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  1. Oh I really like that list! besides the trick you can pull off with the Swarm Leader, you can actually fly it normal too! Awesome thanks!
  2. Bad experience flying against him? Or are you hating it because of the way his ability works in general?
  3. Hi, with regards to the closing of 1.0 in a few short months I decided to make a ridiculous list focussed on delivering ONE heavy blow, and then just go about their business (probably lose). It has been done before with Rebels and possibly empire(?) but I cant find anything with Scum ships. I present you: One Punch Lizard. It is centered around Bossk, hence the 'lizard' and his ability to turn a crit into 2 hits. now i have also given him his standard PB loadout (which is subject to change) and Expose which gives him 5 dice at range 1. (dont ask me how he will get at range one since that is situational) his 0 agility is countererd by Palob Godalhi with Bodyguard and a Tansarii Point Veteran makes sure he can use glitterstim, lose the stress from glitterstim and then use Zuckuss... BUT I still lack the ability to ensure at least 1 crit result... Which is kind of importants for atleast 6 hit results... Therefore I want to enlist your help and give me advice and help me out with some stuff that could make it better! I am open to anything! Of course I am also aware that my whole list is based on a lot of 'ifs' and i do not intend to use it in a serious manner, just some fun list to one-shot something with. Thanks in advance! EDIT: I assume you all know what Expose does, but I frased it weird: You get one extra attack die and lose one defence die in the process (for one round) Furthermore, it is an action-based EPT so you cant also take a focus or something. (that is wat Palob is for)
  4. Oh man am I glad to be proven wrong! Thanks! Now I can sleep without nightmares haunting me tonight!
  5. So Dengar retains his ability to shoot his focussed revenge at a ship bold enought to attack him in the first place... only this time the devs thought he can't do that all the time. Even though in the old EU he was literally modified to only feel hate and rage until he met his future wife Manaroo... (Sorry spoilers I guess). ANYWAY, Dengar now has to use a charge to be able to use his ability and guess how many charges the devs gave the poor old man? Exactly 1. So Dengar is now pretty much the meaning of a throw-away ability. Even Crackshot has got more mileage out of itself. (I guess thats not true and someone is gonna correct me) But I genuinly think this might be the final blow to the JM5K. First Manaroo, now the ace pilot. He still has an initiative of 6 though so he is not ALL bad but its like one moment he was able to cartwheel and salto freely and the next moment his legs got cut off... So yeah... I am not mad, just disappointed.
  6. YES!! Guri is finally out of the thematic shadow of (useless) Xizor and at the same level as Boba Fett, Old Teroch and Talonbane! Where she should be! Now I think Talonbane should have been a 6 but on the other hand he did get killed in the battle over Tansari Point Station so who am I to judge XD
  7. So I know its 1 thing only (and I will list one too) but this combo was broken for me personally. Palob Godalhi + Moldy Crow + Rec Spec + Attani Mindlink and for the one thing: Torkil Mux... Period
  8. that makes sense but you I was initially more refering to perhaps a modification-upgrade something along the lines of: 'Advanced Hyperdrive' Setup: start in reserve Place your ship withing range 1 of the border of the gaming area, closest to an allied ship.
  9. OH MAN! I would be so stoked if that happens, is there a way you could share that post/stream/time-link with us?
  10. I would do so too if I ever played FS31, maybe when the expansion comes out
  11. Well I think it is a new mechanic, this is just speculation by the way, which involves the player setting apart a ship and entering that ship in a later round... Perhaps Hyperspace could become a thing! EDIT: Ninja'd by @Innese
  12. Haha thanks, I edited this! I got a little carried away with the thematic part and my excitement for that! Great observing!
  13. So in 2 different pictures/images, we see different parts of the Boba Fett crew card for Xwing 2nd: If we engage our Bounty Hunter Detective Common Logic protocols we can conduct that the card reads: Setup: Start in reserve At the start of the Setup, place yourself at range 0 of an obstacle token and beyond range 3 of an enemy ship. So FFG is going for the thematic reprensentation of this iconic moment: So what do you guys hope FFG will squeeze into the game? Do you like this new card or do you prefer old Boba? Also let me know what tactics you would use if this card was in 1.0!
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