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  1. As you wish. Have you had a look at some of the published adventures?
  2. Vader is Love

    Dark Force Ritual

    You're definitely right and when it fits the narrative I have no problem with "R(X-rated)" content in RPGs but I agree with emsquared, that it's not very STARWARS-y. I will put it on the list, let's see how many rituals must be done lol. Yep sounds good so far. I like the primal vibe. Since she often sees battle, it seems like an adequate approach. Yeah, it's just not a thing we will ever see in Star Wars. There are some good hints in books and stuff, though. Thanks for correction, English is not my first language. Actually I worked a lot with fear and deception just recently, so this time there will be a more rough, mundane approach. Also it will be more than two people fighting and being forced to fight against family, friends or neighbours will evoke very different emotions, that can fuel the ritual. I only read "Revan" and "Decieved", long time ago. I will have a look again at them again and maybe into Wookiepedia. Thanks for your answers.
  3. Vader is Love

    Dark Force Ritual

    Hello fellow friends of move, autofire and the sequel trilogy. My Sith-Sorceress (Consular, Mystic) is currently preparing a dark ritual to corrupt a force vergence and subdue it to her will. The ritual is mainly narrative, but finalized by a discipline check, which will be modified by how well I describe her actions throughout the ritual. My first idea was to recite the code of the Sith. Piece is a lie. There is only Passion. Through Passion I gain Strength. Through Strength I gain Power. Trhough Power I gain Victory. Through Victory my Chains are broken. The Force shall free me. And combine every phrase with an action. My ideas so far: Piece is a lie. -> She abducted some guys from their untroubled villages and forces them to kill each other in front of the ritual site. Through Passion I gain Strength. -> Probably somehow utilizing Enhance. Through Strength I gain Power. -> Maybe go with Unleash, displaying her power with force lightning. Through Victory my Chains are broken. -> Her chains are broken, so she begins to break the vergence. The ritual was build up and now gets into the last phase. She declares her goal and starts to focus her mind fully on the vergence. The Force shall free me. -> Intense battle of forces with an uncertain winner. As you see I still miss these two: There is only Passion. Trhough Power I gain Victory. So does anyone have ideas for those or the other ones? Feel free to brainstorm. And I like unusual approaches. Thanks!
  4. Vader is Love

    The Bigger they are....

    If that counts as big But shipwise nothing greater than silhouette 5.
  5. Vader is Love

    The Bigger they are....

    I have GMed a Force and destiny dark sider group, who executed a second Order 66, targeting the Inquisitorious. "You, my friend, are all that's left of their religion."
  6. One of our groups saw an ex-stormcommando soldier, who had served under Vader and was tasked with some of Palpatine's Nero Orders after Endor (new Canon). He then left the broken empire kind of depressed with his masters being dead and somehow got together with a Duros Pilot and a Twi'lek Commander (the other players). An unlikely combination, but their skills complemented well. He still pursued his pro-imperial views and thanks to him they all finally got involved with the Sloane VS. Rax stuff, in the empires end book trilogy and finally the battle of Jakku. All in all the characters sided with Sloane and defeated Rax. Maybe even more important the Duros Pilot helped defending the Ravager (Executor - Class star destroyer) and prevented its loss. The conclusion was that the New republic lost the battle and the empire still had an imposing fleet lead by an SSD. So the war would be going on, Sloane stays in the known galaxy and the first order got at least delayed by far. Fun fact: The ex-stormcommando ultimately found out about the real purpose of Palpatine's late orders, that the empire should not live on, as it had failed to protect its leader. Contrary to expectations he cursed his own recent actions and openly agreed with his emperors view, then threatened to kill Sloane. The other group members intervened, calmed him down a bit, but the break was inevitable. They brought him to Jakkus surface, where he parted with his friends and waged a lone war against everyone, cause all but him had bitterly betrayed his beloved emperor. The campaign ended at this point, but I guess it qualifies as a major change to the galaxy. I had the honor to run all this and it originally was my plan to introduce my group/friends to the new after-endor-canon. None of them really knew about the events or the appearing persons and it was just really great to see the reactions in game like off game.
  7. Vader is Love

    I Have you now

    Sorry for the late answer! Most earned XP were about 3,600 for a melee fighter. 9 Talent trees and fully modded high-end gear. It's the most played character in our group and has been in several campaigns under different GMs. The remaining challenges in a fight consist mostly of vehicle weapons. Of course there are not a lot of fights anymore, though. (Btw I just looked up Chris Hunt's stuff and he's made some really cool stuff, thanks.) You are probably right, that in the end the devs had to choose some stats, as they wanted him statted. I fully agree, that this would not have been neccessary (for Vader or other important characters). I actually knew about "Rescue at Glare Peak" and thought it really wasn't a comprehensible decision going from this to the profile in DoR. But nonetheless I admit I like to introduce some kind of "combat monsters" to my players, but always to show something new and with leaving a way out. The huge rancor with cortosis reinforced armor built by a crazy inquisitor scientist can't be taken down with a lightsaber, but easily with Bind. The other way round, our 15-Soak-Marauder can be confronted by an Elite-Soldier armed with the "They bigger they are..."-Signature Abiltity from Forged in Battle, who will deal a lot of damage, but will also die as fast. Encounters like this are very, very rare of course, but it keeps even high-ep-chars vigilant while conquering the galaxy. But until now, no player character has ever died in one of my sessions (at least not through an NPC). Sounds like an awesomely cinematic battle, though. Did your characters die? You sum it up very well. I guess, I was kinda disappointed with the Vader profile in DoR, because I could't really make use of it. But yeah, I changed it until it fitted and everything was fine lol.
  8. Vader is Love

    I Have you now

    He still struggles with his new identity and his suit, that short after RotS. I know the comic and I think, for the limitations he faced at that time, his powers are great. You seem to miss, that after this incident, he had two decades to improve his abilities and powers. At his height he probably could take every old master quite easily. So Reflect and Parry rank 5 / FR 6 are totally fine. Reflect and Parry rank 8 / FR8 = mindless brute. Wow, ok. I am actually a fan of Vader (who would have thought that?) because he's just not a mindless brute. And when you bring up the comics, then you have to admit, that there are enough sources of him fighting against all kind of enemies, last but not least the Sith-Lords Book, which showed the peak of kinda everything, maybe only scecond to the highly questionable scene of Starkiller bringing a star destroyer down. In the end, the respective author defines more or less how mighty a character is in his creation. You're right with Ahsoka, though, but well, it would have been a bit boring, with him killing her in a single strike. Maybe it was just "GM-mandated plot power", which protected Ahsoka lmao. (I will use that phrase from now on, to bug my GMs.) Luke was meant to defeat Vader. And besides the emperor the only individual, who could do this at that time. I never wanted him to be an invincible force, lol, I just want you to understand, that he shoudn't be killed right away with one or two hits from a player character. And even my vastly improved Vader was overpowered more or less fast, but he delivered a fight, not forgotten easily. And that's what matters I guess.
  9. Vader is Love

    Yoda and Palpatine (Homebrew)

    Protecting against unleash could use a few dies, though.
  10. Vader is Love

    I Have you now

    Thing is, the characters in my group are all way higher than 500 xp, very well equipped and could end this vader really quick. In my adjusted profile he has eight force dies and improved reflect/parry 8. It's okay I guess, when an Inquisitor can have rank 5. I admit, that in your scenario your points are entirely valid. And thanks for mentioning the fear check, I almost forgot them.
  11. Vader is Love

    Odd characters created

    A Falleen marauder/Martial artist named Noxius. He never embraced the aristocratic grace of his parents and liked to show and express his feelings. He developed serious fighting skills through hard training but was still bullied by everyone else. After he fell madly in love with a togruta servant, his parents kicked him out. He left without looking back, hating Falleen society. He's not into the empire but not into the alliance either, because a rebel victory would minimize the chance of seeing Darth Vader bombing his home planet (legends) again and he really would love to see that. He likes to dance with his vibro-spear in public and be a pain in the neck for literally everyone, because he always says what he thinks regardless of how appropriate it might be. He's just crazy and can go from maniac to depressed in seconds.
  12. Vader is Love

    Yoda and Palpatine (Homebrew)

    Very nice indeed. But concerning committed dice, maybe a higher force rating would be appropriate. Not just for enhance ofc, but many force users will always use their sense possibilities for example. Alternatively give them the mystic signature ability "Unmatched Destiny" introduced in Unlimited Power Sourcebook.
  13. Vader is Love

    I Have you now

    I guess you could activate it more than once. It's a major improvement for critting, yes, but in my opinion the only really good talent in this lukewarm vader profile.
  14. Vader is Love

    Unusual GM Approach (It's treason then!)

    I think pregens would work fine, especially when the GM states: be prepared for everything. This. Is really great, thanks. A characters death in honor, while fighting or at least dying while committed to his cause is the most bearable I guess. And I will quote Mace Windu from now on This was a thing, too, because everyone fought bravely side by side with our mandalorian and more or less earned his respect. Another big point was his background, as he once was betrayed by a friend and fellow mandalorian. My group always loved playing in a darker setting, but betrayal has been something, that developed between group members due to different world (galaxy?) views and evolved slowly over several sessions until a final clash results in violence or leaving the party. Your story sounds awesome and I like the approach. It is planned ahead and not I just had this idea midsession and textmessage a player to kill the rest. A betrayal should at least leave possibilities to act for the players.