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  1. "I'm not a slave trader, I'm a talent scout!" "Why don't you have a picture of the emperor in this room?" "I guess, I just stay on the ship and watch Holo-TV." "Did you ever hear the tragedy of Darth Talon the Twi'lek Sith? I thought not. It's not a Story the humans would tell you. It's a Twi'lek legend. She had lekku so firm and so thicc, when she entered a ship, it became an Interdictor Cruiser... Her lekku were so luxurious, that they grew to be her own gravity well projectors. She became so powerful... the only thing she was afraid of was losing her power, which eventually, of course, she did. Unfortunately, she taught her apprentice everything she knew, then her apprentice kicked her out of the airlock, while in hyperspace. It's ironic... she could pull starship out of hyperspace, but not herself."
  2. Sounds great. And "Edgelord" gets a new meaning here.
  3. Yeah, me too. I even work in that field. I don't want to expand this any futher, but I just want to say, that your statements "hunted down to extinction" and "ALL refused to surrender and all were eventually systematically slaughtered by US Troops" are simply not true on many levels, as you will know, when having studied the subject. Concerning the actual topic, I maybe will leave a few notes how this all turned out. Thanks for your comments. Peace and may the Force be with you!
  4. Well, maybe I should have been more specific. It's not a few days after rotj, it's after the empire was defeated (new canon). Coruscant capitulated. To 3): Maybe one or more of the characters will become some kind of "wolverine". Perfectly possible. But... Not true. Some fled, many could live their lives untroubled in the new federal republic, even being active in political parties or become high rank government officials. Not true at all. Good idea. I think the sessions will include a lot of in-character discussions about the political occurrences.
  5. Thanks for your answers. Most of them witnessed the empire as a Force of necessity. Fighting organized crime and stuff. Also, in addition to indoctrination, they experienced aliens as a threat due to personal encounters. I agree, just listened to it, thanks! Yes, I think it would not be understandable to support a system like the empire, if a characters had not been exposed to circumstances, that significantly influence their decision to do so. Interesting. We also figured, if we could combine some eote background with aor.
  6. The Alliance/New Republic is winning the war and has taken back Coruscant. The players are Imperials, who fled into the lower levels of the planet, before they could get imprisoned. NR troops and Coruscant Security Forces are on the hunt for them (and for many other former Imperials, who are stuck on the planet). Will the players seek revenge for their fallen empire, maybe even become some sort of terrorists (the thing they swore to destroy)? Will they get along with the local underworld or be betrayed? What is with their permanent fear of secret agents and potential traitors? And so on. That's the kinda setting my group is facing. Everyone is up for it, but some are still pondering about fitting character concepts. Maybe you have some intriguing ideas
  7. Mostly our GMs just decide from time to time, what the HoloNet needs to be in the actual session. Also we rule, that many planets have a local network with public access terminals where characters can find streetmaps, shops or some other superficial information. But yes, it is definitely not the internet.
  8. FFGs Star Wars could achieve all that. There are no limits, by design. But if you prefer otherwise, it's perfectly fine.
  9. Bist du etwa Deutscher? When you character is a mechanic and/or hacker, you should talk with your GM about Droid crafting. If your chiss is not a good fighter, he could surround himself with some Droid guards he built or found somewhere and maybe even upgrade them. Otherwise, when he tries to get others to do what he wants, your Character should invest into the force power influence, especially the control upgrade on the left side.
  10. He could set up a trap with explosives. Or throwing a net to ensnare him. The best melee fighter is useless, if he can't move. Maybe make use of concussive weapons to stagger the PC. To spice things up the gand could wear a jetpack or repulsor boots. But keep in mind to leave options for the PCs.
  11. As you wish. Have you had a look at some of the published adventures?
  12. You're definitely right and when it fits the narrative I have no problem with "R(X-rated)" content in RPGs but I agree with emsquared, that it's not very STARWARS-y. I will put it on the list, let's see how many rituals must be done lol. Yep sounds good so far. I like the primal vibe. Since she often sees battle, it seems like an adequate approach. Yeah, it's just not a thing we will ever see in Star Wars. There are some good hints in books and stuff, though. Thanks for correction, English is not my first language. Actually I worked a lot with fear and deception just recently, so this time there will be a more rough, mundane approach. Also it will be more than two people fighting and being forced to fight against family, friends or neighbours will evoke very different emotions, that can fuel the ritual. I only read "Revan" and "Decieved", long time ago. I will have a look again at them again and maybe into Wookiepedia. Thanks for your answers.
  13. Hello fellow friends of move, autofire and the sequel trilogy. My Sith-Sorceress (Consular, Mystic) is currently preparing a dark ritual to corrupt a force vergence and subdue it to her will. The ritual is mainly narrative, but finalized by a discipline check, which will be modified by how well I describe her actions throughout the ritual. My first idea was to recite the code of the Sith. Piece is a lie. There is only Passion. Through Passion I gain Strength. Through Strength I gain Power. Trhough Power I gain Victory. Through Victory my Chains are broken. The Force shall free me. And combine every phrase with an action. My ideas so far: Piece is a lie. -> She abducted some guys from their untroubled villages and forces them to kill each other in front of the ritual site. Through Passion I gain Strength. -> Probably somehow utilizing Enhance. Through Strength I gain Power. -> Maybe go with Unleash, displaying her power with force lightning. Through Victory my Chains are broken. -> Her chains are broken, so she begins to break the vergence. The ritual was build up and now gets into the last phase. She declares her goal and starts to focus her mind fully on the vergence. The Force shall free me. -> Intense battle of forces with an uncertain winner. As you see I still miss these two: There is only Passion. Trhough Power I gain Victory. So does anyone have ideas for those or the other ones? Feel free to brainstorm. And I like unusual approaches. Thanks!
  14. If that counts as big But shipwise nothing greater than silhouette 5.
  15. I have GMed a Force and destiny dark sider group, who executed a second Order 66, targeting the Inquisitorious. "You, my friend, are all that's left of their religion."
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