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  1. All weather jokes aside, I’ve got a tiny update, but not terrain related. Picked up a WoTC Fleet Trooper and Rebel Trooper for a buck a piece at the local gaming store to try out some possible paint schemes. I really like the “movie” colours of the Fleet Troops, and the Bespin Rebels from Battlefront, so that is my main inspiration. However, I still want a unique paint scheme that’s fairly realistic. I did these quick and dirty mock ups to satisfy that itch. Just a basecoat and wash, except I found the blue to be a bit dark so I dry brushed a lighter colour to try that colour out. May end up switching the pants colour between the two to deviate the Fleet troops’ look a bit more from the “movie” colours. I’ll probably strip them down and repaint them again this weekend with some minor changes, because I’m a huge nerd and can’t wait until March 22nd to figure out what paints I’m going to use, apparently...
  2. No kidding, the wind can make -30C feel like -40C here on bad days.... Actually I'm pretty sure we don't even cancel school until its -40C, so I guess you get used to it? Summers are nice though
  3. Next time you are in Saskatoon, let me know!
  4. Hi guys, here’s a link to my first board thread as well as a few shots of the (nearly) complete table.
  5. Hmm, yeah I see that. Used to be a lot around here, but I think that they are a few years old now... I'll see if I can find one our local hobby shop. I'm looking for the Resistance A-wing too....
  6. Thanks @Starrapter, That is the Revell SnapTite X-wing: https://www.revell.com/model-kits/entertainment/85-1632.html#.WleAqqinHIU Pretty cheap and looks good, especially if you add a little weathering. Close to scale, but a tad small. Doesn't bother me though!
  7. Hi @Copes, They were all made out of either the pink foam or expanding spray foam, and carved with a utility knife. The spires were expanding foam over a core (a scrap piece of wood about 1"x 1"x10"), and carved. Then covered in watered down drywall compound, added a few rocky bits with pink foam, painted and added green junk. The board and other rocks are just pink foam carved with the blade. As far as technique, I just sort of tried lots of angles, slicing the blade part way through and breaking off the rest, and trying to be random. Here is a link to the video that I watched regarding the carving: I used a similar approach with the pink foam, minus the step of coating them in drywall compound, as they are much less porous.
  8. Hi @Lumberjack Nick, Those are custom sculpts on some old WotC minis. Found a “Finn” and “Rey” here: http://www.hfminis.co.uk/shop?product=resin-master-%2d-larran-jax~hfmaster-sf133&category=sci%2dfi-%26 weird-war~resin-masters-%2d-sci%2dfi Haven’t finished converting the Rey yet. Also, none of these minis were painted by me. I sculpted Poe and Ren, but my brother did all the painting. Hope this helps!
  9. @OldSchoolEmpire Nihm is correct, though my friends are going to California next week, so if I’m lucky I can post a side by side!
  10. Hi Guys, I've been pretty excited about the release of Legion, and decided to take a go at building board, as well as some terrain. Been playing with miniatures since middle school, but never really got into the terrain side of things. I think that things turned out pretty well, so I thought that I'd share the end result. Board is about 95% done, I still need to build a frame that will hold the sections together, and touch up the MDF that I added to the bottom of the tree sections. The board is modular, and can be set up in a variety of ways. My board was loosely inspired by the planet Batuu from the Disney concept images, so I made some trees and rock spires to match the aesthetic. Leafy trees would have been better, but I got these super cheap. As I improve, I'll try my hand at some of those. The buildings are from Imperial Terrain, and were awesome to work with. I plan on making some more from scratch to flesh out the village feel a bit. Feedback and thoughts welcome! I also have a lot more pictures, if anyone is interested in seeing some WIP progress photos of the board or rock spires, or some custom minis. Thanks guys, MTFBWY
  11. Something from Battlefront 2 would be cool. One of the new planets like Vardos or Pillio (not sure how you spell it).
  12. I believe the AT-RT also has an alternate sculpt. The one in core set appears to be holding his rifle in his right arm, where as the one in the expansion is a more diligent driver and uses both hands.
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