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    aumickmanuela reacted to xuzuthor in 2017 Tickets   
    Yep, it's on their facebook too:
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    aumickmanuela reacted to WaitingForRedPlanet in 2017 Tickets   
    They announced it on Twitter and have yet to put the announcement on their website, so I thought I'd share the link here. 
    I look forward to saving the world with you all. 
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    aumickmanuela reacted to Lord Dingus in I am your Father - rule   
    This card allow you to resolve an opponent's character die as if it were your own. If I wanted to resolve my opponent's Hondo special, is the die linked to only that Hondo card or can I resolve it as a special on one of my cards (not Hondo)?  My guess is that it can only be resolved on a Honda card (mine or my opponent's). 
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    aumickmanuela reacted to Maim Voorhees in Running interference action question   
    Ok, last one for quite a while lol.  On the card provided, there are six “actions”, one being “play a card from your hand”, when using RI combined with Sabine can you use RI and an ambiguous action block like “Can’t play a card”?  Or do you have to chose an action off of the list of six?  Reason I ask, Sabine gets to play a weapon from the discard pile, and if I use RI and say you cannot play a card, that prevents the opponent from playing one from their hand and discard pile. Is that legal, or can I only prevent the playing of a card from their hand?  Thanks!
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    aumickmanuela reacted to Mep in Running interference action question   
    Yeah, those play a card abilities are a bit odd. The actual action is activate a character from the list. She doesn't produce an extra action "play a card" but a play a card happens, which allow things like ambush to trigger.
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    aumickmanuela reacted to Vineheart01 in Running interference action question   
    Same goes for Fast Hands
    The action was activate the character. There was no action to resolve a die.
    On a similar token, RI only stops the actual action so if you have a different action that tells you to do it anyway (such as Hit and Run, the action was to play a card despite the card telling you to activate a character). The look on my friends face when i did that on my Aayla/2Clone deck was comical.
    The only way you could have RI block multiple actions is if you yourself had multiple actions, not 1 action that does multiple things. I.e. if you activated Sabine and played an Ambush weapon on her, you could RI activating a character then RI whatever your ambush action was (resolve a die, play a card, use an ability on a character/upgrade/support in play, discard a card, or claim the battlefield...though that last one is redundant)
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    aumickmanuela reacted to kingbobb in Running interference action question   
    This is one of the top two things that confuse Destiny players:  mistaking an effect that allows you to do something that is also a basic action.  
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