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    Sephyr79 got a reaction from Kyros Skyfall in Defence scaling.   
    Once you  have, say, 4 martial dice and 4 ring dice, it does feel like mere Air stance won't be much of a barrier to being hit  hard. Sure, guarding or Centering  will punch that  number upwards, but if the enemy won initiative, those won't be a factor at first.
    It's a  tricky balance, to be sure. Make TN to hit a real thing and people will be able to game  it, and you devalue first strikes. Brush it aside for flat TNs and you reward just rushing forward and hitting  as  hard as you can over any other  strategy.
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    Sephyr79 reacted to marshzd in Defence scaling.   
    I am theorizing that initiative is going to become very important at the higher levels. Whoever strikes first, gets a killing blow with all their successes, and game over. This is pretty vicious if that's the case.
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    Sephyr79 reacted to Vagnaard in Defence scaling.   
    I support all of this.
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    Sephyr79 reacted to Gallows in Defence scaling.   
    What are your intentions with defence scaling?
    defence should be universal for all samurai and especially bushi. Not something hidden in special techniques. That +1 flat value from a stance doesn't scale.
    As you grow more competent at attacking, your defence should follow the same increase to maintain balance. Otherwise we'll see new samurai missing a lot and seasoned but equal opponents never missing. Wfrp has the same issue.
    With the current rules the only option is to allow defence checks so attacking is competitive, and both parties Pick Their dice in secret at then reveal, to keep some choice in the system akin to raises.
    Defence... really it is a fundamental part of combat.
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    Sephyr79 reacted to AK_Aramis in Critical Strike for 2 opportunities   
    It's awful hard to inflict a lethal crit. Even with the biggest deadliness weapons, it takes (typically) 3 crits to kill. One Maimed, then the repeat maimed on same ring to sever, and one more maimed to produce a 12+ and kill.  Note that, if the 1st or 2nd hit makes them incapacitated, the 2nd can be high enough to kill with a tetsubo or Ōdachi, or even a 2-handed Katana. But that still requires they not blow the resist roll.
    It took a Dark Moto 5 crits to kill a semi-suicidal SR1 courtier... and he was himself maimed.
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    Sephyr79 reacted to The Grand Falloon in AtoMaki's Beta Test Game(s)   
    A character who doesn't care about Duty is going to be dead or Ronin. That's gonna be its own disadvantage.
       And, I'm sorry, but "a psychotic girl who has no specific ambitions or any kind of emotional sensitivity - she gets the job done, and can't be bothered by others' problems" is not an original concept.  It's a boring trope that I don't allow at my table for any game that I'm running.  I got my fill of that character as a teenager, faced with an endless horde of dual-wielding halfling rogue murderhobos.
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    Sephyr79 reacted to Mirumoto Saito in Blades Vs. Blunts   
    What!? Where was this stated? This is absolutely ridiculous and breaks my suspension of disbelief more than freaking magic and dragons!
    If this was stated in regard to Kaiu Blades then I would understand, because they are borderline magic weapons. But a normal katana? The only thing they would do to a rock is cover it with its broken pieces...
    Just wanted to say that I agree with everything here above the (...) sign. Absolutely.
    But people should also remember that the samurai were **** pragmatic in their time. The "katana cult" came to prominence when they were already in decline (and brought back by massive weeaboos in the current era...), when there were no more massive wars to fight and rifles and cannons were the rulers of battlefield. A sword is a "civilized" weapon, to be used in the city, for self-defense and to wash one's honor. In the battlefield, a samurai would use a battlefield weapon.
    Yes, they are. 
    More specifically, the people commissioning those artworks and writing those stories were. Massively wrong.
    That seems perfectly congruous to me. Swords are slightly more effective than pillows against heavy armor. Unless you do Half-swording and Mordhau, which samurai wouldn't do.
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    Sephyr79 reacted to AK_Aramis in Akodo is on fire   
    The ability to negate armor is powerful - the togashi can ignore just as much - it's the sharing that with others that's a touch OP.
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    Sephyr79 reacted to Agasha_Kazusinge in Akodo is on fire   
    I agree that the Akodo Commander way outpaces all the others. A lot of the school abilities feel pretty similar and not particularly good or flavorful at this point. It would be nice to see the other abilities get another look to see if they can be reworked so they can rise to meet Akodo levels of awesome.
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    Sephyr79 reacted to CrazyRadio in Akodo is on fire   
    One good thing about the Akodo School is that it actually uses mechanics to tell a story about the Akodo. The Akodo family are stoic, putting aside emotions and channeling that into pure efficiency. Converting Strife to tactical or combat prowess is a very fitting ability to represent them. I think other schools should aspire to have the harmony between mechanics and storytelling that the writers achieved with the Akodo School. 
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    Sephyr79 got a reaction from Rawls in Blades Vs. Blunts   
    I believe I get  it. When at court, and in many non-battlefield  situations, only Crabs and some Lion will be in full armor. I have two issues with that:
    1- Bushi are warriors, They will be spending a  lot  of time in dangerous situations, and you'll find armor there. Players are escorting a bigshot to a military encampment for peace talks. Most people there will be wearing armor, even for duels, if things get pear-shaped.  Traveling around the countryside, a  bandit  lord  decides to be a bother. He won't care much for etiquette and will keep the  suit he grabbed from a dead samurai on. There are lots  of non-cheesy ways a player can end up very short of options because his weapon is lacking  compared to a bo that costs  two coppers.
    2- Armor should not be near-immunity to the main, iconic weapon of the game. Traveling clothes cut base katana damage in HALF. You're telling me the peak of  Rokugani swordcraft  is  50% blunted by linen? While you are  pricking them with your sword, they can just send you down Resilience+10 in two swipes with a stick or hammer, and at that  point Deadliness  is a  moot point: you're done.  My katana's Deadlinessm might as well be 55: If I have no way of getting him under Reslience or force a finishing blow, it makes no matter.
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    Sephyr79 got a reaction from Rawls in Blades Vs. Blunts   
    Wood doesn't really work well against any armor, event stiffened leather and ring  mail.  It mostly just bounces  off. Swords also suffer against  plate, but at  least they are  actual metal. Swords are far better than blunt weapons at  finding a joint gap or junction on the armor. The  only weapons ever  made to -pierce- armor were weird billhooks, and they were so tricky to use few  people bothered because firearms soon made the  point  moot.
    Crab bushi walks into court, spits in the  Doji's soup, gets called into a duel. "Fine, let's do it now. What, no, I won't take  off my armor, I need to get  back to my duty at the Kaiu wall soon. What's the  matter, you afraid?"
    Matsu bushi walks into the dojo, spits  on the school's  plaque, gets called into a duel, shows up in full regalia. "This  is the ancestral armor of my noble forebears. Does  it scare you that  much, weakling? I thought you were supposedly -good- at duels."
    As i aid i get the real world/culture clash explanation. I remember tons  of teen medievalist-wanabees going "Pshaw, katanas were trash, give  me an einhander anyway!" when growing up. Just didn't really expect to see  it being so richly adopted  in a samurai fantasy game. 
    It's a bit  like  making a Star Wars RPG and  making lightsabers worse than flails.
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    Sephyr79 reacted to Franwax in Akodo is on fire   
    The Bayushi manipulator is not half bad in that respect
    But yeah, the Akodo technique is super strong. Their school has always been one of the best Bushi school in any edition. I kind of agree with Teveshszat that I'd rather see other techniques get beefed up to narrow the gap, actually.
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    Sephyr79 reacted to Teveshszat in Akodo is on fire   
    It is quiet the opposite in my opinion. The other schools have to be buffed to match the akodo.
    Buffing is the far better version as it leads to morepowerfull techniques for everyone instead and with that comes
    more fun for everybody independent of the choice of school.
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    Sephyr79 reacted to SideshowLucifer in Akodo is on fire   
    The akodo technique deffinatly needs toned down to match the others.
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    Sephyr79 got a reaction from sidescroller in Akodo is on fire   
    It seems really strong all the same. It works for 2/3rds of physical conflicts, which is a lot, and  it adds a  LOT of successes even early  on. While everyone else  is happy to get 4 successes now and then starting out, you'll be tossing murderous 9-success bricks at your enemies every other round while also getting rid  of Strife, meaning you  never  Unmask or get  Compromised.
    I'd be cool with it giving  less successes but  working  in all occasions. Let's  just say that as  is, any Akodo are way more amazing as scrappers and generals than 99% of all Kakita will ever be at dueling.
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    Sephyr79 got a reaction from SideshowLucifer in Akodo is on fire   
    It seems really strong all the same. It works for 2/3rds of physical conflicts, which is a lot, and  it adds a  LOT of successes even early  on. While everyone else  is happy to get 4 successes now and then starting out, you'll be tossing murderous 9-success bricks at your enemies every other round while also getting rid  of Strife, meaning you  never  Unmask or get  Compromised.
    I'd be cool with it giving  less successes but  working  in all occasions. Let's  just say that as  is, any Akodo are way more amazing as scrappers and generals than 99% of all Kakita will ever be at dueling.
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    Sephyr79 reacted to shizumaru in I'm done being diplomatic.   
    Someone's having an Outburst.
    Seriously, though, my first reaction was: Custom dice, obvious marketing scheme, I'm never buying stupid dice for a single game, this is garbage, I'm not reading this, not playing this, it's bad and should feel bad, I'm buying every 4th ed book and pretending 5th ed never existed.
    And then I actually gave the book a chance.
    Those beta rules are good. This forum isn't terribly uncivilized either. I haven't seen the kind of fights referenced in OP's post. Sure, some people are mad it's not 4th ed, I get the feeling, I was like that for a few days before I sobered up. But it's not like everyone is trolling and being insufferable about who is right and who isn't. This is a beta, and there is civilized discussion about what works and what doesn't. And I wish OP would have come to us with a more detailed story of what didn't work in his attempts to run these rules, because well that's precisely the point of a beta, and it could have helped us all.
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    Sephyr79 reacted to SideshowLucifer in Razor-Sharp Weapons vs. Heavy Armor   
    I just hate it because it's lacored armor, not steel. Hitting someone in European plate might break the sword, but even the heavy Japanese armor was lacored plates over cloth.
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    Sephyr79 reacted to TheVeteranSergeant in Razor-Sharp Weapons vs. Heavy Armor   
    You can hand-wave however you like.   Unless the rules or the GM explicitly state the target numbers in combat are hidden, then the rule stands as written, and you will inevitably have players figuring out what WHW did: that you can fail intentionally just because you didn't get the result you needed and avoid the negative outcome.  It's storygame nonsense to avoid the outcomes of dice mechanics.  Committing to rolling dice means an acceptance of randomized outcomes based on a calculated risk.  4th Edition had mechanics for this, represented by either a maneuver or raises, that would have (if 4E had had this Razor Edged trait) allowed a player with a katana to risk failure to look for opportunities to strike around the heavy armor if you were afraid of just hacking away.  This mechanic lets the player figure out what they want to do after the randomized outcome happens, which eliminates risk.  Did I do it? Awesome!  Did I not? Oh, well I never tried anyway.  Besides, if you're hiding target numbers from me, I'm going to use this rule to hit somebody with my spare sword to get a Void Point back, lol.
    The game needs to decide what it is. Because right now it's just a crappy mechanical game with cumbersome storygame elements, and it's a crappy storygame with cumbersome dice mechanics.  Crunch gamers don't want to play this game because the mechanics are chores and often nonsensical, traditional roleplayers don't want to play this game because the roleplay mechanics are a hindrance and poorly considered. Only storygamers want to play this game.  If they want to make a storygame, that's fine. Go all the way on it and don't pretend it is using any of the heritage of previous mechanics, or of dice mechanics in general.  Just please reprint 4th Edition so my newer players can get hard copy books without paying through the nose on EBay.
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    Sephyr79 got a reaction from Thaliak in Blades Vs. Blunts   
    I understand,and if if that's the way they want to go in the end, I'll shrug and accept it.
    I  just don't think "It's ok that the daisho is lame mechanically, because it's -rude- to actually bring real weapons" is a good reason to keep it as  is. And if, say, one  of the court's musicians turns out to be a horrible  Shadowlands impersonator that  once exposed by the party grows a hide of obsidian scales that gives  it armor 4, having the PCs scurry around for a vulgar club to be able to hit  it because their katanas (folded 200 times, slaked  in the blood  of enemies, honed to perfection) will be slightly more effective than pillows.
    I've  rolled dice  for this game a grand total of 2 times. When I made this  post, I was  fully expecting (hoping, even!) to have someone reply "You are forgetting that by doing -this- or using this move you can easily get  more damage-per-success out of your sword and be a deadly badass in 70% of situations".  It even happened  in my gaming whatsapp when I  mentioned that strife builds up -way- faster than both me and the DM imagined without easy ways to bleed  it  off, one guy pointed out that you recover your water ring's worth every scene, and that was that.
    We briefly went over  how armor values being  generally high make the low damage even smaller, and no one really had an asnwer (I was called irrational and random, but no actual points).
    I even posted a skirmish example, fully expecting someone to say "Pfft, if you'd  just done this, you'd have dealt with that brigand easily", and no one said anything regarding why a club is better in-game than a two-cent club.
    Here's another: Crane bushi does a Horizontal Iai strike at a training dummy with traveler's clothes (AV 2). Two successes.  Boosts his  damage to 5, reduced by two, for a final Three Damage. 
    Toge the town drunk strikes at the dummy with his dog-beating club. Two successes. Extra success  increases damage by one, to 7. AV brings that down to 5.
    An an elite duelist using a 'deadly' kata and a specialized weapon achieving about half the damage of a simpleton with a club for the same successes just blows my mind.
    I deliberately  left stances out because with Fire stance toge would likely overshadow the  iai strike event worse.
    I think we've all said all we are likely to say on this point, so I'll leave the thread  here for the devs to use as they wish.
    My final opinion from what I've  read/played/heard:
    - Katana Damage  is too low, and  its high deadliness does not compensate when piled damage will always be  more effective and easier to achieve than gambling on crit techniques/toying with TNs.
    - General armor levels are too high given the current damage range. Regular fabric should be  0, Heavy winter clothing should be 1, concealed armor and ashigaru 2, Lacquered 3, and Heavy 4.
    - Blunt weapons currently  have inflated damage, likely because devs thought their  low Deadliness stat  needed to be compensated for. Tone them down a bit and give them limited armor/bypassing abilities to keep them useful as  anti-shadowlands gear.
    -Katanas breaking should be dramatic, not a common ocurrence whenever something of a certain AV pops up. Perhaps even allow for voluntarily damaging your sword in order to cut through enemy armor instead  of  having  it snap harmlessly.
    -Having one class of weapons be more effective at what they do (combat) is not and should not be compensated by "well, it's a faux pas to lug one around."
    Thanks everyone, for the input.
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    Sephyr79 reacted to GaGrin in Blades Vs. Blunts   
    This is fair.
    I think the reduction is fine, but either the attacker needs a way to boost the crit before reduction or the base values need to be at least a few points higher.  Getting lucky with a soak roll to avoid losing a limb is fine, but the high water mark for effect on crits is a little low and too strongly linked to remaining resilience - I feel like that should be a factor, not the only way to cause real harm.  I'm reluctant to give numbers without a bit more testing the results, but I think pushing the basic crits up one severity level across the board would make the damage/deadliness trade feel a little bit closer to a fair exchange. 
    As part of this readjustment I think reducing the bonus to crits from incapacitation and unconsciousness would be in order, especially since it's largely moot once one side is defeated.
    I'm going to play around with some ideas, I think the basic concept is fine but the relationship mechanically needs to change to satisfy the folk in this thread.  Not sure it's going to be possible to please us all at once, but a few different ways to tweak to taste might go down well.
    That, or rescaling the crit table perhaps?  Depends what you want the fight results to look like as much as anything.
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    Sephyr79 reacted to nameless ronin in Blades Vs. Blunts   
    I don’t really mind that there’s a way to mitigate crits, although it’s yet another roll in the process. The whole resolution of an entire turn is convoluted enough without it already. I think crits should be stronger though. Maybe do some regular damage on top of their current effects.
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    Sephyr79 reacted to nameless ronin in Blades Vs. Blunts   
    Again, that’s cool and all but in the end FFG does what FFG wants to do. I kinda hope a few things get tweaked a bit, but this beta just means we get to say our piece and then FFG gets to decide whether they like what we say or not.
    In the end, if you want katana to be the go-to weapon for samurai all you have to do is set your adventures for the larger part in situations where war gear is not acceptable. If a Crab bushi arrives in court anywhere outside Crab lands and presents himself for mingling among the other guests in full armour and carrying a tetsubo, it shouldn’t go well for him - period. It’s not even a matter of honour or manners, such a thing can not ever be allowed by the local lord and his guards. Enter a city or large enough village in armour in peace time and people will go out of their way to avoid you: expect minimal interaction and little or no co-operation. Keep provoking fights with boorish behaviour and settling matters of honour with weapons other than your daishō and you’ll find you’re no longer welcome in civilised company: good luck travelling anywhere without calling in favours. And that’s assuming nobody decides to deal with you in some other way.
    The daishō’s biggest advantage is getting to carry it on your person in situations where any other real weapon (disregarding tanto here) is going to get you into trouble.
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    Sephyr79 reacted to sushicaddy in Generic Feelings   
    The update and its change to honor duels to make them iaijutsu only duels again has really made me consider one of the things that has been in the back of my head, which is that samurai ted to feel a bit generic in this beta.

    Lets look at honor duels.  Now, I admit, I am dyed-in-the-silk Crane clan; if you cut me, I bleed white and blue.  So duels are an very important part of my play experience, much like how the stats of Shadowland creatures are much more important to people who play Crab clan characters more often.  I must admit that I am quite disappointed by this move to iaijutsu duels from just honor duels.

    Beyond mechanical concerns, it is so much cooler to see the slim crane duelist in sky blue hakama and embroidered sarashi with her sword sheathed and ready to strike against the massive crab samurai, heavily armored and swinging his gigantic tetsubo over his head; then it is to see that same crab remove all of his iconic gear and stance to try and mirror the crane duelist.

    All of the clans have these iconic differences in how they fight, and with what.  Imagine the same duelist against:

    The tattooed Dragon, naked from the waist up, in his Niten stance
    The Unicorn dervish, whirling her scimitar as if it were a steel tornado
    The golden haired Lion, with her razor-sharp nodachi that has spilled the blood of hundreds on the battlefield.
    The sly Scorpion, lazily spinning the weight of her kusari-gama in her left hand.
    The brave Phoenix, with his glittering naginata

    These are awesome scenes.  They also allow each clan to bring their strengths into an honor duel.  If they are all doing iaijutsu, then they all look like the crane but wearing different colors (until they are cut down by that self same crane).  It feels much cooler to me for honor duels to allow for any weapon and style you want.

    Mechanically the other clans don't need iaijutsu, water stance allows them to ready a weapon... and that is a good thing imo.  I like the idea that iaijutsu is a crane thing, just like niten is a dragon thing.  Lion are not interested in iaijutsu because they are to busy winning wars, Crab are not interested because they are too busy manning the wall, etc.  I like where the mechanical changes are going with respect to duels and iaijutsu... I think there is more to be done, but that is not for this forum.  Having all duels be iaijutsu duel feels very much like an artifact of the old lore and system.  I have often felt that all duels were iaijutsu duels because there was a card in the CCG that said so.  Requireing samurai from schools other than the Kakita school study iaijutsu as well as their normal skills feels like a bit of a handy cap to them... I means sure they could if they wanted to, but why?

    I think that samurai in this edition tend to feel rather generic already, especially if you have a school ability that you can only use once a scene.  Then you are only special in that one instance, then you go back to being generic.  To be fair, we are used to the crazy powers of the schools, but it feels like a step down in uniqueness as well as power.  Having more powerful, school specific kata will help... and we have no idea what the final list of kata will be, or how many will be exclusive to whatever school.

    I want my duelist to cut other characters down while they are using their strongest techniques, not their weakest.
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