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  1. Dream On ! In the meantime, I'm still working on my project "Latari Elves".
  2. This is my new project. Ravos The Everhungry in Battlelore. I'm going to use the "runewars miniatures" figurine & modify the base. (its large size is not an obstacle to its import into Battlelore.) I took the characteristics of Battlelore command On my image is in French but I will make an English version
  3. Reference Book -> Command cards :
  4. A solution... pending reprint
  5. The unit scion would be perfect. He is a little taller than a Chaos Lord Scion for unit "Legend" Good for my project
  6. Oh yes !!! Great !!! Your photos are perfect thank you very much
  7. Hi ! I would like a picture of the Chaos Lord from Battlelore 2nd edition beside a Scion (Runewars Miniatures) Please. it is very important for me. It's for my project
  8. This thread is interesting. it's very difficult to find figurines of the good size... For the moment "Darnati Warrior" (left) for archer (middle) (Caesar Miniature box F102) "Forest Guardian" (SAPROLING WARRIOR > bones reaper)
  9. My idea for the moment.Unit inside tower. I place a flag on tower (red = uthuk, blue = daqan,...)And I place my unit in a empty hex on the edge of the game board.
  10. I create my first building for custom battlelore terrain.It's a fortified tower I used different materials. (insulating polystyrene, depron, carton, ...)I will replace all the terrain tiles...
  11. Hi What do you use to activate your units?I create this markers to signal the units I decide to activate during the order step (Main Phase) I picked up the command card symbol Download File : Print with transparent sticker paper or sticker paper I use this products:(french link, but to give an idea) &