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  1. I have been tinkering with putting Maul on a Ghost as well. This is the build I have come up with. "Chopper" "Ghost" Accuracy Corrector Auto blaster turret Anti Pursuit Lasers OR Ion Projectors Maul Inspiring Recruit Ezra Bridger R3-A2 Gunner Pulsed Ray Shield Adaptability (down) Zeb "Phantom" Targeting Computer Rey Auto blaster turret 98 points The idea is to get chopper in close with the opponents fleet and either bump them or stick them with auto damage and a 5 die attack. Ezra is being annoying with stress and regen, and chopper is hopefully helping with the stress as well. Maul is their for offensive adaptability over a target lock, and If chopper is shooting he should hit with his native 4 attack dice and clear the maul stress or stresses with inspiring recruit. The Accuracy Corrector + Autoblaster turret should also help clear the maul stress. Zeb is loaded out as an end game ship, with Autoblaster Turret to clinch the damage and Rey for use in extended disengagements. Also, Should I take Ion Projectors or Anti Pursuit Lasers on Chopper, and/or take Ezra crew over inspiring recruit? (Edit) Never mind I can't take Ezra Crew without losing Ezra pilot. So, Alternative question, should I take Ezra Crew and trade out Ezra Pilot for a different Phantom II pilot, or different ship entirely?
  2. Most bombing ships melt under focus fire. They win in normal X-Wing by flying around the battle and picking off health a turret shot at a time while leaving bombs in the way. Even Miranda melts if she isn’t getting a chance to regen or if she isn’t flying away (removing her from the objective space) It might be situationally good for one or two objectives, but you can’t even guarantee that objective comes up without a full 6 rounds of play. I agree about expensive point-fortress bombers like Miranda and Nym, I am more worried about something like a resistance bomber or bombing Y-Wing because of their lower cost and durability. I could imagine a build with 1-2 TLT or Autoblaster Y-wings with control bombs flown next to a cheap crew carrier for Sabine and other jousters to taste. It would be a different breed of bombers, one that could survive a joust and still have your turret for consistent damage and bombs for area denial and the occasional damage + control.
  3. It depends on what you're facing, I'd imagine... There's still points to be gained by wrecking your ships. I just don't want to fly against bombs in this format, as the format is encouraging you to swarm your ships into a predictable, clustered, area. Also, turrets will have a strong advantage as they can fly close to the objective and still have consistent shots, something that a regular ship will struggle with. Anything with multiple turrets and bombs will likely be a strong choice for most of the objectives.
  4. At first glance it seems that area denial effects (Bombs, Snapshot, Tractor Beam, Ion, Auto-blaster) are going to be very strong. Am I missing something?
  5. Thanks for the clarification, I just barely got Snap Shot yesterday and haven't used it yet.
  6. Double Edge (19) Light Weight Frame (2) Unguided Rockets (2) Synced Turret (4) Snap Shot (2) Lieutenant Kestal (22) Light Weight Frame (2) Unguided Rockets (2) Synced Turret (4) VI (1) Major Stridan (32) Fire Control System (2) Operation Specialist (3) Targeting Synchronizer (3) Total 100 This list is an attempt to help the aggressor do other things than carry a TLT. I think the Snapshot plus Double Edge interaction is pretty amazing, and along with op spec feeding them tokens after Double edge misses might make up for the lack of Action economy that the basic aggressor lacks. What do you guys think?
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