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  1. So I was just curious about what different things you can sence with psyniscience and how far can you sense them away. For example can you sense a ship coming out of or into the warp or things affected by the warp such as mutations. Does the strength of the warp occurence effect how far away you can sence it just like the difference between talking and shouting. Also as this is my first time gming dw I'm having trouble trying to balencing my engagements. What are some examples of recommended engagements for 5 rank 1 players. I'm also having trouble with the balancing of the engagements due to all the players being very experienced in warhammer 40k rpgs and making some very strong power play characters suck as a dev with super high bs a assault marine that hits very hard while being quite durable and a librarian that spams avenger and force weapons my bigger enemies after negating there reaction. I'm sorry this thread was a bit bigger then I expected and I still have a couple more things to ask but these are my priority at the moment. Thank you for patiently reading this and for any advice you cant give me.
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