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  1. That would totally fit with how we saw them in RO as well Krennic kept two troopers while the squad went off fighting the main rebel force. So they did both things at the same time, so that definately makes sense to me.
  2. It sounds like your FLGS is playing out the gathering forces operation, so you may want to read up on that. For week 1 I'd look at just veers and 3 x stormtroopers, with the extra trooper in each, 2 with the DLT and 1 with the missle launcher. Week 2 you could look at adding snow troopers and speeder bike
  3. Thats true, but they wouldn't know the actual command card you've played that round is. Yes they can probably make a good guess, but the game will still be playing under the fog of war and a guess is not the same as being sure. But a good opponent can do that anyway if you roll up with 7 command cards and only playing 1 hq leader they will know what the cards are anyway even if not shown them. As an additional question to the opening post are discarded command cards displayed open or left face down in there discard pile. The more someone has to remember the more they may forget or get it wrong, which adds to the friction of the game.
  4. It say until the end of your activation. So I'd say only for Weiss activation, if you can have another unit acting in the same activation as Weiss then it would read they can benefit IF they have multiple weapons ofc. This maybe more relevant later on with more variety with command cards but at the moment guess its just Weiss.
  5. Well, I'd say rather than having double the command cards of the original generic ones, they can build command hand back to 4 when they have 3 non-character specific command cards in there discarded command cards and onlyif they didn't start the game with more than 4 command cards. Stops Ambush being played twice in a row, or push etc. Unless it was the 3rd command card being discarded, so there's still some pressure on which command card you want to play or not play to hold it back for another turn. Its still a one shot deal at a time until reshuffle cards back in hand. The stats sound about right, but you could debate if have 3 health rather than 4.
  6. Even if there public at the start of the game, during the play of the game I would say no. Otherwise when you've slected your order and put it face down, well opponent checks discarded command cards, then your open command cards and by process of elimnation knows what your playing.
  7. If you've a FLGS anywhere near you selling this game there was demo games being run from 8th March so if you've an opponent to go down with or ask the FLGS store manager for a game to show you the system. Try before you buy, take a few hours of your time to try it and see rather than ask our subjective assessment maybe the best option. Or maybe a local gaming club, there's most likely some players of it there already ready to play out a game for you on a club night. Also watch for some youtube demo games, yes there are plenty of bad youtube examples riddled with errors, but there are a number of credible options. Often linked from boardgamegeek page for this. This day and age, there are a lot of ways to get reviews, previews and heads up before dropping serious cash, which I totally appreciate we've only so much disposable income. If you like the IA line there are more expansions coming for that as well.
  8. Well I've only just got the core set first game planned for next Wednesday which will be Legion. But I've been wondering about trying to maybe adapt Konflict 47, as that has tanks, walkers from AT-ST upto AT-AT size and rules for aircraft. Covers armoured/unarmoured units, Robots, some exotic weaponry, rules for werebears ala wookies me thinks etc,etc. As although some unit specific rules that would be general battlefield abilities, the armies are themed by a few specific rules so they can play differently, its how to adapt the existing army rules, but does mean could throw in some IA Scum models and they can get an army too. Biggest hurdle has been how to use heros, actually be heros and commanders. As K47 works a lot with suprression Jedi/Sith powers can work with that off the card and think about things like deflect which prob off a 6 roll on defence. Maybe keep the healthpools and Vadar removes a suprerssion token from units in his command range when he activates rather than just block it entirely which would be broken for K47 which uses the Bot Action rules as it basis. Got it in mind as seen a few attempts using BA for Star Wars posted around the web.
  9. Well the next wave is including more scenary with some additional cards for objectives... Whats the talk about operations, campaign mode sounds very interesting.
  10. Erm actually Ghost Dacer I referenced Boba in as a support choice the post before Derrault, which would open the field to those who aren't commanders for more heros to be in such as the Rogue One Band. @Derrault, as for Rogue One units not being in, you mean like not having Fleet Troopers who get almost as much screen time as in A New Hope and collectively less than the Scariff Rogue One Troopers. Also I don't think we'll see Palpatine or sithesque type until theres a match up v another Rebel force user. I do find it odd though that we;ve only seen one side of the Hoth forces, unless there planning Hoth Troops and Sandtroopers with Tauntauns and Dewbacks for a future Wave to come out together with a new Calvary option in the mix for army building.
  11. If there going for poster boy recognisible screen time commanders that man in the street might know from watching the Films and Shows then: Thrawn, Krennic, Tarkin or Kallus. Boba Fett being a commander would be the nail in the coffin of a hope for a scum faction. I think Boba might be a support choice with some cool abilities and be interesting if he's introduced would he maybe be multi faction... I don't know the Emperor popping up for a Skirmish would make sense, but maybe if they go for a scenario pack that would him set up with new objectives that would have to be matched v a Jedi like a what if Yoda comes out of retirement for one last shot. But scenario box expansions are probably down the road if at all. Troopers, Scouts you could argue are in the game already with the speeder bikes, so if totally new unit Death Troopers, Noghri or Shore Troopers would make more sense. More niche EU characters and troops I feel will be later waves there's still plenty of on screen characters and troops for FFG to pick from.
  12. @oberron After Rogue One, Revell re-released there 1/53 scale AT-AT. Check Amazon and ebay, but there aren't any game rules at present for the AT-AT, nor is there a hobbling rule for the T-47 with cable attack which would be equally important.
  13. Erm what about Clone Troopers and Battle Droids...
  14. This is my feeling too, given aircraft directly influence the outcome of more than 1 fight in Star Wars Universe, not just the movies but in the Cartoon shows as well.
  15. Fan expectation is shouldn't rule it out does infact equal will ne included. Henve 6 months in we still get shout outs for they could have an At-At, they could it'd be ok... I agree with you concerning that, and there does need to be something in the Rebel army lists about procureded Imperial equipment, it happens in Rebels, ROTJ (Speeder bikes and shuttles), TFA, A New Hope & ESB (Stormtrooper armour and weapons). Something like 1 Rebel unit with 1 Imperial Unit but with Rebel rules to distinguish it.
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