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  1. You pay for duels with tempo. Dueling requires set up and it is quite often telegraphed. If I want to have a duel effect a large character I first need to create the situation where I can bully duel. This can lead to some sub-optimal plays in order to get the desired effect.
  2. Well mate the Crane developed the Rokugani rules of aesthetics and etiquette. It should be no surprise that they are "the best" (a fact many in my clan dispute :D) in a game they designed and continue to rig in their favour.
  3. What he said :D. I was trying to say that in my earlier post and he did it far better than me.
  4. But the minute duels do start to back fire more they will be removed from decks. That is the issue here. Why take a card that has even a 20or30% chance to benefit your opponent when you can take a safer card? You need to stop seeing duels as something separate and rather as simply an action with another step (minigame). And dueling is far more fair now. Non-dueling decks can win duels now they really couldn't in the old game. Remember for dueling decks you needed to skew your deckbuilding in favour of high focus values. If your opponent did not they simply couldn't win the duel. You could argue that bully dueling is more pronounced now because of this but I now struggle to duel larger characters much more than in the old game where a base stat difference of +1 was more than enough. Now if I want to win those duels I have to pay a cost in honour.
  5. Firstly the event kinda already exists. But is too specific in usage to see play. Additionally you need to be really careful with dueling in this game. Speaking as a loyal member of a clan for whom dueling is a core part of our identity, and the major reason I love playing them, messing around too much with duelling and in effect removing it as a thing would be crushing for me. Your objections seems to be largely lore based. To this point I will say; in game design you need a balanced approach between lore and function. Duels are the only actions in the game which can backfire after playing them. If we make the risk too great it will effectively remove dueling from the game as player will gravitate towards the safer more consistent options. I think you are just gonna have to accept that bully dueling is a thing and will probably always be a thing. No system of dueling has been perfect or universally accepted by the player base. Take solace that dueling is no where near as one sided as it used to be in the old game.
  6. In a lot of games what you said maybe the best course. But in L5R not so much. Faction loyalty and identification is of upmost importance to the player base and was what kept it going through the many hard times of the game. L5R is much more of a RPG with an lcg attached. Mantis and shadowlands players they will never fully feel part of the game until they can play the faction they identify with. It can be difficult for newer members of the community to understand the commitment of the old guard to their faction but in many instances it is absolute. Some of us even have clan tattoos. We must have understanding and sympathy for those of us who feel currently under represented in the environment. It also may not be necessary to create entire new factions for them. We can give them strongholds with deck building restrictions. Such as may only include neutral cards in you dynasty deck or may only include cards with the shadowlands trait in your dynasty deck and give them synergistic bonuses that work well with those playstyles such as giving mantis and minor clan personalities a buff of some kind or shadowlands players not suffering honour losses from their own cards. There are ways of at least in the short term giving them something without diluting the card base as you post seems to suggest.
  7. I gotta admit as an old time player from before the ascension of the Mantis I kinda don't want the mantis back as a great clan. I'd much rather the alliance reform with their own stronghold. It was always more interesting to me and I think would be cooler this time around as well. I'd also like to see some variation of the army reform as well. The band of ronin/bandits thing was always pretty cool. And let's face it the sooner Toku is back the better.
  8. The Dragon Challenger card does this as well allowing him to strip negative attachments from himself as the initiator of the duel always chooses it's effect. But as for Kaezin I predict when the crane dueling honour deck arrives with the crane pack people will be calling him non-interactive and op because of how people always react to passive win conditions. Either he wins and probably saves the province advancing your win condition or (because you will normally initate his duel when you think you can win if both bid 1) gives you some honour advancing your win condition. I think the only reason he is regarded as unplayable now is that the traditional crane honour rocket is not really a thing yet.
  9. This. A thousand times this is what makes it unplayable. Why play a duel that could have no effect or backfire when I could play another card that achieves the same result and carries no risk. Making duels riskier or more exciting would mean duels would never see competitive play. That's something many of the game's fans couldn't stomach (myself included) as duelling is a fundamental part of our clan's identity. The risk of duelling now as in Old5R is in the deck restrictions and tempo hits you take manoeuvring your character into a place where they can bully duel. It takes normally several actions to get into such a position and your opponent can interact with your tower unit to limit your duelling potential or ability to duel.
  10. Hey guys FYI on five rings dB there are several spoilers that I don’t think have appeared here yet. Including https://fiveringsdb.com/card/magnificent-triumph check them out. I’m not sure which others are not in the list here.
  11. Categories of attachments did behave differently in the old game. They even had their own unique card templates. Weapons added force directly to the character. The number of weapons attached allowed was limited by their being one handed or two handed with Kensai being allowed to have more one handed weapons. Spells typically did not add force to the character and were sometimes discarded after use. They could only be attached to a shugenja. Followers did not add force to the character but instead to the unit. This was an important distinction in the old game. They also acted as a kind of bodyguard. Ranged attacks existed which removed characters from play whose force was equal to or less than their ranged value. So if I had a 5 force character and my opponent had a ranged 5 strength attack they could use their ranged attack to discard my character. Followers prohibited this as the ranged attack would have to target the follower before being able to target the character. So in a 12 force unit I could have a 5 force character (say base force 3 with a +2 weapon), 2 2 force followers and 1 3 force follower. In order to kill the unit with ranged attacks I would need to remove all the followers before targeting the character. All up requiring 1 ranged 3, 2 range 2 and 1 range 5 attack to remove the unit. And IIRC in the very distant past (when I started playing) the number of followers a character could have attached was depended on their personal honour. Needless to say the old game was a bit more complicated than its current iteration.
  12. I can answer a few of your concerns/queries as regards the dragon design from the perspective of an old5r player. Firstly, if u choose to return to us welcome clan sibling I hope you find enlightenment in our mountains. Now onto the rest. The Dragon "themes" in the old game were duelling and enlightenment (a victory condition around bringing the elemental rings into play). Our dueling decks normally revolved around a heavy reliance on bully duelling through use of the kensai mechanic (meaning we could attach more weapons). Dragon was one of the clans with a very heavy focus on Kensai. Kensai and dueling for many us old hands are quintessential parts of our clan identity and why we love our clan (I must admit I play Dragon not because of the Togashi but in spite of them I'm a Mirumoto/Kitsuki fanboy). Our other military decks also tended to rely on big characters. Dragon strategy was for a large part of the game "get big". So I think attachments are always going to be a big part of dragon deck construction going forward.
  13. Actually that has always been our role. Hantei told Togashi to remain in the mountains and watch over the other clans. Many of my clan brothers and sisters have historically chafed at this role as it normally meant inaction for us and we were never really comfortable with the role of Rokugans policeman. But from my understanding that is kind of what Hantei and Togashi envisioned for us. The Phoenix clans role was to oversee the orthodoxy and safety of magical and religious practice.
  14. the system is a little convoluted. The way it worked was every player at a kotei event was able to vote for their clans preferred secondary role. These votes were then tabulated with the clan whose current role was least popular getting their choice of second role first and the clan with the most popular current role chose last. The Dragon player base voted for keeper of water (the phoenix clans current role) in order to push them down the selection order and thereby deprive them of seeker of void. Or at least that is my understanding of the system.
  15. I can certainly understand that point if you view l5r as simply a card game but it is more of an RPG (*emphasis*) card game where people get extremely involved in the story and the plight of their clan. To that end I think if my clan brothers and sisters did indeed do it to screw the Phoenix it can create some interesting and memorable player interactions and experiences going forward as well as provide some interesting story friction. Far from being an unhealthy player interaction it can serve as a world building exercise. Animosity and friendship between the fan bases (so long as we all remember its just a game and conduct ourselves as gentlemen) like the Dragon-Scorpion Alliance and the Mantis/Phoenix rivalry are what made the old game special and are why old players such as myself are so invested in it and have kept returning to it for over 2 decades.
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