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  1. I think that would be amazing if you had the time, but I only speak for me. lol Thanks a million though! Save me a lot of time and effort. 😅
  2. My Friend is getting ready to GM to run a game and has requested some clone trooper (preferable phase 1) and droid tokens of some sort. Does anyone have some they could share that I could print or something?
  3. There's also a savage worlds and dnd setting/rules available. If you want, I can send you some links. They were both on KS earlier this year.
  4. Honestly, I haven't used it too much, but I know the hyperlinks don't work. All the info is there though 😁
  5. Ok, so I think I managed to figure it out. I had a custom class that I made while I was waiting on C&M. I'm guessing to avoid over-writing it, it didn't edit the file that I would've previously edited to associated my custom class with the Spy career. I went in and manually associated the specializations to the Spy career and it's working fine now. 🙂
  6. Neither do I, but I have a free copy on my phone (missing some of the features).
  7. Idk if this is a me problem or a 2.3.3 problem, but I don't see the additional specializations for spies the chargen. I can see it in the data editor though.
  8. Super minor, but the talent from Special Modifications "Overcharge (Supreme)" is listed as "Supreme Overcharge." (2.3.3)
  9. If you were questioning someone, wouldn't perception be the check to determine if they're hiding something or lying? EotE CRB pg 113 says Discipline is opposing skill to Deception, and in some cases I guess this is accurate. Personally I would argue for Perception though. Realistically, it's up to the GM though.
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