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  1. I would sooo love to see the end result of this!
  2. If we weren't all going out of town, I would've, but the above link worked out great! 🙂
  3. So my friend and 1 introduced a couple new people to the game today via a one-shot. They loved it! They want to join our campaign, but we're going out of town this week (to volunteer at different youth camps). I would have much time to help them create characters before next week. Here's my question: Is there a career guide available that I can send as a link to let him go through on his own some where? Maybe a brief description of all the specializations or something.
  4. https://www.dropbox.com/s/1hbyb99fi6doqmx/CharGen Clone stuff.zip?dl=0 @OggDude Here is the Clone career, the 6 specializations (with corresponding new talents), and species. (it has more than half of the descriptions for talents already entered because I don't know how to create a data set properly...) @everyone else, Let me know if there is any issues. I'm not sure if I did the talents correctly or not. Feedback is appreciated.
  5. @OggDude @Daeglan I'm working on putting in some of the Clone stuff from CotR and RotS. What is needed to send that stuff to Oggdude? I would love to share.
  6. I'm curious what you have up your sleeves for the Mandalorians and Chiss Ascendancy. You could always add an "Inquisition" to the Separatists that included Dathmirians and Morgukai as an anti-Jedi/Sith pact! Ps. I might steal this someday! 😉
  7. I second this! @OggDude Let us know what info you need and I will work on getting a portion of it together.
  8. Thanks! Ps. For anyone else looking to do the same, you also have to put "Weapon, Armor, or Gear" in front of the ItemId.
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