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  1. "I am altering the dice, pray I don't alter them any further"
  2. No, of course not. That would be silly.
  3. no. errata is mostly fine. errata gladiator and yavaris and I think we got a stew goin
  4. South Florida Store Champs: Store Championship Tate's Gaming Satelite, Lauderhill, Florida (South Florida) July 14 1:00 PM https://www.facebook.com/groups/725615827582569/
  5. Join the legion Miami Facebook group. Most players play at the silver dragon tavern in Kendall.
  6. Shipping date for my stuff was just moved to 3/26. Wtf?
  7. Cover would cancel before impact. So if you had 2 hits, impact 2, cover 1. Cover 1 goes down to 1 hit which goes through via impact
  8. I am not excited at all for the next 7 days waiting for this game to come out. But god damnit am I excited for the day that box comes in the mail.
  9. I actually just went to the last page of x-wing news on the ffg site and tracked backwards. Whats interesting to me is that x-wing really didn't seem to take off until 2015. (sorry for OT comment)
  10. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2013/4/15/bolder-battlefields/ found it. Lol.
  11. Sith Luke, with red lightsaber, gray cracked skin, and red eyes.
  12. So lets say we were to use these mats as actual terrain with cover bonuses and such. At the onset, players would need to define what is cover what, and what is difficult terrain. If we define the "red rocky bits" as impassable terrain... well.. good ******* luck determining what is "red rocky bits" throughout the game. If we define the hill looking thing with the tie-fighter wing as cover 1, good ******* luck determining what is touching that hill for cover purposes. It seems like these mats are either going to be used as just awkward 2d "ground terrain" that you put terrain pieces on top and ignore the mat all together, or they are going to be used to actually define terrain, cover, los, etc, and its just gonna be a maze of **** judge calls.
  13. I would doubt it would count as cover because then you would get cover benefits with no line of sight benefits/downside. I mean, maybe though, I don't know. I guess I would have to play it with cover like that as a 2d object and see how it works?
  14. my god its $40 a mat so 80 for a full playmat. I mean that's their x-wing/armada mat prices so it makes sense but Also it seems the image is quite textured and has a lot of 3-d looking elements. Seems kinda odd
  15. more like prepare your wallets gg ffg ill send you my bank account and routing info later and we can just set up autopayments
  16. omg a K2S0 that has armor and like 6 hitpoints Also, I could honestly see them adding "hero unit" packs. Mostly for unique named persons who don't really need to be added as a commander. For instance, Jyn Erso upgrade pack for rebel commandos, where shes a unique upgrade card for regular commandos and her pack comes with 2x commandos and her mini. The pack might also come with like a guardian-esque upgrade card to make the commandos more powerful or helpful to Jyn. Or like Finn. I really do not see them adding Finn as a commander but he could definitely fit into an upgraded rebel troopers pack or even if you want to get spicy a TFA stormtroopers pack. (I would love this, paint the red hand on him and everything).
  17. The way I like to describe the hardness of the plastic is by how it sounds. When you take two miniatures and clink them together there's a distinct high-pitched "tinking" sound. With other FFG miniatures you would get a more mushy sound. Plus the minis barely bend at all, with the lightsabers as an exception. Much stronger than IA.
  18. plywood is good, but imo, the best type of wood is actually called Hardboard. Its a thin panel-type of wood that has a soft underside with a generally vinyl-painted top. Very light, slight slight flex that should not matter much when on a table thats not tiny, and smooth so theres not a lot of splinters. I have 2x 3x3's that I use for both X-wing and armada and I highly recommend it. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hardboard
  19. 50% of the gross weight of the mini, 50% of the volume? 50% of the height? What the heck is 50% of the airspeeder/AT-ST mini lol
  20. I really hope thats not the rule
  21. The cover/impact thing is really only relevant on the airspeeder which is the only vehicle that has armor and cover. But yes this is the correct order from what I can tell.
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