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  1. So make 2.0 1.0 again because flying ships that have to work to turn around and can't token stack at the same time is hard? Hmmmmm Nooooooooooope
  2. Thoughts? I love them and I wish they were better. Played them at the end of 1.0 with some success (regional top 8 ) and I would love to see them get a points adjustment boost or an I5 pilot in the upcoming card packs. What I really want is Torani to be an I5.
  3. So there IS a reason I keep reading this thread.
  4. Dr Moneypants


    My friends have just been calling them Bulbasaurs
  5. Between waves 8 and 9. Late 2016.
  6. Correction. THIS is why people hate moral philosophers.
  7. This is why people hate moral philosophers
  8. Ruthless being free isn't the worst idea, as the price is paid by your other ships. As for selfless costing only one, I realize that is is your opinion and opinions are entirely subjective. That said, you are objectively wrong. 😉
  9. Just more proof as to why what the Scum faction really needs are better illicits. You know, the defining element of the faction.
  10. I know you're wedded to the concept that 'these are too good, plz nerf', but I'm telling you they're not. They're strong, but require thinking and skill to fly and if your list is having trouble with them, try another list, it may just be that 5A is a weak point for the list you're flying, but I'm telling you there are things that can put a hurting on them (Lando Falcons, rebel Alpha, Reapers with Phasma).
  11. Good, because those A-Wings make my scum lists viable and competitive again. A-Wings are not all powerful, they just need to be adapted to. #notskeered
  12. @Koing907 You don't have to agree with it. That's why it's an unpopular opinion. What I will say is that figuring out those puzzles are one of my favorite parts of X-Wing and why I don't listen to a lot of podcasts. I'm not saying you shouldn't. I just think we'd see a lot more fun if perhaps 'less optimal' lists if people treated podcaster wisdom a little less dogmatically. All that said, I like that my unpopular opinion inspired such an interesting discussion and I don't think either you or @Darth Meanie are wrong. I think you're just representing different opinions in a debate where there may not be a right or wrong side.
  13. So I've been playing a lot of Han/Fenn/Old T both before and after the points game. I've tweaked it in casual, league, and tournament play and I have a few tips (cause I want to see more scum in play). First off, my variant: GT Hyperspace (54) Han Solo [Customized YT-1300 Light Freighter] (6) Lando's Millennium Falcon (2) Trick Shot (2) Qi'ra (4) L3-37 Points: 68 (68) Fenn Rau [Fang Fighter] (2) Predator Points: 70 (56) Old Teroch [Fang Fighter] Points: 56 Total points: 194 My suggestions: Fenn prefers predator to fearless. As an I6, he as the ability to make it happen more often than not and the fact that it's useful at range 2&3 as well as range one makes if useful a lot of the time. I like Han with the trick shot and the title, because it gives you multiple ways to get more than a 2 die shot, and it also makes your opponent have to think more if they want to use those stressful linked actions around you. Qi'ra has a perfect synergy with Han as you get all of your bonuses with no drawbacks of obstacles. It also let's you lock a large obstace in the center, and orbit it, or fly right through it, or park on it with no consequences. As for L3, I tried a lot of cards and her one re-roll can be huge and her flip side really helps Han get out of trouble. Now this is my version and is tailored to my playstyle. By all means tweak it to your style of play, and have fun with it.
  14. While I think they mean well, the podcasts and prevailing Meta wisdom supresses creativity in list building and the overall game scene.
  15. Simple answer. No. It is illegal to use 1.0 stuff in a tournament. The rest of this is irrelevant.
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