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  1. EDIT: Sorry, double post.
  2. Hard to see the full name - looks like "First Sergeant __________" on the top of the spread with the occupier picture. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/1/14/heavy-hitter/ Looks like it adds Tactical 1 - After you perform a standard move action, gain 1 aim token" for 5 points.
  3. Thanks haha. I meant as an upgrade for listbuilding when assembling lists in Tabletop Admiral.
  4. Having read through the thread, some general thoughts: I think both of these releases are pretty thematic. Excited to see them on the table. I'm wondering if there is more to Transport: Open. Part of me thinks that the unit inside the transport will be able to activate in some capacity. Perhaps only one action, or perhaps only ranged attacks... I don't know. I feel that will be the tradeoff though. You take wounds if the heavy takes wounds, but you can also still utilize the unit. This could be the difference between Transport: Enclosed (assuming this releases eventually). Perhaps the transported unit won't take wounds, but also doesn't activate. Thinking about the most well-known enclosed Star Wars transport (The Separatist Multi-Troop Transport) I feel that this distinction could work. No reason Luke can't be firing out of the speeder if he is being carried up field, or Leia can't Inspire the troops from the passenger seat. In doing so though, they risk wounds. In terms of balance, I still really don't buy into the idea that Empire is OP. We have had a lot of Rebel tournament winners. Rebel list-building seems to have so many more options, and Rebels activation advantage is a real thing. I also don't think this Imperial transport is that broken. Before upgrades, Imperials can take 2 of their Heavy before Imps can take one. With upgrades, I suspect the Rebels can take 2 fully kitted heavies for the price of one fully kitted ATST. The Imperials should, thematically have more powerful heavies. The Rebels, alternatively, have far more dangerous trooper units.
  5. Hey! I haven't read the full thread yet, but wondering if you can add the new Imperial Pilot as an option for the ATST.
  6. From a competitive standpoint I worry about how few corps you have. Generally speaking you need at least 4 (and more ideally 5) corps to have a competitive list. That said, thematically it will work and it would probably be really fun to play!
  7. 2 core sets is definitely the way to go. In terms of named units, you should get Veers and Boba. Veers because he is much cheaper than Vader, and a cheaper Commander will provide you additional list flexibility (which you want). Boba because he is one of the most mobile units in the game, and definitely the most mobile named unit. With that in mind, and continuing to think about mobility, I recommend you grab another set of Speeder Bikes, if not 2. Veers + Triple Bikes was a very common build in the early meta. It is less powerful now but can still be piloted effectively. You need to round out your set with corps units. I personally find that 4x Stormtroopers and 2x Snowtroopers gives you enough flexibility to have the corps you want for almost any list. You'll run anywhere from 4 - 6 corps units in any competitive list, and I tend to gravitate towards a 2:1 Stormtrooper / Snowtrooper ratio. Good news about this and my bikes comment is that if you trade your core set rebels for someone else's core set Imps, you'll have 4x Stormtroopers and 2x Bikes already, so your purchasing to give you some flexibility to build a couple of lists will only need to be Boba, Veers, and 2x Snowtroopers. After that though, ATST is absolutely viable and plays well with Veers so pick one up - can be surprisingly mobile if you're running it thin. Snipers are also exceptional support so think about picking up 2 sets of Imperial Scout Troopers. Beyond that its up to you, but that is how I would look at getting started. If you get all of the above you will have a large variety of lists. Veers + Triple Bikes. Vader + Double Bikes. Veers + Boba + Trooper Spam. Weiss ATST. Tons you can play with. I focused on Imps because the most mobile Rebel unit, the Airspeeder, is probably the only unit in the game that is brokenly noncompetitive. That may appeal to you - go for it if it does. Rebels tend to be more nimble and dodgy in their playstyle (****, they have the keyword) but overall I think more mobile lists that can flank really well lie with the Imps.
  8. So, bumping this since I didn't post much of my stuff for the tail end of the year. However, I wanted to share my 2018 progress! I was pressed for painting time in the last three months of the year but I did complete Veers as well as my first set of Snowtroopers. My full collection of painted 2018 minis is here. Note this is also my first ever end of year roundup, since this is my first year painting. Here is an album with some highlights from this thread as well as closeups of the new additions. https://imgur.com/a/Si0mHAK Everything from 2018! On to 2019 - first order of business is my second set of Snowtrooeprs and Boba Fett. Then I have 2 squads of Scouts as well as one last set of Stormtroopers. A set of Royal Guards is soon going to be a purchase as well. Happy New Year!
  9. This is the correct answer. Kill a mini that is out of LOS and then move the leader into their place. The leader effectively dies and the mini you removed becomes the leader.
  10. I would highly recommend 2 sets of Snowtroopers, honestly. I find they are pretty excellent as a complement to your existing Stormtroopers. The base for most of my army is 3 Stormtrooper squads with a DLT and 2 Snowtrooper squads with a Flamethrower, extra Snowtrooper, and Impact grenades. With what you already have, you can use these 5 with Vader and 2 speeder bikes for a Vader list, or add a 4th Stormtrooper (so 6 corps) and run Veers and Weiss ATST or Veers and Bikes. You can craft a number of lists if you buy 2x Snowtroopers. Scout Troopers are probably the new toy that will be in most competitive lists - particularly the Strike teams. So they would be a good pickup. Again though, you want 2 if not 3. Boba is a great buy, but Boba isn't going to give you the added variety you need when you still don't have a whole lot of options. So while he is fun, I would suggest you build out your trooper options first, since you definitely need more to field competitive lists.
  11. HQ Uplink is huge on the ATST, absolutely. The activation control and damage output is massive, especially if you can make the ATST go last and then first turn 1 and 2.
  12. I spend way too much time in the Legion discord, often reading the discussions of smarter players. I learn a lot. Highly recommended.
  13. Hey thanks! As always, I appreciate your constant help. Great tool, thank you. I'm going to keep this one on hand!
  14. Hey man! I don't love the options you have at your disposal - I would suggest buying 1 extra Snowtrooper and trying to run this Vader list. You can replace the 2nd snowie with a Stormtrooper, but I think it will be less impactful. I was running this Vader list until recently when I switched to a Veers / Weiss list. http://tabletopadmiral.com/legion/empire/p03u0du0au09p05u07uEMuEMuEMp05u07uEMuEMuEMp05u07uEMuEMuEMp07u24u22uEMu1ep07u24u22uEMu1ep02uEMp02uEMc08 If you prefer, you could replace Force Push and have enough points to add some Blast grenades to your Stormtroopers, which is great for routing units in cover on objectives. Gives both your corps units Impact and Blast. The above list isn't perfect, and is weaker with now than it was when I was running it due to new units that have come out. However, it's not awful!
  15. Hey Sorastro - another question. Mostly because I can't find a good conversion chart. Wanting to begin work on my two units of Snowtroopers, and as with all my stuff I want to follow your guide. Deck Tan I can't seem to find here. My local store isn't carrying Vallejo Model Colours, just the game colour. Is there a good Citadel alternative?
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