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  1. hmmm... So you guys want gritty Star Wars? Check this out:
  2. You can equip Daredevil for the Firespray. This is small ship only if I recall correct. Big thank to you for all your work!
  3. As a casual only (!!!) player I'm actually proxying lots of stuff, and now with 2e theres a lot of work to do. Damage deck: Print out and sleeve Dials: Print out, cover with transparent tape and put them on your old dials. Works really well and when your printer is decent. Templates and Base cards: white fineliner (you dont need all the center lines, only in the short 1 and on the tips of the hard turns for Tallon rolls) Pilotcards and upgrades: Print out or use squad builder Medium Base: tricky, but possible. Length and width are known, so are the angles of the lines. You need something like Polystyrol board or PETg or any kind of plastic board, a saw and a file. ... I then go on and making a silicon mould an do some casts with PU but this part isnt for starters. or you just buy a 2e core set, but wheres the fun?
  4. Hey Folks! It seems that we are close to our goal to deliver a working, balanced and fun to play Mod. Here is the actual version 0.7 for you to discuss and enjoy. (LINK 25mb) (LINK 7mb) The main changes to the older versions are: - new optional ordnance ruling, on which we are eager to hear your opinions. - Lightweight frame and unguided rockets are back - porkins got his old ability - the Bounty Hunters addon 0.4 is included - some minor things like cost adjustments and reworked layout issues The squadbuilder is on the go but not yet ready to deliver (this is way more work to be done than I expected :-/). so check it out, give it a try, enjoy and send us your thoughts. cheers shane
  5. Hey. Happy you like our attempt, we soon will release the latest Version of the ruleset along with the squadbuilder. surely some new shenanigans will come up due to the changes we made. Autothrusters had become quite obsolete, but with the altered wording it works as intended. The only card which became useless is r2-d6 because his effect was implemented directly to all ships that could benefit from him. As i am writing this i realize that tarn Mison can still use r2-d6. so no, i dont think that there will be any really useless cards, at least not more than there are in the unmodified Game. In fact we tried to change some of the currently useless cards to bring them back into play. so stay tuned for the next release and the squadbuilder. cheers shane
  6. Hey there. The announced Bounty Hunters AddOn is available now. LINK(1,2mb). LINK(20mb). With this small AddOn we want to bring the the 6 Bounty Hunters from the Executors Brigde into the small frame of this OT-only system. Flying a top craft with a top dial while having a top ability and a top pilot skill, Degar hat to suffer the biggest drawback to make him fit into the system. He is now PS 7, can only use his ability when reducing his agi by 1 and lost the ability to shoot out his starboard side. But we gave him back the Astromech (unique only). (see title) IG88 B also needed to be cut a little to fit in. He may now reroll 1 die when using a cannon or reroll 2 dice and get 1 stress using a cannon. The K-4 droid was nerfed to work only if the ship completes its green maneuver. (not touching other ships or asteroids) have fun cheers Shane
  7. Have you looked at the age of icons mod? It’s pretty close to your ideas. Might be worth checking out.
  8. So here comes the detail... Combat phase: We thought about putting in an alterating system für equal pilot skills, but decided against because it would make the planing really hard regarding who bumps who questions. Rookie Pilot: Reduced to 20 to squeeze in five naked X-Wings if wanted. Flying two by two surely has way more style. Porkins: We always thought of Porkings abilitiy beiing really bad, but as get comments about it I think he had more fans than I assumed. Im tempted to give him back his old ability but with al little buff. Not sure how it should look like...what do you think? Luke Skywalker: His old ability was too weak IMO. The new one works quite well with the RougeSqd Title and with Garven Drais. Another possibility would be him turning all eyes into evades. Ten Numb and Autoblasters: We tried to get rid of all auto-damaging mechanics. R5-K6: I like the idea of making him a torpedo bosster! I will implement this one right away! Kath Scarlet: Indeed it needs a rewording, thanks for the heads up. Expert Handling: I thought about making it 1 point cost... not sure about it. Satuartion Salvo: This card is not broken but utterly stupid and we didnt want to have it in the game for that reason. Thats the only honest answer I have. Unguided Rockets: While playtesting it turns out that they are quite strong and are more cannon than missile, so they just did not fit in comfy. But we are thinking of making them range 1-2 and 3 points cost instead of banning them. Lightweight frame: The only ship in this system able to equip this card is the Tie Bomber and we dont think that all Ties and especially the Bomber need to have 3 green. Its a BOMBER! Its slow and fat (for a Tie)! BMST: As they are a seroius death sentece to Soontir we thought them to be too powerful the way they were, but we tested them only twice yet so perhaps they turn out to be restored. Autothruster: will check this out... TLT: I didnt like this card since its release and the boys had a hard time talking me in to not delete it. Its intended to be a tokenstripper and does well as such. Perhaps 5 point cost would be more apropriate. Rogue Sqd: It was at 0 points in version 0.1 - Now it is at 2 points cost. I think i forgot to redo the picture. Rebel Ace Pilot: will check this also. So again thank you for your thoughts on the project and i hope to have given some satisfying answers. Eager to get more of your Ideas! cheers shane
  9. To keep the system as simple as possible was one of the main goals we tried to achieve. Happy you approve. looking forward to your feedback.
  10. Hey there. Thanks for all your input, critics an ideas! For the last weeks we've been through a lot of testing, discussed much and altered some deals. So here we go with the new version (Beta 0.4). LINK (5mb). LINK (20mb). The promised squad builder has also advanced (so far the database and the base riggings are done) and we hope to have a running system in January. On top we like to announce the upcoming Bounty-Hunter addon to Age Of Icons which will be released as open beta in a couple of days. give it a try, enjoy and let us know shane
  11. The card is not really worth it, so how could it be improved?
  12. No we are not. Just a missunderstanding. That would be so awfully wrong!!!! It stays unique for sure.
  13. and While I dont regard the scum faction as mother of evil, I do share your opinion that many of their highly overpowered ships and upgrades have done no good to the game. I've had a similar idea about integrating some scum elements while preventing them to become an stand alone faction. To be honest, I am working on it right now, so this far from being ready. I call it the Bounty Hunter Add-On. As we try to stay close to the movie content, I intend to grant the imperial side to "hire" one (and only one) of the 6 original bounty hunters along with their matching ships. They can either be regular part of the imperial squadron, using alle the imperial only upgrades, or (and i'd prefer this one) they are regarded as irregulars and may not use imp-only but scum-only content. Therefore they would not be regarded als friendly ships for all game mechanics except Lone Wolf. I haven't found any overpowered shenanigans within theses crossovers right now, but perhaps you do...let me know. There will be serious downgrading to dengar and IG-88 (not quite sure what to do with this one) to make them fit in. What do you think about it?
  14. @stonestokes : thank you for your thougts. our fault....we forgot about hobbie. Tarn: we decided PS4 to be the lowest skill level to gain an EPT. Porkins: I think he was not played BECAUSE of his ability, you are the first who tells me different... we'll see how it works out. Ten Numb: the wording seems to need correction. Our aim was to get rid of any kind of unavoidable damage, therefore the changes. Same with autoblasters. VI and adaptability: is still in discussion, the aim is to keep the pilots closer to their original skills. We also thought of limiting PS to a max of 9 or 10. BMST: it is a byebye Soontir nobrainer card and therefore it needed nerfing Engine Overcharge: It is not perfect yet, but it is heaps of fun playing it... X-wings feel fast and agile and just more RIGHT with it... give it a try. The X can still go slow and focus, but it gets more unpredictable with it an offers more possibilities. And you can also add VT if you like. Initiative: alternating is also an possible solution, or perhaps both of it to be chosen in the beginning of the game. so long for now shane
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