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  1. He's right, you know.
  2. Just wait until the first round of store champs have passed and one of two things will happen: 1) with people preparing for a mix of SOS and Prime Champs you end up with a better mix of people playing either hyperspace or extended Or 2) everyone starts playing extended to prepare for all the big local tournaments and we all start screaming about the failed experiment that was a curated hyperspace format. (Let's be real, it's totally going to be this one)
  3. Of course you can! But we're probably not the team to live vicariously through...
  4. Are you actually coming down for Krayt or just trying to live vicariously through us?
  5. Ohhhh you're that guy! The one that was trying to tell people that 40k was cheaper than converting without being upfront about the costs of paint or time investments in building and painting! Or really anything else! Why are we arguing with this person again?
  6. My favorite aces high so far has been 50pts, no force users, and if you can get 5+ players on the mat at once it's even better.
  7. I legitimately have no idea what you're saying here? I can't even parse your sentences here. Are you complaining there are bad pilots? There have always been bad pilots. I'm sorry if they're your favorites this time. If I'm reading this right (and as I try to read this I feel like I might be having a stroke so I'm not sure) you don't care about healthy formats or meta diversity, which are both in great shape, by the way. So what exactly is is behind your proclamation that everything is trash and X-Wing is the worst ever now?
  8. How about the fact, that for the first time in history as far as I know there is a legally recognized format where Imperials are not the dominant faction or even in the top 3! I love Imperials and with all due respect to imperial players, your faction has been on or near the top since day 1, and they get to let the other factions have their day in the sun. (And yes, Scum, I know, but that's a different discussion entirely)
  9. Krayt Cup is getting its own X-Wing forum thread!?!?!?!
  10. I would suggest picking up a TIE interceptor, a Phantom, maybe a TIE striker or two and a reaper or Lambda shuttle
  11. Welcome back, and may the force be with you!
  12. If the designers are listening THIS^^^ is the way
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