily though I now have free time again so I am planning to continue creating the app, but I'm also not sure how much use it would get and as a result how much polish I should put into it. That's why I've found the first forum I came across to ask the opinion of the people on whether or not anybody actually wants this app to exist. I have most of the functionalities working-ish, but only just enough data copied from the rule book to test things. I could also do a short video to showcase how it works, cause I haven't deployed it anywhere yet. I would be glad to hear any and all opinions.
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