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  1. I would also say forsaken lore first because of replayability, strange remnants is also interesting, check out one of the big box expansions if you like the theme .
  2. Yes, we use 3 investigators because usually we are 3 players. Although i have given some thought that at next game I will use 2 investigators or all of us use 3 investigators (which is then 6). We are randomizing the pool yes from all of the investigators (core+every expansion is a hefty stack) we usually select 10 investigators from that everyone can chose. Regarding rules we don't usually make mistakes downside of it the game takes a bit longer . But we often forget or are unable to take care of gates and that is a killer.
  3. Thank you guys , Next time we will try a setup so that we have a specific fighter , closer, mythos solver. Until now everyone was doing everything and hopefully the rolls will be also better A few more questions :D: How do you prepare the mythos decks. Do you use preludes? What preludes do you guys enjoy the most I just shuffle them and take either the top x cards or from top middle bottom. Do you preselect mythos cards: Snowflakes or tentacles
  4. You are right there is no rule , we started this so that nobody uses the same investigator every time.
  5. Hello Guys, Either are we doing something wrong or we are missing something because we literally are at 0% win rating 0 out of 10 Games. Although some were very close. I own every expansion up to Dreamlands (cities in process) We play with 3 investigators or 2 investigators. Every expansion is added in and we randomize investigators pick 10 out and from that the players can chose. When someone dies he chooses a new investigator from the previously selected ones. Mythos cards are also randomized with all expansions. Ancient ones : Azathot (7 games) Ithaqua(1 game) Rise of the elder things (1 Game) Shub niggurath (1 game) Can someone help us what are we doing wrong? Or some helpful tips Thank you in advance Zeno
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