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    birthright reacted to FrogTrigger in New Topic/Raid!   
    I don't get why every thread has to devolve into this, and especially why it has to rag on Legion? Legion is not IA, they are two totally different games. Legion does what it does, very well. IA does what it does, very well.
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    birthright reacted to a1bert in Countering Dancing Weapon?   
    Dancing Weapon is a special action, so it can only be used once per activation.
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    birthright reacted to cnemmick in Another round of Regionals. I mean Primes.   
    There's been a bunch of interviews on the Zion's Finest podcast of players who have done well in high-level competitions. That's a good starting place.
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    birthright reacted to Ram in Four player skirmish lists suggestions   
    How experienced are your players playing board games in general? In general for new players, keep the abilities at a minimum. Getting too many tokens on the board can be a bit overwhelming. Rather use pieces that are kind of vanilla like the Echo base troopers and that adds interesting abilities like Fenn Singhis, Bossk, Leia and the Inquisitor. Also, I would stay clear of pieces like fixed Han and fixed Vader. Better to add the fixed cards later. Same for command cards, keep them straight forward. Instant and simple effects.
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    birthright reacted to ArcticJedi in Four player skirmish lists suggestions   
    I think that you are going to want a lists from these factions, 2x Rebel, Imperial, Mercenary.
    You'll probably want each list to have a focuser(Gideon, C-3po, Jabba) Besides the Empire, Give them either Thrawn, or Some other support-like figure.
    if you don't want your guys to have focusing guys, than my suggestion is null, but anyway...
    Give 1 Rebel List Jedi Knight Luke, maybe one more jedi(you'll probably want Ezra or Kanaan), a focuser, and some ranged support(Mak, Alliance rangers, fenn signis) Give it force user/leader/the good any figure command cards.
    Give the 2nd Rebel List Han(with his fix), Jyn Odan, A focuser, alliance smuggler,  other smugglers, and some kind of shock troopers(E.G. Heavy hitters, such as the Echo Base troopers or a jedi or something) and give it smuggler, leader, and some good Any figure command cards.
    Give the Imperial player Vader(with fix) Thrawn, maybe palpatine and some death troopers, ejet troopers, and so on, and give them trooper, leader, and imperial force user command cards. 
    Give the mercenary player Ig-88(with fix) Jabba, weequay pirates, maul, and any other good mercenary figures you might have. Give em hunter, brawler and any left over force user cards you may have.

    Please keep in mind these are just some lists that are supposed to be good with changes I've thought up, so I definitely won't be mad if you decide not to use any of these. Give them a map with a hard to reach objective, if it's possible, make the objective one thing so there's lots of fighting in one central area. my group likes to make up maps and usually has no objectives, so I have no clue what any of the four player maps are....

    I hope my advice helps you out... somehow
    Ps, I'd like to see how this fight goes down, it'll probably be interesting with four new players.

    Your untested friend, Arctic.
    Edit: I hope I didn't make these too elaborate, if your looking for less abilities, than go with mostly generic forces, and you should probably not use fix cards... anyway hope this helps
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    birthright reacted to ManateeX in Four player skirmish lists suggestions   
    I think that the hardest part for you is going to be putting together command decks that are both legal and in any way balanced.  For instance most of the best 0-costs come from the core but you'll only have two of each - I'd think that you should have enough 0-costs to fill out four lists numerically, but if you're doing 2v2 you'll want to try to split up the good ones (particularly Take Initiative) as evenly as you can between the two teams.
    To minimize the duplication of command cards otherwise (i.e. you can't have four people bring assassinate) you'll want to try for lists with different archetypes.  Maybe something like this?
    1) Vader and other stuff (maybe Thrawn, jets, riots, deathtroopers, etc.)
    1st off, this is very StarWars-y (always a bonus when someone's playing their first game!).  Also, it's a bonus that most of the cards that work with Vader (brawler, imperial force user) aren't needed by any other lists.
    2) Rebel Heroes (Han Solo and friends)
    Lots of ways you can go here, but I'd almost always start with Han Solo, Gideon, and C-3P0.  A more competitive list would probably next add Drakotta, but for your purposes you could also opt for theme instead and bring along Chewbacca.  From there season to taste (maybe something like Rangers for some more offensive pop, or Leia or Jedi Luke if you want to go all theme)
    I'd probably give this list the On the Lam and Tools for the Job command cards
    3) Mercenary Hunters
    Start with Jabba, IG-88, Greedo, then throw in literally anything else in scum that you think looks fun or interesting (weequays, Vinto, Onar, Hondo... even lothcats or Nexu if you're feeling creature-y).  Lots of options here, including using a jawa to bring in droids that aren't used elsewhere like R2D2 or BT1.  Honestly I would just go with whatever characters you think your friends would find the coolest.
    These guys would also get the hunter cards that weren't used above, like Assassinate and Heightened Reflexes
    4) Spectre Cell
    This is a great list for something like this - it's really thematic (especially if they've watched the show) and there's a million ways that you can go with your command cards (so basically they get the leftovers ).  And now that FFG has errata'd the card it's not overpowering like it used to be.
    Like I said it might be a challenge filling out the command cards, especially the zero-cost ones, but I think you'll be able to make a decent go of it.  I don't know which of these lists is worst or hardest to play - maybe take the rebel list for yourself, particularly if you lean towards the thematic side?  Honestly though I think all four sides should be a lot of fun.  Good luck!
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    birthright reacted to Fightwookies in AMA with Andrew Navaro   
    I love Imperial Assault and was saddened when it was announced that no more physical content was planned. As a skirmish player, the reasonings for that didn’t make sense. What would it take for you to make new IA product? Even some sporadic blister packs could help keep the community alive. 
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    birthright reacted to MatsuRobun in AMA with Andrew Navaro   
    Hello Andrew,
    Is there new products and content coming for Star Wars: Imperial Assault?  I would love to see more content for this game and I expect the entire community would too.  On a whole what we have so far for this game is brilliant across the myriad game modes and there's an incredible wealth of potential content in the Star Wars universe.  These amazing untapped possibilities cause me a equal amount of frustration because my favorite competitive game is dying on the vine from a drought of new product and an overabundance of silence.  Why is there so little support and communication around this product line?  Is it not profitable enough?  Are all of the other products filling up the production pipeline?  Is there some legal or licensing issues around the game?  Are you expecting skirmish players to jump to Legion or other FFG products? 
    Thank you for your time, consideration, and all the hard work you and the team at FFG put into enabling us to all share in playing and creating memories together.
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    birthright reacted to Wintermute0 in Utinni! Jawas vs. Gencon   
    Hello! My name is Patrick Christians and this is my battle report for the IA North American Championships 2019 that was at Gencon this past weekend. I'm not huge on play-by-plays, so this will probably be at least somewhat brief.
    To start my list was as follows:
    Deployment Cards
    Sabine Wren
    Hondo Ohnaka
    2x Elite Jawa Scavenger
    4x Jawa Scavenger
    Jabba the Hutt
    Black Market
    Temporary Alliance
    Command Cards
    On the Lam
    Tools for the Job
    Second Chance
    Worth Every Credit
    Dangerous Bargains
    Price on Their Heads
    Black Market Prices
    Element of Surprise
    Rebel Graffiti
    Take Initiative
    It's pretty much just a collection of every card in the game with the phrase "gain VPs" on it. You win Imperial Assault by getting to 40 points before the other guy, so I have elected to skip straight to the part where you get points and dispense with all the mucking about and killing people. It's... pretty good. I actually think it's the strongest list I have ever built.
    Anyways, on to the actual tournament. I'm not going to do a play-by-play of every single match because A) I think they're boring and B) they mostly played out the same. I'll touch on the highlights, but just imagine that I wrote "this match I played all my command cards, got a bunch of points from them, played the objectives hard, and killed like 3 guys" for every match.
    There were 19 people who showed up on the day, so we played 4 rounds of Swiss the first day, then a cut to Top 8 the second day.
    Round 1:
    I got a bye because there were an odd number of people in the tournament.
    Round 2
    vs. Bobby Crowley (scum hunters) on Tarkin AI
    I actually lost my first round of the day. I didn't do a great job controlling the AI terminals and Bobby was able to get way more objective points then me, so I lost 37-40.
    Figures killed: Onar, 1 Weequay, 1 Gammorrean Guard
    Round 3
    vs. Brian Vandergalien (IG + jawas) on Lothal Blitz
    This round was actually a jawa swarm mirror, which was unexpected, but fun. Brian was running a different list then me, with IG and Under Duress instead of my VP shenanigans. I got the better end of the jawa fight and took the win 43-20.
    Figures killed: 6 jawas
    Round 4
    vs. Lance from Michigan (rebel heroes) on Tarkin Weapons
    I lost my Hondo at the end of round 1 because I ran him out to grab a control point and figured he probably wouldn't get one shot by Han. I was wrong. Still, everyone else did their thing and I won 40-15.
    Figures killed: C-3P0, Chopper, Ashoka
    3-1 was good enough to make the cut for day 2 and put me in a very ok 5th place after the swiss rounds.
    Top 8
    vs. Peter Burean (rebel heroes) on Lothal Fluctuations
    I don't think anything super exciting happened this round. Got my points and won 41-15.
    Figures killed: Sabine, R2-D2, Gideon
    Top 4
    vs. Brian Marks (rebel heroes) on Coruscant Back Alleys Posters
    This was definitely the closest match I had all tournament. I got all the posters by round 2, but then proceeded to lose most of my jawas to Han and Drokatta. Brian was able to take some posters back and I was kind of stalled out at 38 points by the end of round 3. My only way to win ended up being to run a Jawa up to his deployment zone to try and kill Gideon, which only did 3 damage, but I was able to fly Sabine in there at the start of next round to get the last 2 damage with a grenade. If I had missed the grenade, I probably would have lost. Final score 42-30.
    Figures killed: R2-D2, C-3P0, Gideon
    vs. Logan Streeter (weird rebel heroes) on Coruscant Back Alleys Posters
    I played against rebel heroes for my entire day 2, but Logan's list was at least a bit different. He had Han, Jyn, Jarrod, Murne, Hera, Mark, Gideon, R2-D2, and C-3P0, with a command deck full of spy cards and general command deck control. It was a really cool list and Logan is a super good player. He played the first couple rounds very defensively, moving most of his figures across the top of the map over towards the little room with 2 doors. He had the 2 posters in that room, but I had the other 4, so I was ok with the situation. I managed to do a pretty good job this game of dumping my VP command cards as fast as I could draw then, which ended up being pretty clutch against all Logan control shenanigans (Strategic Shift into Hostile Negotiations is p. mean). I ended up opening the my door into that room and we had a fight with about 4 of my jawas vs. his entire squad. I lost all my jawas, but I got Jarrod and Murne in trade (Chopper rammed Murne for the kill, which is always great). Meanwhile, Hondo and Sabie were on the other side of the map and I was able to put a Price on Gideons head, which would have been enough points to win me the game and also was far enough away from all Logan's guys that he couldn't do anything about it. I ran Hondo into his deployment zone to set up the kill for next round, but Hondo's ability stole me the last 2 points I needed to win, so Gideon got to live. Final score 41-28.
    Figures killed: R2-D2, Jarrod, Murne
    All in all, it was a really fun tournament, everyone was super nice, Gencon is always super fun, and I got a giant novelty die.
    I would like to thank my testing partners here in Minnesota for helping my practice a bunch and putting up with my jawas for the past 6 months.
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    birthright got a reaction from Majushi in Tabletop Admiral has IACP edits up now   
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    birthright got a reaction from Bitterman in Tabletop Admiral has IACP edits up now   
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    birthright got a reaction from ManateeX in Tabletop Admiral has IACP edits up now   
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    birthright reacted to a1bert in Maul Shenanigans   
    By RAW the "be defeated" would indeed be ignored because Maul cannot be defeated if has not resolved an activation this round.
    Being a 2-influence agenda card and once per mission (and only a few times per campaign) doesn't warrant an errata.
    If you want to house-rule it, change "defeated" to "suffers damage equal to it's health, then is defeated" (to disallow recovery on other figures than Maul).
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    birthright got a reaction from Bitterman in Spectre Cell has been "fixed"   
    Errata-ed card for anyone interested

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    birthright got a reaction from Spidey NZ in Spectre Cell has been "fixed"   
    Errata-ed card for anyone interested

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    birthright got a reaction from cnemmick in Spectre Cell has been "fixed"   
    Errata-ed card for anyone interested

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    birthright got a reaction from Mikica in Skirmish balance via head starts   
    Would working out a suitable VP head start value for each deployment card be a viable alternative to trying to rebalance each card?
    i.e. how many VP head start would you want to include Boba in your list as currently written?  What about Saska?  Naturally, plenty of figures would have a head start value of '0'.  You would begin each skirmish mission with VP equal to the sum of the headstart values of the deployment cards in your army.
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    birthright got a reaction from Bitterman in Worlds winners?   
    Yes, I just read the RRG and they don’t count for purposes of rules on other cards, etc. thanks.
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    birthright reacted to KReyloBen in Suggestions/proposals for Community voted Trooper fix   
    Before VPs were scored as they are now, Stormtroopers  were great for VP denial.  Also, maybe applying a damage floor can help troopers against queen pieces . So, here's my take.

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    birthright got a reaction from KReyloBen in Suggestions/proposals for Community voted Trooper fix   
    How about these?

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    birthright reacted to cnemmick in IA Continuity Project - Our Community-Focused Effort to Improve Skirmish   
    I'm proud to announce the IA Continuity Project! This collaborative effort is our attempt to organize the community in order to revitalize the game moving forward despite FFG's lack of official updates.
    And the project is hitting the ground running with our first set of recommended Skirmish game changes, which we're calling Season 1. All members of the IA Community are invited to discuss, test, modify and eventually vote in recommendations to the game as we play it in real life and online. Season 1 will last 4 months to give everyone a chance to participate and enjoy a new future of IA Skirmish.
    A summary of our Season 1 recommendations (as of today, April 5th):
    Rule Changes Spectre Cell (Skirmish Upgrade) is not legal for organized play Hunter Command Card Restriction - While performing an attack, a maximum of 1 Hunter card can be played during that attack.  Command Card Changes On The Lam text change - Use when an attack targeting you is declared, before any attacker abilities, to perform a move. Deployment Card Changes Deployment cost adjustments to many figures across all factions Diala Passil Skirmish Attachment Please see the Season 1 Announcement Post for more details.
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    birthright got a reaction from King_Balrog in Suggestions/proposals for Community voted Trooper fix   
    How about these?

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    birthright reacted to Tvboy in 3-player Skirmish Map   
    Got a chance to talk to a player at Worlds that had played 2 games on the map (I have currently played 0) who told me that blue and green were heavily incentivized to fight each other early which gave red a huge advantage in both games. I think this can be resolved with just an adjustment to the green deployment zone and to the terminal locations. I have shrunk the green deployment zone in order to slightly increase the distance between green and blue, and I have moved the terminals so that red and blue are less incentivized to move north and more encouraged to move towards the middle. Hopefully this makes the issue better and doesn't just create the same problem with blue instead of red. 

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