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  1. ImpStar Deuce and Starhawk have Octuple Heavy Turbolasers. Linked 3, but only Slow Firing 1. Neat.
  2. I don't get how anyone could watch this trailer and the first thing coming to mind is ranting about diversity lmao. I'm excited ma dudes! I'm looking forward to this, like Count Dooku would say. The first books will perfectly fit the shelf next to the one with my FFG supplements.
  3. You need to pass Soak/Armor for a critical hit. For critting a Tie with hand held weapons: Base damage + pierce + talents like deadly accuracy + a few success and a well build character easily goes through 2 points of armor. Also a Tie is a minion so it dies with a crit. The scene with poes x-wing is still questionable, I admit.
  4. A common house rule is to use a factor of 5.
  5. For darksiders I love the corrupted crystal. Compared to an ilum crystal, it gives up damage for lethality and that sweet, sweet extra pip.
  6. Dunno about this, but well, JJ was the guy to set the whole thing up in TFA. Same here. I watched it twice on the first day, in different cinemas. Made me a bit sad. I agree, that the movie diminishes Anakins Legacy as the Chosen One. BUT Palps even said, that he was dead. So Anakin destroyed him. Unfortunately this old man had a possibility to come back. Nonetheless the galaxy had peace for 30 years. I just realize, this ties in with my displeasure about Rey being a Palpatine. She should have been a nobody, backed up by the power of the Dyad and by the force, which needs a vessel to again face the rising darkness.
  7. It's fine, when people don't like the movie, but there are so many guys out there, who WANT to hate the movie. It matches with their hate for the other two films and of course Disney.
  8. Also: Friend (GM): Palpatines force lighting was ridiculously overpowered, kinda DragonBall-esque. So bad. Me: Yeah, sure. Well, do you think I could combine Unleash with Battle Meditation, to get the the range up to planetary scale for a few strain? Also I'd like to start with force rating 50.
  9. I mostly don't agree, but I thinks it's a fact, that this movie suffered from the inconsequential writing of its predecessors. Should have been a 3 hour movie.
  10. Hm when I think about it, Palps more or less killed himself, since his lightning was reflected. Thing is Rey needed the power of the other Jedi to withstand. Holy crap you're right! Didn't realize it until now... Yeah, this. I always watch the movies with friends and most of them like Star Wars, but they don't "feel" it. As we discussed TRoS afterwards, one of my guys said he didn't like the movie because of plotholes. Then he began with a scientific explanation why a ship cannot hyperjump into the atmosphere.
  11. Regardless of what you think of Kylo Ren, TRoS (again) confirms that Adam Driver is an amazing actor! I agree, that Rey better had been a nobody. For those who desperately need reasons for her strength in the Force, this Diad(?) thing should be sufficient. About Rey being a Palpatine and so defeating her grandfather I also dislike, that it diminishes the Prophecy of the Chosen One. IRONIC though, that good ol Sheev gets roasted similar to Revenge of the Sith. Mace Windu deflected the force lightning and so did Rey.
  12. If the whole throne room of Death Star II survived, I can probably argue, that Palpatine too, survived. 1. I don't have a problem with that, it's just crazy and reckless to actually do it. But that the Ties could follow was strange to me. 3. I think it were ISD Ones. Palpatine could have stored them, one after another, when they got phased out and replaced with the newer ISD Twos during Imperial Reign. Also the ships seem to be highly automated, just manned with a command crew. Evidence for that is that Finn basically hacked a turbo laser. Legendswise Sith often had business within the Unknown Regions, so with help of his cultists he probably could find like 1000 men for 1000 ships. 5. The number is to be taken with a grain of salt, I guess. But getting the hundreds of ships, each with the ability to destroy planets is definitely much. I also liked the First Order High command meeting, where basically was said, that they don't have full control over the galaxy.
  13. Overall I liked the recent episode. Issues for me were the costumes. The Devaronian looked a bit off to me. Those Twi'leks even topped that. Strong fanfilm vibes here. Not great, not terrible. The Twi'lek girls attitude was a bit overacted and kinda cringy. I don't know anything sfw, where a tongue gets so much screen time. I'm glad though, that they didn't cast a generic hot girl for her. I'm fed up with books and comics, where you constantly find your nothing but beautiful Twi'leks.
  14. I'm still excited for Cara, but my hype went with the Armorer, after her first appearance
  15. The Purge will be discussed heavily for a long time. Some fans still frown upon pacifist mandalore from tcw and the fact, that many mandalorians bowed to the empire in rebels. They will have a hard time to accept, that their beloved warriors got crushed lol.
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