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  1. Thanks! I think you missed the bit where I said this was a question aimed at RitR builds with only one upgrade to start.
  2. The magic of probability is beyond me but I'm sure this is a very easy question for someone else. Assume an attack from a single arc with only black dice in range. At what number of black dice does it become more effective to have Ordnance Experts to re-roll misses than to add more black dice with External Racks. This is a question aimed at RitR ships with only one upgrade to start. I realise that OE has other benefits like it can be used on both attacks and over repeated turns and so on. But what if you were only expecting to get one attack?
  3. I don’t recognise this upgrade symbol under the weapon team icon. What is it please?
  4. OP here. We played our first game and I agree with the sentiments above. There was an ISD which risked hitting a lot of obstacles and charging off the board. I definitely agree about the lack of unique cards being a good thing. Everyone enjoyed the format and the challenges of list building at this size Unrelated thought. I wonder if on the 3x3 table it could be the B-Wing’s time to shine?
  5. Thanks for the suggestions everyone. I was actually considering going squadless in round 1 with as many hulls as possible and then add some generic squads through the campaign.
  6. About to start a campaign, quite a casual player. Wondering what peoples experience has been so far? It might be my lack of imagination but I’m struggling to see how an ISD supported by a flotilla and a couple of good aces is not going to dominate. Especially if the commander has the navigate skill for the extra click. Presumably there’s more to it than that so I’d be interested to hear ideas or experiences on what I’ve missed...
  7. It sure is hard to fit in a good squad group in the 200pt starting fleet size for RtR while also respecting the “max 2 uniques” rule. Obviously there’s Tycho+Shara. Whatever it is probably needs to be able to beat Marek+Jendon or Cienna+Valen preferably without costing a lot more than them! I’d been thinking Rogue, YT2400, X-wing, Gold Squadron as a good cheap all rounder that doesn’t need a lot of commands. Though I don’t know how well it does vs the above criteria.
  8. Apologies if this has already been asked. When you build your fleet you choose your three fleet objectives like normal. Between games is there any way to change these? Say you want to try some of the new RtR ones but discover they don't suit your fleet? Are you locked into those objectives unless you retire your fleet and start over?
  9. So can Bosskk! Lando does look good but I don’t see how he particularly aligns with the stated objective of boosting medium squads.
  10. Hmm. I think one thing almost universally agreed upon is that the squadron game has become slow, complicated, and over reliant on aces. So in the campaign one of the main things we get is even more unique squadrons.
  11. I barely post here but read a lot. While yes, this is better than nothing it is a far cry from “brighter than ever”. After such a long delay the next expansion being cardboard only is disappointing to say the least. I suspect that this will be the last release for Armada until the SSD. Then the next releases will be a clone wars reboot - something I am personally not interested in but realise others are keen for.
  12. 10 points to House Nostromoid! I hope you’re enjoying the well deserved satisfaction of being thoroughly correct.
  13. I wonder what tactical choices the SSD player will get to make during a game besides trundle forwards and shoot? I can see an interesting game for the opposition player trying to arc-dodge and chip away at it. Less sure where the fun is for the controlling player (apart from getting to flop their huge dreadnaught out of course).
  14. I really hope its not Clone Wars because I'd rather have more stuff for the game I already play than have to buy a new fleet or two for what iseffectively a new game. Also I didn't enjoy the prequels that much and never watched the Clone Wars series so I really have very little interest in that era of Star Wars. So probably a pass from me. I would rather see an Armada 2 or an Executor.
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