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  1. I have assumed that one is forced to rotate it to attempt to make the purrgil fit. What I have been less clear on is if the rotation has to be made on the center point of the purrgil on top of the line of advancement (such as in hyperspace migration) of if the purgil might be rotated and slid to the side as long as one part of the purrgil (such as the skinny tail) is on the line of advancement.
  2. Good luck at tomorrow's Prime. Assuming you will be at Huzzah's I will see you there. Remember that it is a long day. Eat a good breakfast, bring water to drink and perhaps some snacks you can grab quickly.
  3. This is a cool idea for “funsies”. I used to get excited by the player rankings Decipher used to maintain for the Star Wars CCG (“an elegant game for a more civilized age”). If I recall correctly, it was based on the system used for chess. You got a boost from playing higher rated players. Higher rated players would hardly get anything by playing (and beating) lowered ranked players. Decipher’s system was slow as molasses to be updated, though it was reliant on paper tournament results being mailed or otherwise transmitted to be input into the ranking system.
  4. RitR customer commanders. I made a card for mine, printed it, and stuck it on my ship during recent RitR games.
  5. Perhaps there is a place for Rapid Launch Bays and Flight Commander to, as first player, kill off Moralo. There are all sorts of problems with this. I think it requires a bit of “cooperation” by player 2 to place Moralo in reach of carrier. It also seems a shame to have 9 points dedicated to trying to counter a single fleet build (and the opportunity cost of having flight commander in the officer chair). Alternatively, I just envision hanging a fighter screen in the very back edge of the board until Moralo is in range (presumably multi-attacking one’s ships) until they can pounce.
  6. You are spot on in this assessment. I was thinking of the old comic "Lone Wolf and Cub" (I didn't know/remember the Okami name). The show is very derivative of Westerns, particularly the spaghetti westerns that didn't have a lot of dialog. Happily, I love those movies and am therefore enjoying The Mandalorian.
  7. I am having fun in my RitR playing a Victory and Quasar (w/bombers) list. We are a few rounds into it, and I have Master Navigator II as an ability, and the maneuverability of my Victory is crazy. It is giving me a "wrong" impression on what they are able to do.
  8. I played my first game flying the SSD and ended up with a 5-6 loss (215-199). Both my opponent and I made errors, and my SSD build needed improvement. This was the first time I had connected the SSD to the maneuver tool, and I hadn't adjusted my mental map of where the ship would go as it turned. Instead of going around a debris field, I landed on it, and then (because of the tactical situation) ended up staying on the debris field for two more turns. I also missed a ram that I thought was certain. On the other hand, I did force my opponent into a front-starboard double arc which, when it was combined with a mine that my shuttle had dragged over, blew up the MC-75 flagship. I enjoyed playing the game and figuring out the basics of using new cards (Piett, Palapatine -- who I kept forgetting about) and card combinations I hadn't invested in before (Needa-HIE-TRC, which was cool, but is expensive).
  9. Tell them that your boss is most unpleased with their apparent lack of progress. Tell them that you boss is coming to visit them in person. Maybe they will double their efforts.
  10. Me and friend played a game yesterday evening that proxied Doomed Station and some of the other cards. It was fun. On one hand, the obstacles move, but the players choose how far within distance 1-2 they move. The player controlling the station ended up just judging the station toward the gravity risk so that he could continue to gather points from it. We didn't have an instance where an asteroid moved into a ship's path and the ship landed on it to take damage (the deployments just didn't work out that way). From a rules perspective, we determined that an obstacle, after being moved, could not overlap another obstacle.
  11. Playing games in "radio silence" is fun. Close Action: Age of Fighting Sail has the same mechanism, and it creates a lot of excitement and tension. A big mechanical difference between Fighting Sail and Armada is that Fighting Sail has simultaneous movement. Ship captains write down their moves, everyone plays them out, and then collisions are resolved. I should also add that Fighting Sail is best when each player has only one ship. There is also the question of theme. Fighting Sail is a late 18th century-early 19th century sailing combat game. Ships couldn't communicate in battle except by signal flags (the game has a mechanism for that). I agree with others above that radio silence feels odd in Armada. The idea makes sense to me in a scenario where some environmental factor is preventing communication and coordination among ships. In addition to radio silence, the order of ships, while going back and forth between the teams, could be randomized. While this adds a large chance input to the game, perhaps each fleet has a bowl or bag where the name of the ship to go next is drawn out. This would create drama and tension during the game, but it is something I would only want to play one or two times.
  12. Of course, the real tragedy here is that the Imperial Squadron I packs are out of stock. The same thing happened in the summer of 2017 when I started playing. I went several months as a new player with TIE bombers, interceptors, and advanced.
  13. There are plenty of store tournaments within an hour's drive of me, even Nationals is local. I got on a two hour plane ride recently, on a lark, to go to a Regional tournament (and had a lot of fun playing). I live close to the airport, and the flight was cheap.
  14. The tournament rules indicate that you need to bring all ship and squadron models. I recommend that you borrow a model from someone else at the tournament. When I travelled to the Louisville regional recently, I actually forgot to pack objectives (I know, who does that!?!). I arrived early to the tournament and was able to borrow the necessary objectives from two people. I have found the Armada community extremely supportive in doing these types of things. Also have a backup plan for your fleet in case no one is able to lend you one.
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