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  1. It takes some skill, but you move first, so fan your arcs out wide, make sure you get focuses for attack and defense, and if you can predict where one is going and block it so it has no mods and you can focus your fire, that's your best bet.
  2. I will make this thread about ethics!!!!!!!!!
  3. They are definitely not clones. Now is is more ethical to kill a group of indoctrinated individuals working to further a structurally evil government than kill a single person working for a so called 'good' cause?
  4. Ahhh a moral relativist. I like it. What else have y'all got?
  5. Now to further muddy the ethical waters, is it more or less ethical for me to kill one X-Wing pilot (who's supposedly 'good') than an entire swarm of TIE Academy pilots (who are 'evil'). Are these young pilots truly evil simply because of the cause they are supporting which they may or may not even understand. And even if they are does it make it more ethical to kill more of them than killing one supposedly 'good' rebel? Let's do some real hypothetical moral jousting.
  6. Yeah, sorry. No sympathy here for players who have no need for their prizes selling them to pay for more trips to get more prizes.
  7. Not true. If he just plays his game it in no way artificially changes the results of the tournament as a whole.
  8. Ethically the original quandary is wrong, because as someone earlier stated, not only is your decision to drop based on the fact that you have already made the cut (which benefits you either in that you get a rest before the cut OR you're stacking the cut in your favor) but it artificially inflates a player's record who would have lost. This not only effects players making it into the top cut, but think of the knock on effects down the line. Imagine a newer player who just wanted dice who was on the 16/17 line being knocked out by you artificially and unilaterally changing the ladder by conceding. Arguably you are ruining the integrity of the entire tournament for no reason than your (albit hypothetical) gain. This isn't a personal attack, I'm just breaking down the ethical arguments. Ethically this is wrong.
  9. I live in the south. I have plenty of experience with guns. I just think it's silly when people think it's Tombstone. Get off your high horse.
  10. I swore that I wasn't going to get involved in this but... Is a 'paranoia' the collective noun for a group of conceal/carry holders? Like a pod of whales or a parliament of rooks? If it isn't can we make it one?
  11. Wow. I thought that the rules were pretty sane and practical but now I realize that everything is on fire, everything is bad, and that thing that seemingly everyone has been asking for is the end of the world. Thank you, internet.
  12. He's half right....
  13. Quick question: how are there two target locks in place? The X-Wing can only hold one at a time (without an R-3 Droid) and TIE fighters can't take locks. Also is the X-Wing not spending locks for Re-rolls? If you are doing all of this correctly then carry on, and for a fuller experience you might want to invest in a 2nd X-Wing and a TIE Advanced for a more full game.
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