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  1. This morning I downloaded it and in the Hondo letter (to create the deck) I left vinto ... I think there is an error
  2. There was not a Jabba list out there in the top? what was it?
  3. Then you recommend the regular jawa? It never sells ... it's a pity, the elite is always included because of the options to include droids, to parties under my opinion far superior to the regular. And would not you prefer the hired guns? or for losing 1 activation you are not interested?
  4. In Spain the community is awakening, and some regional ones of more than 40 people are being made ...
  5. Regional in Barcelona (Spain), 62 participants, winning list: - Elite weequay pirate - Elite weequay pirate - Onar koma - Vinto Hreeda - Elite jawa - c-3po - Devicious - Temporary Alliance - Gideon - Hera syndulla - Black market
  6. Why do not the clawdites play in the scum faction? So bad are ... I think the hunter and spy feature bring a lot ...
  7. Of those 4 letters, with 2 of them I never go out, and I think there is a very important third too ...
  8. Thank you very much for the information, we will be attentive! PS: as soon as the tournament is over we expect those command letters;)
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